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Best to Most Challenging Virgo Compatibility Relationships Rankings

Astrology Signs Compatible with Virgo

Virgo Compatibility Symbol
The best matches for a Virgo are:  Taurus, Capricorn, and Scorpio.  The relationships you may have difficulty with are:  Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

#1 Virgo and Taurus: Compatibility in Life and Business

Taurus is the perfect match to Virgo. Virgo knows Taurus will take care of things on the home front while they are taking care of the business ends. When the days get too long, Taurus has the capability to reel in Virgo and ground them. Taurus will bring Virgo back home ensuring they have time to recharge before giving that 100% again. Taurus is also modest and enjoys being down-to-earth. This is probably what attracted the Virgo to Taurus in the first place, and your daily Virgo love horoscope will help you harness this energy. Taurus also has a side that enjoys money-making. Virgo is the best business partner one could ever hope for; making them compatible at home and work.

#2 Virgo and Capricorn: Determined to Love Life and Each Other

Virgo can't pass up Capricorns love of life. Capricorns hold a special place is any Virgo's heart. They are both hard-working, ambitious people with like-minded goals. This makes them quite complimentary to each other. Capricorns determination is something that Virgo notices from the beginning. Realizing their personal determination and seeing Capricorn's determination make a Virgo want to take the relationship to the next level.

#3 Virgo and Scorpio: Walking the Walk to Happiness

Scorpio brings out the best in Virgo. The adventurous streak in Scorpio takes Virgo into a whole different realm of commitment and determination. Scorpios confidence and desire to protect are also appealing qualities to Virgo. Your daily Virgo love horoscope will point out Scorpio's ability to "walk the walk" that sends Virgo to their knees with ring in hand every time.

#4 Virgo and Cancer: Fighting With Humor

Cancer is a fighter, and you can learn to trust this energy by reading your daily Virgo horoscope. They will not give up easily. Given Virgo's predisposition to question everything, Cancer will patiently show them the way and help erase doubts. Cancer's sense of humor helps to lighten Virgo's load of worry, too.

#5 Virgo and Leo: Lion's Strength to the Rescue

Virgo's perpetual worry can be laid to rest by Leo's strength and assurance. Leo's confidence and strength can come to Virgo's rescue, as you will learn about in your daily Virgo love horoscope. As long as Leo's up to the challenge, Leo will be Virgo's hero.

#6 Virgo and Libra: Neat and Tidy in All You Do

Virgo's obsessive behavior about being neat and tidy is met with Libra's perfectionism. Libra expects perfectionism from her peers. This can be a good and bad thing. It can cause for smooth times because Libra knows all is taken care of and is where it should be. At the same time, Virgo's worry, which is highlighted in your daily Virgo horoscope, can cause them to second-guess if it's good enough to please Libra. Keep it in balance, and you can make the relationship work.

#7 Virgo and Aries: Motivated and Held Back

Aries is born to act, to do and to put things into motion. When Aries meets Virgo, sparks will likely fly due to Aries charisma and Virgo's purity. A wedge will be driven between Virgo and Aries if Virgo maintains her hold on second-guessing. Your daily Virgo love horoscope will tell you when Aries needs to be able to see things accomplished.

#8 Virgo and Virgo: Helping Others Together While Worrying

Virgo meets their match when they engage in a relationship with another Virgo. Virgo's desire to help others is addictive. Two Virgos together could make a beautiful positive change, if they could keep the doubt and worry to a minimum. When two Virgos get together and feed into each others worry, this is a recipe for disaster for the both of them.

#9 Virgo and Aquarius: What If Leads to Walking Away

Virgo wonders "what if" about everything. Aquarius' nature to give up too easily can be a bad thing when Virgo starts doubting. Aquarius might find themselves walking away figuring it's better to cut losses than question everything. Although, don't look for them to be deceitful about it. As you will learn in your Virgo horoscope, Aquarius' truthful and responsible nature is what will ensure Aquarius gives it a hardy try at the relationship before walking away.

#10 Virgo and Gemini: Commitment Issues Will Take Their Toll

Gemini is not the best match for a Virgo. Virgo looks for commitment, since they commit so deeply to everything they get involved in. Gemini has a tendency to fear commitment, which will be pointed out in your daily Virgo love horoscope. This can be a major deterrent for Virgo.

#11 Virgo and Pisces: Self Esteem Issue Means Self Destruction

Virgo doesn't think about the reasoning behind their devotion. They just know when something is worth committing to. Because of this, Pisces is not a good match. Pisces tend to do things out of being guilt-tripped into it or they feel they have to do it. It is desire to be committed to something that drives Virgo. Also, Virgo looks for people that are self-assured with confidence. Sorry Pisces, but your lack of self esteem has put a damper on any longevity plans with this Virgo.

#12 Virgo and Sagittarius: Over Confident, Over Booked Turn-Offs

Sagittarius can be pompous and a bit too self-assured. Also, since Sagittarius will get in over their head into too many things at once, the quality of devotion is compromised. This goes against everything a Virgo stands for. Follow your Virgo horoscope for daily advice.
The Best Astrology Signs for Virgo Relationships

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