More so, because Libra seeks balance and harmony, they will learn to tolerate Virgo's differences and flaws. And though it may take time, Libra realizes that with Virgo, any mistake can be corrected and they will learn to appreciate their fiery nature. Likewise, though not always, Virgo because of their intimacy and passion, will slowly open up to new roads and possibilities with Libra; choosing to be more sociable and vigilant.

Lastly, the relationship will be full of loyalty and devotion. Libra and Virgo in love are the most passionate of all zodiac pairings. They place so much importance on any commitment they are involved with, even to the point of being zealous or possessive at each other. In fact, both would not even mind public displays of affection, as long as they are expressing their love because Libra and Virgo will remain complete loyal to the person of their affection.
As they go about their ways and decision making, Libra and Virgo will suffer constant clashes. For one, Libra takes all the time in the world to weigh the pros and cons of everything, looking to come up with the most righteous and suitable solution, whereas Virgo does not like wandering around empty-handed and would rather stick to the most abrupt decision they can think of and then simply change it later if needed. Though the two will respect each other's forth comings in the end, they will have to play tug-of-war just to meet half way.

Even with communication, Libra and Virgo will feel the same way. Libra, as social as they are, would love to mingle with their diverse social circles, but Virgo would prefer to enjoy the comforts of their home with good food and great friends. And as critical Libra is also how extreme Virgo is when it comes to criticizing flaws and mistakes of others. They will always point out Libra's crazy instincts as well as their tendencies to take a break during work and rush hours.

However, if the two focus on eliminating the emotional and logical turmoil between them, Libra and Virgo can actually break the odds of zodiac incompatibility.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility

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Advantages of Virgo and Libra Relationship

Libra and Virgo can work well in a different aspect of relation, may it be as a friend or close colleague, but not in any romantic relationship.

The elements that bind them are not as strong to make things work for them as their astral elements are opposing each other. Libra coming from the air sign can create turbulence to their meek and critical Virgo, whereas Virgo can bore their free-spirited Libra.

Disadvantages of Virgo and Libra Relationship

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Virgo and Libra Compatibility
Thanks to the harmony of the planets, Libra and Virgo will find it easy to iron out differences between them.

Libra with their gift to see the bigger picture of everything will understand how Virgo takes life on in a sturdy aspect as compared to their own vast experiences of living life to the fullest.

On the contrary, Virgo's innate nature to be submissive will give them the ability to put aside Libra's meticulous nature in order to be helpful in their ways.
Despite the positivity between Libra and Virgo, there remain numerous aspects they need to put forth much effort on. For one, both will have constant disagreements when the other pushes for their opinion, and the other will simply focus on all the errors. Even if Virgo will not match Libra's argumentative pace, they will simply wait for their turn to talk and oppose every little detail they find getting in their nerves.

Add to that, Libra will consistantly bruise Virgo's ego whenever they disregard their advice and help. Virgo may be timid and shy, but they like to be part of a team. They love to do role playing, which allows them to showcase their ability to give sound advices and hound what their instincts tell them. However, Libra is as independent as they are, and they will also prefer to harness their pwn logical capability to weigh the pros and cons of everything and make decisions on their own. Together, set ways and decision making may prove to be difficult between them.

Likewise, while Libra enjoys having a large social cirle of friends, Virgo is more interested in spending quality time to relax and enjoy themselves among the company of good friends and loved ones. Even in social gatherings, Libra will notice that Virgo would rather go to one corner and observe everything that is happening, where Virgo will see how loud and sometimes extreme Libra is with their crowd.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Libra and Virgo is something special, but it needs more than effort for it to work. Libra and Virgo are quite opposite in their level of thinking and emotional stability. Libra is more independent and level-headed, whereas Virgo needs constant reassurance and appreciation. Between the two, constant clashes and disagreements always come their way, especially during decision making.

What this relationship need is a lot of compromise and understanding. Libra and Virgo must first see past each other's differences, then adjust and settle. For instance, when Libra gets into the process of finalizing a situation, they must learn how to listen to their Virgo's suggestions and input. If they will simply try to sit down and talk with an open mind for progress, it will be inevitable that sooner or later both will meet halfway.

With their different ways, Libra and Virgo must give and take. If both focus on these aspects, then the relationship they have can beat the odds of being zodiacally incompatible.
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