Since the website was created, I am aware of 22 couples who have gotten married following the step by step guidelines posted on our How to Find a Soul Mate page. During that same period of time, this page has been visited by tons of souls.   

Whatever your goal for being here, all the pages on the website, personalize spiritual readings, and private spiritual counseling sessions are targeted at helping you understand how to create the future you wish to experience.
A Planned Roadblock to Your Success

Temptation is one of the most overlooked energies in today's environment. If you are 100% committed to losing five pounds, I promise you that you will experience 100% of Temptation's energy to prevent you from losing five pounds. It's the energy of Yin-Yang and universal balance, which has to exist for your evolve your soul.

The energy of Temptation has only one goal. It doesn't care if you lose five pounds.  It only wants to prevent you from harnessing the power of the light.  The more you succeed in mastering the skill of harnessing the power of the light, what you can accomplish is truly unlimited.  
This is Temptation's greatest fear, which is why you hear voices in your head that supply perfectly acceptable reasons for not exercising today, and surprise cheesecakes find their way to your fridge. Again, the more determined you are, the strong the energy to prevent you from achieving your goals will be.

The greatest gift the universe offers you is possibility.  7,678,324 souls interested in finding their soul mate took the first step to learn how to do it.  22 couples (that I know of) achieved the goal.  Obviously is this a more challenging goal, but it is the same process as losing five pounds.

Since you've been here, how well are you progressing achieving the goal you came to find the answers for?  Don't be too Judgmental towards yourself.  By design, it is supposed to be difficult. Time is a human concept. The universe doesn't care about time, as long as you are breathing you haven't succeeded or failed yet. I hope this newsletter invites you to revisit your goals, your process, and your effort into making them realities.

And if you have any questions, you know where to reach me.  

Love and light,
Jordan Canon
Understanding How The Universe Works Creates Possibility, Not Automatic or Guaranteed Results
"How to" is part of the universal process of Spiritual Enlightenment, meaning you have to invest energy in learning. Learning is a required step, but "achieving" requires Spiritual Awareness, or creating a plan of action from your knowledge, and Spiritual Growth, meaning you invest energy in working your plan. 

Most souls come to this website without hope in overcoming a life challenge. Be it improved relations with a spouse, finding a partner, career objectives, or anything else, The Universe considers all of these goals Spiritual Relationships.  You can only Evolve Your Soul through your relationships, which you create through the laws of Free Will.

Understanding how The Universe works is a huge first step in making a life change, but by no means guarantees success.  Let's say you pick out a new goal right now.  Something simple like "I want to lose five pounds." All the energy you would invest to lose five pounds begins a domino effect in the universe that changes your future. 

Using the energy of spiritual enlightenment, you have to learn about different diet plans.  Using the energy of spiritual awareness, you have to pick which diet plan is best for you and create a plan.  Using the energy of spiritual growth, you have to have to invest energy in making your plan a reality.

I refer to this methodology as Harnessing The Power of the Light. Follow these Universal Laws and you will lose five pounds.  Yet, losing weight is not as easy as that.  If it were, none of us would have any extra pounds on our bodies.
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Our 2nd Anniversary
It still boggles my mind how quickly this website has expanded around the world, and to all the countries it has expanded to.  The global reach of this website isn't as astounding as the quality of the relationships I am experiencing with our members.  
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
-Henry Ford
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