Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Newsletter mailed January 25, 2009
Our weekly newsletter starts with this TV show I saw for the first time this week.  I happened to be home sick, channel surfing, and I stumbled on this show.  I love these guys!  Apparently, their show has been on the air since 2003, who knew?  

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, these guys are all gay, and each a specialist in interior design, fashion, grooming, culture, and food.  
The light he was referring to was the color of his apartment, but I was already in a different place. Let's say the universe would have me produce a spiritual guidance TV show based on the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy concept.  

I might call it Third Eye for the Blind Soul, and each week, I would come to one of our weekly newsletter subscribers homes to enhance the environment you have created with the full understanding and application of Spiritual Laws. Instead of fashion, culture, grooming, interior design, and food, I would focus on the primary Spiritual Laws and how the process works:  

How To Create Better Environments and Relationships
I spend a good part of my week trying to explain this evolutionary process to people writing in with relationship problems.  Hopefully this diagram makes it a little easier to understand. 

The Queer Eye Guys can't evolve a straight guy any more than I can evolve you.  I can show a path that has existed since time began, it is also a path your soul has been down before, but in the end you must evolve your own soul.  Until my TV show comes out, try this:

  • Yin-Yang.  See the improvements you have made in your environment and your relationships by improving yourself.  Watch for fate and opportunities for new learning.
  • Temptation.  Learn to see when temptation is taking you from the light, and learn to manage it to stick to your plan.
Third Eye For The Blind Soul: The Dark Side

Suppose my TV show was based on the same concept, but instead it took on more of am evil demon-hunter theme.  Your environment has temptations all around it.  To me, they are like a disgusting virus that feeds on your energy like a vampire bat.  It numbs (and blinds) your senses as it feeds.  To you, it is a mystical, fictional character that does get much of your attention.  You can only see the effect of a virus, not the virus itself.  When the virus does show its effect, you tend to deny it exists.

Each week I could come out to your environment, and destroy the temptation that has the greatest impact on your future path of destiny. Temptation is a relationship killer.  That is its goal.  When you think about it, some of the temptations are obvious.  Like gluttony leading  poor health, or Anger resulting in declining relationships. 

Gluttony and anger are two of the Original Eight Temptations of the Soul.  The problem is we don't think about it.  We point our fingers at everyone else except our own decisions.  We forget our souls create our environment, and we forget we get better relationships by becoming better partners. 

Relationship Health
The vast majority of communications coming in over the last few weeks concern long time relationships that are declining.  Think of the two penguins with a crack that suddenly appears in the ice.  I really feel compelled to mention that I am not a marriage counselor.  I know as little about women as the next guy.  I am a spiritual advisor and I deal with the evolution of souls.  Souls are neither male nor female.

If it is your desire to keep your relationship from drifting apart, and you have to know and be willing to commit to that, it is time for you to take a new and closer look at yourself...not your partner.  Read our Spiritual Quote pages and learn the wisdom of BuddhaJesus, Mohammed, Conversations with GodConfucius and even Yoda.  They all refer to the same universal process as it pertains to creating your environment and your relationships.

The basic idea is to let the force be with you, not against you.  This Spiritual Wisdom is all around you if you choose to see it.

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror.  I'm asking him to change his world.  If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change."  -Michael Jackson

I hope you all have a great week!  As always, I am around to help you see the power and intensity of the light and all it has to offer.

"It just goes to show you, bad taste does not discriminate."  -Jai
Third Eye for the
Blind Soul

A great TV Show for seeing all points of a spiritual make-over by amazing experts in their field. Lessons for us all.

Spiritual Third Eye for a Blind Soul

Every week they basically give a "straight guy" a new life by totally redesigning their hair, wardrobe, and dwelling.  It is a funny, and intellectually stimulating show.  I set my DVR to record them all.

As I am watching my 13th episode in a row, one of the guys tells a straight guy, who seems a little on edge with all the changes they are suggesting:

"We are not turning you into something you aren't ready. 
We are showing you all you can be.  Don't be afraid of the light."
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