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I watch more nature than I care to confess to, so I know this worm is just asking to be swallowed up by the next bird that flies by.  My charitable energies kick into high gear, and I get up to move it to the grass, where it can burrow its way to safety.

When I try to pick up this worm, it thrashes violently at my hand, and my instinctively pull away.  Its movements replicate a creater that might have teeth.  Of course, a worm has no threatening defenses, so I stick to my plan and try to pick the little guy up.  It takes me about 15 attempts to get him into my hand.

Charitable Energy Lesson

I get to the grass and gently put him down.  Almost immediately, he starts to bury his head in the ground, so I go back to my coffee.  In my mind, the story should have ended right there.  Another case of charitable energy, a creature that benefits, and no thanks or fanfare.

The Universe, however, had a different idea.  I wasn't even thinking about the worm, but later that day I happened to be going out to the garage, and I hear an intuition whisper as if it were another person speaking:  "Go check on the worm."

Some day, I will write about communicating with intuitions, but this one was super clear.  I walk over to where I left the worm only to discover he was dead.  And he wasn't just dead, a colony of tiny ants were eating him and bring pieces back to where ever ants go.  Their ant holes, I guess.

The whole event has been bugging (no pun intended) me ever since.  Wait a minute, I am trying to save a worm.  Granted, you may have loftier goals for your Saturday afternoon, but I followed the rules of universal law and charitable energy, and the results were not what I intended them to be.

I always say:  "The universe creates your future by the investment of energy you make."  I understand the process doesn't guarantee 100% results, but it normally improves your odds significantly.  After three days, I can't figure out what I did wrong.  For an Aquarian (I Know) that kind of thing can bounce around my head constantly, which it has:

  • Why would the universe send me the intuition to go back and look at the worm?
  • Why didn't the worm dig underground once I put it on the grass?
  • What was it doing on the bricks in the first place?
  • Was the worm old, sick, or dying, and I couldn't change its future no matter what I did?
  • Did I hurt the worm when I picked it up?

I literally spend 200 times the energy, maybe more, trying to figure out what happened then I did actually spent trying to save the worm.  The universe wasn't responding to my efforts with a clear explanation.

Then all of sudden it did.  I hate to use the word "pray" because I am not religious, and have serious issues with being the only survivor of a major car accident, three near death experiences, two years in the hospital, and a slew of spiritual abilities I wouldn't wish on anyone.  My desire to understand what happened became so strong I had to reach out and get some kind of answer, from any source.

The only way I know how to explain the "answers" I get, is like a massive data dump.  And I mean data beyond usefulness and ability to comprehend.  I am lucky to understand and translate a fraction of a percent of what comes in.  The data had nothing to do with the worm.  The data was all about the ants, and more than you would ever want to know about a colony of ants.

On that fateful Saturday afternoon, I thought I was investing charitable energy to help the worm, instead, the universe led me on a path to help the hundreds of ants that were facing starvation.

While helping a colony of ants might seem insignificant, the universe also created an experience for me to share this experience with you so you can benefit from its wisdom.  My experience is not about going out to your backyard and saving some ants.  It's a lesson of how to blindly invest charitable in your relationships and watch how the universe rewards you for your efforts.

Relationships are not about what you get, but about you give.  It's easy to forget that, especially during difficult periods.

Love and light,
Jordan Canon

Follow Up Coments from Members

Hi Jordan.  I`d love to offer you a little reminder about the universe and the worm:  The very first thought that you had and wrote, although not intended, was for the worm to be eaten.
The law of attraction does work so well in so many ways and when we all learn, understand and use it with best intentions.  What a truly magnificent world we will live in!
Kind regards, Kevin

Last Saturday afternoon, I am sitting out in my backyard having a cup a coffee.  We have a cobblestone-type patio in the yard, and my eyes happen to notice a worm has crawled through the cracks of the bricks and is trapped on the surface of the patio.
Saving an Earthworm
On a fateful Saturday afternoon, I thought I was investing charitable energy to help a worm that was struggling to survive.  Instead, the universe led me on a path ending in a mystical lesson in charitable energy and creating your future.  
"The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble." 
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