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Comments on Spiritual Newsletters

by Submitted Request on 11/21/10

Share your comments, thoughts, and opinions on recent or past newsletters. Please be sure to mention the name of the newsletter you are commenting on.

On Finding Your Soul Mate

by Submitted Request on 10/19/10

Share your comments about how this website is helping you, or has helped you find your soul mate.

Ask Jordan Canon

by Submitted Request on 08/06/10

Now you can post your spiritual guidance questions for Jordan Canon and them answered in our blog.  Any question, on any subject, is welcome, but try to ask one question that can be answered in a few sentences.  When possible, please list your spiritual astrology sign like this (aquarius) for yourself and if your question involves someone else.

Comments on Your Free Astrology Readings

by Submitted Request on 05/13/10

Share your thoughts on the accuracy of your free spiritual astrology readings.

General Comments and Observations

by Submitted Request on 04/11/10

Share with our visitors your thoughts regarding this website, including any pages you feel are especially interesting, or questions you may have.  Have your questions answered by members of our newsletter.  All subjects are welcome. 

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