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"Death in the physical is birth in the spiritual. 
Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual." -Edgar Cayce
Here are the most common ailments and illnesses associated with your astrology signs:

Aquarius:  The Circulatory System
Aquarius souls are subject to illness related to the circulatory system later in life, and such as varicose veins, hardening of the arteries, and diabetes.  The circulatory system is related to anything involved in blood and moving it through your body. 

Aries:  The Head
Aries are subject to frequent headaches, and many of these headaches can turn into migraines.  Aside from headaches, Aries souls are prone to minor head injuries from what may appear as accidents.

Cancer:  The Breasts and the Stomach
Of all the signs, no one loves to eat more than a Cancer.  Weight issues will always be a battle in a Cancer's life.  As "Mother Earth," they are subject to digestive issues caused by emotion and stress.

Capricorn:  The Bones, Joints, and Knees
Capricorn souls are naturally blessed with beautiful bone structure.  Later in life they are subject to stiff joints, arthritis, and orthopedic problems.

Gemini:  The Lungs; Also Hands, Arms, and Shoulders
Gemini souls may be the first to catch a cough.  They are very subject to respiratory problems including bronchitis.  Gemini's are also prone to accidents involving the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Leo:  The Back and Spine; The Heart
Physical overexertion is likely to cause back and/or spine issues later in life.  Long term exposure to emotional strain can cause heart related issues. 

Libra:  The Lower Back, Buttocks, and The Kidneys
Libra souls are almost assured to experience lower back problems at some point in their lives.  They are also inclined to injury and ailment around the buttocks, and a prime candidate for kidney-related infections.

Pisces:  The Feet
Pisces souls generally have beautifully shaped feet.  Over time they are subject to bunions, corns, and general aches and pains.  Do you find it difficult to find a pair of shoes that are comfortable?
Astrological Ailments
Your soul comes into this world with many astrological blessings and challenges, including those for your body. Here are the ailments associated with all of the zodiac sun signs, and some simple spiritual solution to help you improve your health. 
Spiritual Health, Blessings, and Challenges

Edgar Cayce, America's greatest healing medium, said:  "Healing is in the art of prevention."  No doubt, some of these solutions are common sense.  Even so, why do we have difficulty applying solutions that are based in common sense? 

Well, we have Temptation to thank for that.  Still, our spiritual evolution is our responsibility, and so is maintaining our health.  Obviously, the longer you are here, the longer you have to evolve.

By now, you should have an understanding of universal Yin Yang Energy.  In understanding how the universe works, it would provide for you all the things you need to maintain a healthy body.  Exercise, leafy vegetables, herbal tea, etc.  It is the products of Temptation that stray us away from the power of the light.

Think of artificial sweeteners, plastic containers, and transfats.  All items that are man made, created for financial gain.  Again, it is your choice to consume this things, so you are responsible for the path of destiny you create.

There is a link below that provides spiritual solutions for the ailments common to your sign.  These solutions are based on the teachings of Edgar Cayce.  Known as the sleeping prophet, Edgar used was a healing medium that communicated with the beyond while he slept.  (How convenient)  He was a photographer by trade, and never charged for his charitable services, which is something I also strongly believe in.  

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Edgar Cayce Health Database
The Edgar Cayce Health Database is a huge informational source summarizing over 8,000 of Cayce's health readings given to people with illness.  Think of it as a spiritual version of WebMD.  

As I said earlier, Cayce preached prevention more than cures.  You will find a lot of information mentioning  weight loss, and how to lose weight, for example.  But you will also find remedies for many of the ailments listed for your astrology sign. 
Sagittarius:  The Liver, The Hips, and the Thighs
A Sagittarius soul needs an excessive amount of exercise to keep their bodies healthy.  Exercise keeps all the organs working properly.  This is the Yang for having an adventurous spirit. Sagittarian souls are subject to liver problems from alcohol and hepatitis.

Scorpio:  The Genitals
If you know your astrology, this would be no surprise.  Scorpio souls are most subject to ailments of the urinary system and venereal disease.  While not specifically a part of the body, Scorpio volatile emotions can cause exhaustion and a general "unhealthy" feeling.

Taurus:  The Neck and Throat
Taurus souls are normally blessed with beautiful speaking and singing voices.  Naturally, the yang energy to that yin, would be complications related to the throat.  Taurus souls may be the first one to get a sore throat when a cold is going around.  The are subject to common colds, laryngitis, sore throats, and later in life, thyroid problems.

Virgo:  The Nervous System and The Intestines
Virgo's are very prone to issues related to stress, with is usually brought on to themselves by over analyzing.  Stress exposure can easily become nervous tensions.  Virgo souls are particularly susceptible to ulcers.