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Our Most Recent Newsletters

Some of our weekly newsletters can refer to previous newsletters like chapters in a book.  From a spiritual prospective, they will all tie into one giant resource of spirituality.  Pick a subject you like or get caught up with one you have already read.

Wrong Astrology Signs

A professor in Minesota tells the world we may not be the astrology we thought we were, kicking off a world-wide news craze. Is he right?  Can it be? From the viewpoint of spiritual growth, the real question might be: Does it matter?

A Love Story with a Spiritual Lesson

Here is a love story like you have never read before, told with two points of view, and an ending with a spiritual lesson.

Finding A Soul Mate, A Case Study

Learn how one of our members found her soul mate by applying our step by step instructions and investing her energy so the universe could create the future she wanted to experience.

How To Create A Future Using the Spiritual Process

Improving or creating relationships is the only way you can evolve your soul.  Learn how to apply the spiritual process and create the future you wish to experience.

You're Supposed To Be Lost....a Little

Feelings of being "lost" can lead to invitation from temptation. You can't be lost if you're here at Learn why you're supposed to be lost.

2010 Soul Mates of the Year

In all the relationship spiritual astrology readings I have done for souls all over the world, only one can be this years Soul Mates of the Year.  You may be surprised who the lucky couple is.

Improve Relationships by Seeking Within

Learn how to refocus your energy and harness the power of the universe to overcome your relationship issues.

Past and Future Spiritual Readings

Learn how you can use spiritual astrology readings of the past and future to connect with your soul and communicate with the universe to improve your relationship and create the exact future you wish to experience.

Soul Mate Energy

The secret to harnessing this powerful universal energy is not from the viewpoint of "without," but from the viewpoint of "within."

A Lesson In Charitable Energy from The Universe

On a fateful Saturday afternoon, I thought I was investing charitable energy to help a worm that was struggling to survive.  Instead, the universe led me on a path ending in a mystical lesson in charitable energy and creating your future.

Getting Out of the Garbage

You will experience the lowest point of your life at some time during your existence.  This is required to evolve your soul.  Learn how to harness the power of the light to overcome impossible situations.

What is Free Will?

Free will is one of those terms people have an idea what it means, but don't know how to harness its power and energy. 

Some Very Touching Photos

A true example of soul mate love.  That's all we want to say, so we don't ruin your experience.

How To Harness the Power of the Light

What is the "the light?"  This popular newsletter defines the power of the light and how you can use it to create new and exciting paths of destiny.

Don't Believe What They Say

Your Soul Is Unique.  It is easy to go with the flow, but to use your time here to evolve, you must be able to utilize the gift of being unique.  They say humans are highest life form on this planet.  Wouldn't it be great if we actually believed in what we are capable of?

Romance and Spirituality

This Valentine's Day, learn how to use the power of the light to invest new energy into your closest relationship.  Intense romance is an energy you create, not one you find.

Third Eye for the Blind Soul

Suppose I was to produce a TV Show in the format of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  For starters, I could come to your home and improve the environment you have created, based on all of the spiritual and universal laws.

Conversations with God

For those of you that don't know, Neal involved in a car accident and had a near death experience.  He would eventually recover and be "haunted" by voices telling him to write a book. Does this cound like anyone you know?

Spirituality at the Box Office

Help The Universe achieve its goal:  The evolvution of your soul.  You can learn spirituality from movies. Jordan lists some of the best spiritual movies to watch.

You Are Responsible for Your Own Spiritual Health

Take the first step in healing your body by applying this simple exercise in Spiritual Growth.

Free Detailed and Custom Astrology Reading

As my Holiday Gift to you, simply fill out the form and I will send you your detailed astrology report to help you along your spiritual journey.

How To Turn Daily Horoscope Readings into Daily Spiritual Astrology Readings

This was our most popular newsletter to date, as we teach you how to see the spiritual guidance in your daily astrology readings.

Judgment Days Are More Important than Judgment Day

Much of our chat this week had to do with finding new potential relationships.  I was surprised how people generally "judge" others, and then create a conditional love relationship.  Learn a better way.

Finding A Soul Mate Part III

We wrap up this spiritual newsletter series by applying the laws of spiritual growth to finding our soul mate.

Finding a Soul Mate Part II

With special to Dina, a Pisces from Florida, we will be applying spiritual laws to review and fine tune her soul mate creation.

Finding A Soul Mate Part I

This newsletter is about finding your soul mate, but it is based on the same spiritual process you can implement to improving existing relationships, or creating any new path of destiny.

Why The Universe Didn't Give Humans Instincts

Brace yourself, this is usually never accepted at first read, but humans do not have any instincts.  None, not even a morsel.

21 Thank You's

This week, I am focusing on a subject the universe really wants me to get out there.  I guess it would come under the topic of getting started with a spiritual lifestyle, and "It's easier to be spiritual, then it is to become spiritual."  Here is a simple exercise to help get you started.

Husband Upgrades

This week we focus a little on Spiritual Relationships based on a humorous email I received from a member.

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