Seek from Within

The content of the newsletters is based on spiritual counseling sessions over a short amount of time.  If I find myself advising the same solution over and over again, I try to find a better way of saying it, and then I share it with everyone. 

The concept of this weeks newsletter come from a sudden inbound of relationship issues.  Again, you can only evolve through your relationships, and I don't just mean love relationships.  You have relationships all around you, and quality and quantity of energy you invest in those relationships determine the the future you will experience.

Below, I have created a little demonstration of just how the universe uses the energy you invest in creating your future. 
Imagine this to be a picture of the universe and the three dots represent areas of opportunity for you to evolve. Let's say: 

  • The one that is top left represents issues in your relationships.
  • The one that is top right represents issues in your career.
  • And one at the bottom represents your soul.

What I would like you do is please stare and focus all of your energy  on the lower dot that represents your soul. 
When you focus your energy within yourself, what happens to the other dots that represent your problematic issues?  Like magic, they disappear don't they?  And as soon as you refocus your energy on your problems, they reappear, don't they?  

Conversely, if you focus your energy on a dot that represents a problematic issue for you, what happens to the dot that represents your soul?  It disappears too. The universe will create your future in the same manner as you see in this exercise.

Harness The Power of Your Soul
I can't stress the importance of harnessing the power and energy within you, to change and recreate the environment around you.  Instead of thinking and investing energy in:

  • My partner is...
  • My job or job hunt is...
  • I'm unhappy because...

Refocus your energy within and harness the power of your soul by thinking:

  • I can achieve better results with my partner if I...
  • I can find or improve my career if I...
  • I will be happy if I...

I hope this little exercise has helped you to "see" just how much opportunity the universe provides you to create.  You have the choice to create good or bad, the universe doesn't care which you choose.  It only provides you the future you wish to have based on the energy you invest to create.
Love and light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor
Copyright 2008 Free Spiritual   Art Licensed by Shutterstock
This Page Was Last Updated On: 9/30/2023

Finger Pointing
It is so easy for us to see how "screwed up" our relationships can be, because every action has a reaction.  Use the same energy to finger-point at yourself and find solution to your relationship issues.  Here is an exercise that may help you see this point.
"When you go out to create your future with the universe, you better have your act together."  -Gene Simmons, Rock Star, Kiss
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Member Comments
Here are some comments on this article from some of our members:

"I feel the universe brought me here to this website, I am just in love what you're saying and am so happy I found this. Thank you from my soul!"
- Sharon

"I learned, the hard, way when we focus on things outside of ourselves to make us happy we are miserable. Once you go within the things beyond us have much less affect on us. I love the visual exercise. Very Cool!! Namaste"
- Karen

"Warm Regards and Blessings from the holy town, Rishikesh, India.  I am really thankful to you for the guidance. Although I am at peace with myself and everything your spiritual guidance takes me to a higher level of self awareness. Thank you once again."  -Sodhi

"You have reconnected me. Sometimes I get pulled in the wrong direction but i can always count on something to bring me back. The universe has never let me down, this time it was you that brought me back so thank you."  -Jill


"If I would have read this last year, I wouldn't have understood one word of it. Every time I open up your newsletter, I find comfort and a little more hope.  I've been going through some tough times lately and I have been praying for clarity.  I always look forward to reading your pages.  Thank You!"

"Thanks for the visual aid - that really helped things click.  I feel like I've been fumbling and juggling all these different *foundations* in my life and trying to do so from a more spiritual direction and I have felt overwhelmed trying to keep all the balls in the air and frustrated when things weren't working out the way I was *intending* I thought it would take forever to get anywhere... but your comments and activity made something click in me if I can just focus it all on the one area (which is one of my frustrations from work trying to integrate spirituality into it so maybe I can enjoy it a lot more) instead of focusing on it externally focus on just me from within... it sounds basic when I type it all out... but you really helped it click for me today :o)  Thanks so much! xoxoxo!"

"Thank you, Jordan.  I didn't listen to your advice some months ago and allowed the problematic areas consume me and no light has shone from within.  You've provided the answer and now I am ready to move into the light and create the destiny that will allow me to find peace."   

"That was so simple but I feel like it really opened me up to what my focus has been so far today!  I smiled for the first time since my day started after I did this exercise and read 'seek from within' Thank you Jordan!"

"Wow that was powerful exercise with the dots but very true what you focus on grows so stay positive."

"I found this to be sooooo true! Focus on your Soul and everything changes! Reconnection is the Key to happiness! Love and Light to All! xx"

"Thank you for wonderful exercise & to choose inside focus & activating ones soul presence in situation."

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