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Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon
Primary Power for your Daily Libra Horoscope by Jordan Canon
Looking for Answers? Learn How to Ask the Right Questions

Cool, reserved, and a social butterfly, your world is in "balance" when everything is just perfect. You are right all the time. With great gifts come great responsibility. Try not to snap so hard when the world doesn't live up to your level of perfection. 

Your temper is likely to flare up when others around you are not hearing when you're correct, again.
Personality Traits for your Love Horoscope for Libra
The Libra Personality, The Sign of the Scales   
Sep 24rd to Oct 23nd 
Sophisticated, Sociable, Popular, Diplomatic, Adaptive, Aggressive, Rational, Seductive, Attractive, Sensual, Cooperative, Romantic, Analytical, Optimistic Cheerful, Sensitive, Gracious, Sociable, Tactful, Cooperative, and Diplomatic.

Areas to Evolve
Self-Doubting, Narcissistic, Vanity, Argumentative, Emotionally Detached, Protective, Controlling, Manipulative, Self-Indulgence, Holding a Grudge, Ambivalent, Multiple Relationships, Impatient, Sulks, and flirty.
Libra is my favorite sign. Becoming a spiritual advisor did not come easy for me. In fact, it took me over twenty years. You are a natural "advisor," and I respect that a lot about you. If you are like the millions of Libra's that came here before you, chances are it is because of a relationship issue. And more specifically, something related to communication skills, which you are so good at. 

Learn the best relationship matches for your sign and find out which ones will be the most challenging for your soul as a tool to help you evolve and improve your relationship through advanced communication skills.

Most Compatible

Most Challenging

Libra Blessings

You’re romantic and charming, sociable and enjoy a good time! You’re a slight perfectionist who can be a bit bossy at times. Some say you can be a bit of a narcissist. You love to be in a position of public service and it works well because you desire to be popular. 

You love to dress up for the occasion and get a bit set off if those around you are sloppy. You don’t like to be pressured or rushed, instead you like to plan ahead and keep everything on an even balance. 

You love attention, a good debate, and intelligent conversations. You don’t take criticism very well. Libra always looks to keep the balance or restore it when it’s lost.

The universe has blessed you with a soul that is charming and elegant. You speak well and you have an air of class around you. You are usually attractive, graceful, and all people generally and sincerely admire you. You represent balance, fairness, and cooperation, especially as those roles come into play with relationships.  

You are a cerebral sign, but unlike the mentally all-over-the-place Aquarian and the psychically all-over-the-place Gemini, you are the air sign of balance and harmony.  You have a natural curiosity with people and especially their relationships. You secretly evaluate and "score" what, how, and when people do things.  You are not nosey, you are just being prepared for the day someone may ask your opinion.  And being prepared for you means you have already calculated the path of destiny with the best outcome.

And when they do ask, they will most likely hear the only correct answer that exists in the universe.  Even if that answer is not a popular or pleasant one, you will find a way to present it gracefully and with some options for them to consider. Inner peace and harmony is your ultimate goal, not only for your own relationships, but the rest of the world too.

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Gemini's think at twice the speed of light. Libra's don't that, they think about "what is the right answer?' It could be a question you have for yourself or someone you know. In fact, if a co-worker were to ask your advice on any subject, you have probably already given it thought and have the perfect answer, which you don't give out until asked. 

You may think you came her to find an answer to a question, but the universe has other ideas for why you may be here. Your daily Horoscopes for Libra will help you with these issues. Sounds odd, I know, but if you can trust me for a few days, and follow the directions, you will see I'm right. Then we can get on to your questions. Notice I didn't say answers. Answers you are good at, asking the right questions is what will lead to evolving your soul to the next level.
Challenges for the Libra Soul

Under the universal laws of Yin-Yang balance, Libras have difficulty with anger management.  More often than not, they suppress anger and allow it to fester for years.  Libra anger is more a form of frustration than an emotional outburst a Cancer may have, and usually initiated because their point of view or measurement of balance is not getting through.  

Anything deemed "unfair" is subject to Libra anger outbursts, especially when you find yourself under stress.  As you read your daily Libra horoscope and love horoscope for Libra, seek spiritual wisdom that allows you help others achieve balance and vent off your anger.  If left unchecked, Libra anger often grows into relational manipulations.  It will be easier for other signs to communicate with you if you can apologize better, or maybe even first.

Libra Anger

As a Libra, peace and harmony so important to you that you will even compromise your own personality to make peace with others. Even if you should say no, you say yes. Eventually it all piles up and your temper shows up. Once you’ve released a little pressure, you quickly put a stop to it because you’d rather see your world returned to harmony as quickly as possible. It’s a shock to everyone around them when a Libra explodes into a sudden rage. Libras tend to hold back their feelings until they can’t anymore and then explode with a rage that’s always a surprise to anyone around because they’re so used to Libra being the calm and rational one. 

Libra anger appears when it seems like their well thought out points of view are not being heard.  Unlike a Scorpio that "stings" when they are angry, Libra's have a hot button of volcanic anger that stays with them for life.  Push that button, and you can hear in great detail related events of the past associated with the anger of the day.  
Libra is a true romantic when it comes to personal relationships. You believe in everything that appears in the movies, including soul mates and magical happy endings. You are not needy and are willing to hold out for the perfect partner, after all perfection is something you aspire to.  No other gives more and ask so little in return than a Libra when it comes to exchanges of romance and love. This is mentioned at times in your Love Horoscope for Libra.

Learn to see the warning signs of Libra feeling like they are not being heard and you can avoid a confrontation. If you're a Libra, you have to realize the rest of the world doesn't have you ability of reasoning and efficient decision making.  The point you wish to make will come across better if you try to calmly be patient and wait for the opportunity when the person you are communicating with is listening better.

What a Libra Wants in a Relationship

As a Libra, you hate being alone and need a partner that has their life and priorities balanced. You like to know your love interest can balance their job, work, family and you all at once. You appreciate harmony and organization so the perfect match for a Libra is a tidy person that’s organized. You love to fix problems, yours and other peoples and so your mate will likely be someone that is willing to share their problems with you and allows you to carry some of the weight on your shoulders. You may learn more about this type of thing in your daily Libra horoscope or your love horoscope for Libra.

As a Libra, you don’t like tension and you’re not comfortable with a lot of arguing. Your mate will need to be a patient person as Librans also tend to spend a lot of time weighing all of their options before making any decisions.