They understand Taurus' need for affection, especially when they demand appreciation and attention.  And during the times when Virgo is clouded with worries, Taurus' natural gift can easily appease the chaotic mind of Virgo.

Lastly, Taurus and Virgo enjoy simple things in life. Since both of them are lovers of natural beauty, things like walking in the park or dinner over a nice view can really mean so much them. Virgos are not demanding, neither do they expect a lot of things, so anything goes with them.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

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Advantages of Virgo and Taurus Relationship

Taurus and Virgo share so many common traits, making their relationship founded on stability and full of love. Both signs bring out the best in each other, and both share mutual respect and understanding. Virgo appreciates how Taurus values stability, whether in life or in any relationship, whereas Taurus admires Virgo's steadfast spirit, and loyalty.

Virgo and Taurus enjoy enough perks that they may be considered almost too compatible with each other. 

Disadvantages of Virgo and Taurus Relationship

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility
Just like any other relationship, the relationship between a Taurus and Virgo also suffers from minor adjustments and flaws. For instance, Virgo gets frustrated when Taurus refuses to listen or consider other's opinions. Taurus is born under a fixed sign, and therefore, it may be almost impossible to bend their minds once they set them on something. Since Virgos are very analytical, they get worried any time their tummy gets butterflies if they sense something wrong, especially if their systematic order is being jeopardized.

Virgo has the tendency to be a nagger. From the outside they may appear calm, but deep inside, they worry too much; thinking of the "what ifs," all the time.  And because Taurus is suspicious by nature, they know how to get paranoid and become the target of this paranoia.

Furthermore, Virgos are fault finders. They have a tendency of pointing out faults, especially when Taurus differs on some opinions and ways. Virgo is self-centered and is always confident that everything they do is correct. They refuse to be reprimanded, much less to be argued with about their decisions.

On the contrary, Virgo gets irritated every time Taurus gets passive and suspicious. Taurus is known to be very possessive and jealous. It is not like they have low self-esteem, they simply do not like anything threatening what they have worked so hard for.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Taurus and Virgo would probably one of the best love matches. Both share compatible traits making their union prosperous, and full of devotion and passion. What this relationship needs is for both to adapt and learn each other's ways, as well as accept each other's strengths and flaws.

Virgos are extreme perfectionists, so they must learn to see past their faultlessness.  On the other hand, Taurus must lengthen their patience and must understand that Virgo only wants what is best for them. Likewise, Taurus must mellow down their sensitivity as well as their jealousy and possessiveness. Virgo does not like it to be thought badly about, because they themselves get paranoid sometimes.

If both Taurus and Virgo fix their own flaws and accept the ones their partners have, it can be a start of a great relationship, one that is worth keeping and fighting for.
Both signs value the same things, such as fidelity, trust, and respect. Like Taurus, Virgo is detail-oriented, forward driven and obsessive compulsive. They strive for perfection and this definitely includes stability in everything they do, whether in their career or financial status.

Though, there are a few things the two signs can differ in, these aspects do not bring much weight to jeopardize what they have. Virgo has the tendency to change their minds and opinions, whereas Taurus is a fixed sign, always expected to be stubborn on the things they stand firm on. On the contrary, it may take Taurus some time to understand Virgo's stand to balance everything, especially when it come to their judgment. Nonetheless, none of these issues linger much within the relationship.
The relationship Taurus has with Virgo brings so much happiness. For one, both enjoy and seek security in life. Virgo is a natural perfectionist. 

They make sure everything is well prepared, organized, and well thought of. Like Taurus, they hate failing, much less doing things that are unrealistic.

Taurus and Virgo enjoy great communication. Virgo is very romantic, emotionally sensitive, and an attentive lover.
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