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Cancer Personality for your Love Horoscope for Cancer
The Cancer Personality, The Sign of the Crab    
Jun 22nd to Jul 23nd
Intuitive, Imaginative, Patient, Good Looks, Never Gives Up, Sense of Humor, Passionate, Popular, Femininity, Domestic. 

Areas to Evolve
Frequent Mood Changes, Crabby, Over Protective, Day Dreaming, Manipulative, Over Dramatic, Possessive, Self-Centered, Pettiness, Subjective, Seeking Revenge. 
The Universe Gave You Little Intuitions to Arrive Here

The full moon makes you crazy with emotions. You have the most passion of all the signs, but at the cost of all the highs and lows that come with them. Intensity is intensity.  There is a fine line between mothering and smothering.

No one feels intense emotions like you do, but every sign has their quirk.  Feel, but try to stay in control
Cancer Blessings

No, you're not a werewolf.  Cancer people are closely associated with the moon. Highly emotional, if not the most emotional sign of the zodiac, you are the definition of maternal instinct.  You will see from your Horoscopes for Cancer that you have a strong and responsible intuition for food, shelter, and nesting in general. The people in your lives are generally under your care, at least from your point of view.  

Cancer is a water sign and as we all learned in school, the moon controls the tides. The full moon is your most emotional time of the month.  That's not all bad; with strong emotions come strong passions.  You have the opportunity to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  And sometimes all in the same day.  As out of control as you can appear to others, your emotions are what also make up the best of you.

Anything that has to do with nesting is of interest to you. You probably love cooking, gardening, and shopping for home furnishings. Other people see their homes as a place they live, you see it as an existence.  But you're not just a home body, you love celebrations of any kind, especially if there is good food.  Sometimes you can go a little too far.  Watch if others feel like they are waliking on eggshells.

You are highly intuitive and have probably learned to act on them. Often you are right, and when you're not it's because you are also imaginative and almost dreamy. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which. No matter where you are in your life, if you are single you are always shopping for a soul mate:  The perfect addition to your nest.  You probably will know your soul mate the moment you see them. Your Love Horoscope for Cancer can help you recognize the best match for you as well.

Spiritual Challenges for the Cancer Soul

No one understand the ups and downs of Yin-Yang better than you do. Your emotions can make you appear out of control and sometimes you just might be. If you are feeling it in your heart, you tend to speak it. 
Chances are, you are here because of you emotions. Is it a conflict in one of your relationships? Someone doesn't understand you? Or worse, through the years you have learned swallow expressing how you feel (as best as humanly possible) because you are afraid of how others may see, think, or react. The highs and lows of having a soul with the most intense emotions in the zodiac is like having a super-hero power you have to learn to manage.  

And that is the universe asked me to be here. There is nothing wrong with you, and certainly nothing worthy of low confidence or self-esteem issues. You just need to learn how to harness the energy of your soul, and understand how to manipulate the energy of the environment you created for yourself. There is a lot here for you to learn, and a good place to start is with your Horoscopse for Cancer.

Learn the best relationship matches for your sign and find out which ones will be the most challenging for your soul as a tool to help you evolve and improve your relationship through advanced communication skills.

Most Compatible

  • Cancer and Pisces

Most Challenging

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Fact is, you have a way of making people feel like they are walking on eggshells.  This is called emotional manipulation and certainly is an area of Spiritual Growth for you. You will see periodic mention of this in your Daily and Love Horoscope for Cancer.

As you read your Daily Horoscope Readings and your Love Horoscope for Cancer, focus on opportunities in which you can manage emotions. It is okay to feel, but don't suppress your feelings.  Seek a happy emotional balance. There is fine line between mothering and smothering.