Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

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Advantages of Virgo and Aquarius Relationship

Having a relationship with a Virgo always brings an Aquarian an exciting feeling because they bring out the best and worst in each other. Virgo is sensible, logical, and practical, while Aquarius can be enthusiastic, patient, and sensitive. With a little push from Virgo, the things that Aquarians may have a hard time materializing can be simple and magical with their help. Virgo can introduce organization and discipline, while Aquarius can teach Virgo that it is okay to reach for their dreams, even if they make mistakes along the way.

Disadvantages of Virgo and Aquarius Relationship

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Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility
Virgos are passionate, level-headed, and achievers. This is something that Aquarius admires about them, that they have an extreme drive for life. They are not only visionaries, they are natural leaders. They are great communicators and, just like Aquarius, they are more geared towards their logical side.

Likewise, Aquarius always admires how Virgo thinks. They are very practical, and focus more on the "how" and "why" of things. And though they may sometimes have little arguments, Aquarians always come half way and compromise. There is more to Virgo that Aquarius finds fondness with and probably less that they disapprove of, which makes their relationship more promising.
The relationship Aquarius has with Virgo is full of enlightenment and contentment. Both have the same interests in life and have the same qualities.

Just like the Aquarius, Virgo is also a social butterfly. Friendship means so much to both, and both signs are loyal, generous, and kind. 

Though, Virgo can fall short with their discriminating and perfectionist attitude, Aquarius still appreciates how Virgo can give them direction and purpose. 
They are appreciative and sensitive, but not clingy and bossy. Virgo also has this fastidious attitude to be overly meticulous on little things; even to the ones Aquarians do not mind.

Another factor in play that makes their compatibility positive is the way they both think. Their minds have the same rhythm and wavelength. Both can cover many topics, and they almost have the same perspective and outlook on things. Virgo is more on the logical side, and they don't base their decisions on emotions. However, Virgo always sticks to what was tried and tested for most of their solutions, one thing that Aquarius may oppose to much of the time.
No matter how close Aquarians think they are to Virgo, a Virgo always has flaws and mishaps that face them, which makes the Aquarian think twice. Virgo has a natural drive for perfection. They always make sure that they put their best foot forward in everything they do. And if they make any mistake, they have hard time forgiving themselves, but will do everything to rectify themselves. Aquarius may clash when Virgo interferes with their decisions and judgement.

Also, Virgos are fault-finders. They always have high standards, and it can be irritating to the Aquarian to have someone jolt at them all the time, even with the smallest things they do. As free-spirited as Aquarians are, they want to be left alone and have no one interfere with the things they do, especially with their decisions.

Likewise, Virgo has this obsession to always be the boss. Though, they are not demanding, they can strangle you if you bend backwards from their orders. And just as much as Aquarius wanted to please and admire them, they can only do so much. They may need to stay away and sulk in their emotions.

Don'ts With an Virgo and Aquarius Relationship

Virgo and Aquarius can be considered a love-hate relationship. They have many similarities as well as differences. It is important that both learn to compromise and understand each other. Virgo must not tolerate their attitude of being too bossy and insensitive. If they continue to be arrogant, it can be the grounds for the end of their relationship.

Likewise, Aquarius must not distance themselves from their Virgo, especially if things might seem tough and tight when Virgo can be intervening. Instead, they must learn how to open up their feelings as Virgo is also open-minded.

And if things deepen between the two, it is healthy if they go beyond the superficial level. Both do not like to invest much on their feelings. They would rather keep what is inside them, rather than become vulnerable to their partners. If both do not learn how to open up, their relationship will never prosper.

What The Relationship Needs

This relationship needs more than understanding and compromise. Both signs have strong personalities that need respect from both sides. If both work together for their benefits, things will be much easier. They just need to set aside their differences and work on what binds them together, such as their love for adventure, their quick and witty thinking, and their drive for their ambitions and dreams in life.

If both see beyond each other's mistakes and flaws, and look on the positivity of each other, this relationship is for keeps.  They need to appreciate and push each other to be the best person they can be. For this relationship to work, they must enjoy the shared moment and learn to adapt to each other's mishaps.
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