Scorpios betrayed become bitter and will hold grudges, whereas Virgos deceived can become distant and cold. And though both may require periods of growing to love, the weight they can give is so intense that both can lower their defenses for any kind of risks.

Scorpio and Virgo will enjoy each other's company all the time. Scorpio seeks for someone who they can share with them experiences of peace and tranquility, and as meek and conservative as Virgos are, will not complain if Scorpio prefers to spend their quality time over a nice quiet dinner, or have them with friends and loved ones. Both signs are not fond of a social life. In fact, they really do not like crowds, yet Scorpio and Virgo can make magic out of something extraordinary, stillness, and the intimacy they will share together.

Lastly, Scorpio and Virgo will not do things half done. Both are so determined to succeed in life, making them obsessively cautious with their decisions. Scorpio hates people who are unpredictable, whereas Virgo hates to be disorganized and unprepared, and both will be far from what they "hope not" from each other.
 Scorpio will have an instant attraction to Virgo's confidence and analytical mind, whereas Virgo is captured by Scorpio's practicality and dependability. Together, they can accomplish great things.

And since Scorpio and Virgo are highly interested to each other's emotional and physical needs, their relationship comes to be progressively rewarding. Behind Scorpio's mysterious and tough exterior is someone who loves discovering what makes their loved one happy. With their deep psychic gift, they can sensitively respond to Virgo's needs for high standards and commitments. In addition, Virgo is highly attuned and aware of how Scorpio gives so much importance to fidelity and security within the relationship.

Even with communication, Scorpio and Virgo will mesh well. Both are practical and level-headed beings, making it easy for them to decide and go about their firm ways. And when both need to solve an issue, whether it be between them or outside their realms, Scorpio and Virgo can alter ingenious and logical ideas to help each other. One thing they love doing is being part of each other's team and playing a role of a comrade in arms.

Nonetheless, despite the transformative effect Scorpio and Virgo have for each other, there remain issues that they need to address, which all the more make their relationship stronger.

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

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Advantages of Virgo and Scorpio Relationship

Scorpio and Virgo come from complementary elements making their relationship favorable and in sync. Scorpio is influenced by their water element whereas Virgo is driven by their earth, and with this combination, the two will be able to nourish and satisfy each other's needs.

Because of the special connection between Scorpio and Virgo, both can experience a union far from the usual. In fact, they may even consider finding a soul mate in each other's arms.

Disadvantages of Virgo and Scorpio Relationship

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility
Love and romance between Scorpio and Virgo is bliss. The relationship is bonded by trust and honesty, leaving no room for infidelity and issues that can tear them apart. Scorpio in love is very passionate and intense, making them a bit zealous and possessive.

Virgo, on the contrary, does not mind being the object of someone else's possession, as long as they get a reaffirmation of their partner's love.

Likewise, they understand the consequences of disloyalty.
Scorpio and Virgo are firm in their personalities making it inevitable for clashes to erupt between them. For one, both will always be in each other's way. And though things can be tolerable in the beginning, the later part of the relationship may seem to be harder than it originally appeared.

Scorpio has a competitive streak that enables them to be aggressive, and anyone who tries to threaten their relationship is considered an enemy. Therefore, Scorpio cannot help themselves to be cunning and treacherous in order to maintain an amiable and stable relationship. And sometimes, they get to the point of being so suspicious that they are willing to check up on their partners like an investigator.

Virgo, on the other hand, can be too critical. They tend to criticize anyone as though they are their equals, not thinking about who they may be messing with. In fact, their partner will always be subject to their darker side. As sensitive Scorpio is, they will never tolerate cruelty, especially at their expense. Though, they will not match Virgo's critical ways, they can be treacherous. Scorpios will never hesitate to wait and pull their stingers out in order to get into the perfect attack mode for their revenge. Because of this, constant disagreements will come between them.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Scorpio and Virgo may merit a score of eight or nine. The astral elements between them work well, making their relationship a perfect combination. What this relationship needs is spontaneity and a little adjustment.

Scorpio and Virgo in love will surrender to the magnetic impulses that bind them together. Both inspire each other, where Scorpio can teach Virgo practicality and importance of intimacy and Virgo can reciprocate it with loyalty and stability. And as fixed and mutable signs, both will share great times. Virgo will not be hesitant to submit to Scorpio's leadership, whereas Scorpio will surprise Virgo with their wit and versatility. And all these two signs have to do is to be thankful and enjoy every moment they spend together.

Nonetheless, they must also focus themselves to mellow some other aspects in their personalities that may hinder their relationship's growth. For instance, Scorpio must be more vocal about how they feel instead of holding on to their feelings and thinking of possible ways to seek revenge. The same holds true for Virgo, where they prefer to ignore issues and problems. If Scorpio and Virgo make these simple adjustments, the relationship they have is bound to last.
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