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You Can Only Evolve Through Your Relationships

There are astrology signs you will generally be more compatibile with, and there are those you won't.  That does not mean you cannot be successful in a relationship that requires more energy and effort, it just means you have to realize when more effort is needed, and you have to be willing to make the investment of energy.  
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In my experience, I have found most couples are willing to make an effort, it is an effort in what that becomes the problem to solve.

Relationship Compatibility is Like A Bowl of Ice Cream

So why doesn't everyone simply pick the same astrology sign?  Wouldn't that automatically create the  most compatible relationship?   Yes, and no.  Yes, from the standpoint that two same signs are compatible. And no from the viewpoint that two same signs do not generally compliment each other enough to make one compatible couple.  

Suppose you get to choose two scoops of ice cream to make your perfect dessert.  Vanilla and vanilla is compatible, not complimentary enough to make a new flavor.  Vanilla and strawberry may taste compatible to you, and they compliment each other pretty well.  Vanilla and chocolate are opposites, and while they can bring the most excitement to bowl of dessert, they are also the most different.  While the "most different" can be complimentary, it is not automatically compatible.

The Universe Has A Sense of Humor

The universe sort of does the same thing with Astrology signs.  Just to be clear, we use Spiritual Astrology has a Spiritual Enlightenment tool.  We are not locked into anything written in astrology because we control and create our own destiny. In its infinite wisdom, the universe has created the great amount of sexual energy, in the form of "attraction" between the astrological opposites of the zodiac.  This attraction of energy works similar to a magnetic force.  
A List of the Spiritual Astrological Opposites

Aries and Libra

Aries is the "baby" of the zodiac and is the sign of self (I AM) and Libra is the sign of union and partnership (I BALANCE).

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus is the sign of personal possessions (I HAVE) and Scorpio is the sign of legacies and shared possessions (I DESIRE).

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini is the sign of self expression (I THINK) and Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy and higher thinking of expression on a wider level, outside of the self (I ASPIRE).

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer is the sign of home life and mother earth (I FEEL) and Capricorn is the sign of public life (I USE).

Leo and Aquarius

Leo is the sign of personal pleasure and creativity (I WILL) and Aquarius is the sign of humanitarian hopes and ideals on a large scale (I KNOW). 

Virgo and Pisces
Virgo is the sign of work and self improvement (I ANALYSE) and Pisces is the sign of dreams and creating false realities through self delusion (I BELIEVE).

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Again, there are many factors that go into your unique astrology reading including the position of the sun, the moon, and the planets to the time and location of your birth.  Our custom compatibility report is about 15 to 25 pages long, and takes into consideration all of the above, and more, in determining the compatibilities you have in your love and romance relationships.  Just use the press to continue button to get your reading.
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Free Spiritual Astrology Relationship Compatibility Readings

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Understanding and improving your combatibility begins with the first step of evolution: Spiritual Enlightenment, or learning. Your spiritual compatibility readings are created as a free service to help guide you into thinking "inward" instead of focusing your energy outward with complaints and "violations" of your relationship standards.  

Our free synastry readings will help you improve your relationship by helping you to improve the contributions you make to it.  This is how The Universe works. Since you can only evolve your own soul, and the universe creates your future by the energy you today, you will learn to create better relationships by creating a better version of yourself.