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Our 2010 Soul Mates of the Year

Last year we started a new tradition by announcing our first Soul Mates of the Year winners: Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed from the TV Show Family Jewels. 

Gene is a rock star with the band KISS, and Shannon is a former Playboy Playmate.

Together, they have two children and are not married.

2011 Soul Mates of the Year

Duel Suvival
Since they have been honored with our prestigious spiritual award, there is talk about them splitting up due to Gene's infidelity. It may be a plan to promote the declining ratings of their TV show, but I'm not ready to say winning this award is some kind of curse.
2011 Soul Mates of the Year
Our 2011 Soul Mates of the Year

This year we honor the energy of "Opposites Attract" by selecting Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury of the TV show Dual Survival, which is on the discovery channel. They may not be lovers, but they frequently refer to themselves as partners, so in this day and age they qualify for the award.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Dave and Cody go out into the most extreme wilderness and survive until they are rescued. Suppose you are driving through a 120 degree dessert and your car breaks down. These two simulate the same scenario and teach out to get out alive.
But that is not why they won our annual award. The reason they won is that their TV show is a spiritual lesson on opposites and the energy of opposition and disagreement in your relationships. Imagine if The Universe created an environment in which opposites didn't attract? While our time here would be much simpler and convenient, we wouldn't learn how to overcome challenges and evolve our souls. And as I say almost every chance I get, the only way you can evolve your soul is through your relationships.
Cody Lundin

Cody is a minimalist that has lived in a desert in Arizona almost all of his life. He teaches survival and primitive living skills, but one of the amazing things about Cody is that he hasn't worn shoes in over 20 years. No matter where they go to survive, from the most bug-infested jungles or the deepest snow covered mountains, Cody doesn't wear shoes or pants. He is as "off the grid," as you can imagine. Cody is a Pisces with the spiritual power of "I Believe," and one of the most advanced signs for spiritual evolution. Think of him as a spiritual Hippie.

Dave Canterbury

Dave couldn't be more of an opposite. He is a former Army Sniper, who also trained soldiers in Central America and Korea for unarmed combat. He is a hunter and a tracker, who also teaches wilderness survival skills in Ohio. It would very difficult to call Dave a Hippie. Dave is a Virgo with the primary power: I Analyze. Together, these two signs scored a second-to-last 11 out of 12 on my list of astrology relationship compatibility.  A Hunter and a Hippie, both near perfect opposites, thrown together in extreme environments to survive.
Dual Survival TV Show

Now, all you have to do is take these two opposite souls and throw them into an extreme survival situation. Let's say, for example, you were on safari in Africa with a few of your friends, and you get separated. You are out in the middle of the wild, with lions, snakes, and a hundred other things that can eat you. You have no weapons, nothing, except your knowledge, wisdom, and passion to see another day. That is pretty much how the show goes.

Except for the fact that both of these souls have differences in how they should survive the next challenge. Dave thinks Cody is crazy walking around the world without shoes. It slows down the team, and opens himself up to potential injury, which would really slow down the team. 

Cody believes his body has adjusted without shoes and is always quick to point out that man has only occurred foot problems since they started wearing shoes. Cody is certainly more "one" with his environment, while Dave is more inclined to traditional military thinking and strategy. It's just one example of hundred's where they show how opposite they are.

Overcoming Relationship Challenges

As different as they are, they are also required to work together to survive, and this is the amazing spiritual wisdom one gains insight by watching the show. Here are some of the takeaways I learned by watching the show that you can apply to your relationships:

  • Listen. Listening is probably one of the most overlooked paths of destiny one can take to avoid a potential confrontation.  Even when they disagree on what they should do, you can see the effort Cody and Dave make to understand the others point of view.

  • Yield. In a survival situation, just like any relationship, a joint decision is going to have to made to move forward. Sometimes you are going to have give in to your partner for the good of them. What the show teaches you, is when one of the two yields to the other, they both commit to the plan and work hard to make it work. There is never an "I told you so."

  • Team. A partnership is a team effort. No one partner can make a team fail. It takes both partners to fail. If you are going to win or lose, do it as a team, or one union.

  • Respect. Often, it is easy to not give full respect to those closest to us. We can take others as well as their gifts and talents for granted. Maximize your relationship by respecting the energy that first brought you together.

Dual Survival Quotes

If you watch the show, and I hope you watch at least one episode, please feel free to send in a memorable quote from the show. There will always be a bunch of them. 

"When you're stuck with two people, you're not always going to agree on what to do. The point is, I let him do what he was doing and he let me do what I was doing to accomplish the same goal."

-Dave Canterbury

"The role you have to take doesn't really matter. What matters is at the end of the day you get out of your survival situation."
-Cody Lundin

"Improvise, adapt, and overcome."  
-Dave Canterbury

"Sometimes you just get stuck with a suck factor of ten, and you just have to deal with it."

-Dave Canterbury

"I'm not his Frickin babysitter" - Dave Canterbury

"Suck My Socks"
-Dave & Cody

"Loved these guys how they worked together for a common goal. Gonna miss ya Dave...."

-Mick Pickaard, Capricorn

Love and light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor
2011 Soul Mates of the Year: Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury

Wow, another surprise winner as our selection for soul mates of the year.  Learn why Cody and Dave were honored with this prestigious spiritual award. 
"If I die out here tonight, you have my permission to eat me."  -Cody Lundin
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