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Samples from the Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's Spiritual Reading

Jennifer's strongest Quality is Cardinal and Brad's strongest Quality is Cardinal
Relationships between Cardinal personalities are dynamic and action orientated. Both of you have your own ideas about what can and needs to be done. As a pair you can achieve a lot together; however there will be struggles for dominance in the relationship. In this pairing we have the modern day 'power couple'.

Jennifer's strongest Element is Air and Brad's strongest Element is Earth
Relationships between Earth and Air personalities are usually mutually rewarding at a material level, but not always emotionally satisfying. Jennifer has ideas and Brad can provide the security and resources to put them into action. This pairing can make a good business partnership.

Brad's Saturn is in Jennifer's 4th House
Living together in harmony might not be the easiest state to achieve. He tends to throw his weight around on the home front. He feels that he has to control or take charge of situations, even when it's not wanted or required. His relationship with your family might not be all that it could be.

Jennifer's Uranus is in Brad's 10th House
Your direction in life suddenly came to a crossroad when you met her. All of a sudden you started considering alternative personal or professional options. She awakened you to a raft of possibilities and pointed out that there are numerous life-paths on offer to check out. Just one word of warning, don't be in too much of a hurry to make radical changes to your life - be guided by your intuition first and foremost.

Jennifer's Pluto is in Brad's 10th House
Through Jennifer's influence you could change your direction in life quite dramatically. You may feel compelled to quit your job or change your career. She is a very persuasive individual who has an uncanny ability to assess what is happening in your life. She seems to know what works for you better than you do yourself - liken her to a manager or agent. Negatively, she could try to control how you live your life.

Jennifer's Sun is Conjunct Brad's Saturn
This is a testing combination for any relationship to endure. There is the tendency for one of you to dominate and try to suppress the will of the other. For this association to have any chance at survival it will be necessary to address issues of control and domination. It is important to consider each other's needs and to avoid criticizing or putting one another down. Otherwise, there will be many periods apart and eventual separation.

Jennifer's Venus is Square Brad's Mars
This is an important aspect in love and marriage relationships, because it is all about your sex-life together. Your initial passion for each other is undeniable; however it is likely that it will cool down over time. You need to keep each other interested in one another; otherwise there is the risk of unfaithfulness.

Jennifer's Mars is Square Brad's Saturn
The difficulties in this planetary combination are not to be taken lightly. You both need to be very certain that you have the individual strength to contend with the inherent challenges of this relationship. One of you tends to dampen the desires and restrict the movement of the other. Over time, this causes resentment and suppressed anger between you.

Brad's Sun is Trine Jennifer's Saturn
This can be a stabilizing aspect within a relationship, provided it's handled well. Positively, it encourages mutual respect, self-control and thrift. As long as you show consideration for each other's needs and goals in life, your relationship should be successful. However, if one of you attempts to dampen the other's creativity or control their actions it will lead to problems and probable separation.

Brad's Mercury is Square Jennifer's Saturn
Anticipate communication problems between you. There are misunderstandings caused by inattention or not listening to one another. Problems are likely, too, from nagging and nit-picking. You need to make every effort to respect one another's viewpoints and avoid making negative comments if you disagree with them, otherwise you will become frustrated and create barriers between each other.

Brad's Venus is Square Jennifer's Saturn
This is one of the most difficult relationship combinations. It is very hard for you be intimate with each other and to feel completely satisfied emotionally or sexually. There are control issues to contend with, due to one of you deliberately attempting to rule over the other. This can lead to feelings of intense frustration or victimization on the part of the dominated partner. With personal sacrifices it is possible to maintain this relationship, but you have to ask yourselves if the personal costs are worth it. A separation is the usual outcome.

Brad's Sun is Square Jennifer's Pluto
This aspect requires very careful handling because it is both a force for good and bad in a relationship. There is a reason you are together. You have been drawn to each other by some kind of undeniable attraction. The power of this aspect is its ability to transform both of your lives. Whether these changes are constructive or destructive depends on how you deal with power. It is very likely that one of you is more dominant than the other, which may cause conflicts and resentments. The test for you both is to work out a relationship dynamic that you're both comfortable with, otherwise there will be power struggles.

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Obviously, all relationships have their ups and downs, but a good general rule is the more you are opposite, the greater your sexual attraction will be.  Yes, opposite energies attract, but attraction is a power that has to be managed to be used correctly. 

Long term relationships have to have more substance than sex to succeed.
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The spiritual astrology reading for this relationship shows an intense spiritual and sexual energy, eventually destoyed by ego and power stuggles as both souls need to be the "center of attention."  It's all in my sample spiritual reading.
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