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A First Draft of A Soul Mate

Here is the creation of one of our subscribers soul mate.  Last week I said I would pick one and use it as a guide for Part II.  

Remember, this exercise is not only about creating a soul mate, it is the same process used to create any paths of destiny using the powers of spirituality.  If you are in a relationship, you can make it better, the process works for all relationships including work, friends, family, etc.  On to our subscribers creation:
"By tuning into one another's secret hopes, we can become better friends, and better lovers." 
-Oprah Winfrey

How to Create Your Perfect Soul Mate

Hello Jordan,

I love your website and your newsletters!   I have been able to make changes in my life, I never thought I could.  I feel like there is more positives in my life now and I feel this is just the beginning.  Finding my soul mate would be the best thing that could happen to me. 

I am a Pisces.  I am 38 and divorced for almost ten years.  I have dated but I have been more consumed raising my three children. I feel like I have time to put into a relationship.  I am pretty and educated and have a good job. My ideal soul mate would be a man that:

  • Extremely Attractive.  I would like to find myself staring at him and daydreaming when he spoke. He has to be taller than me with broad shoulders and abs for starters.
  • Intelligent.  Book smart but also with a lot of common sense.
  • Athletic.  He doesn't have to have a perfect body but close to perfect is okay.
  • Loves Children.  It is important to me he loves my children too.  I would be open to the idea of having a last child with him.
  • Financially Secure.  He will have a better-than-average paying job. He owns a home, and has a nice retirement account already going.
  • Emotionally Secure.  He will be comfortable expressing all his emotions and he can be supportive of mine.
  • Young at Heart.  He will be about the same as me, younger or older is okay.
  • Hobbies.  He won't have a lot of hobbies because he loves to work around house. I guess that could be a hobby.
  • No Baggage.  He doesn't have any addictions like smoking, drinking, etc.  He doesn't have any financial or emotional issues.
  • Spiritual Astrology.  I read through all the summaries of the zodiac signs on your website and had a hard time picking one.  If I had to, I think I would choose a Virgo without the workaholic part.
  • Religious.  I like to go take the family to church every Sunday and I sing in the choir.  He would want to be part of that.
  • Independent.  He doesn't need me to do every little thing for him like have dinner on the table, clean up after himself, things like that.  
  • Clean Lifestyle.  He doesn't curse or watch too many sports on TV and drink beer and eat potato chips. He likes to cuddle and he gives great massages.

Is this good for starters?

A Perfect Example of Creating A Soul Mate
Thank you so much for your email!  That was just perfect for a first time at the plate.  What was going through everyone's mind while they were reading her description of her soul mate?  How about: 

  • She's dreaming, or 
  • Yeah, someone really exists out there that will be all that, or
  • How about "I'll take one too!"

Our fellow subscriber used the laws of spirituality to make this a perfect start.  Spiritual Enlightenment is always going to step one and the point of step one is to put significant time and energy into listing everything you want. You have no limits when you create, especially when it comes to matters of the universe.  I can't drive this point enough, just look at the words and their meaning found at

  • Spiritual:  Pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature: a spiritual approach to life.  Pertaining to spirits or to spiritualists; supernatural or spiritualistic.
  • Enlightenment:  The act of to giving intellectual or spiritual light to; teach; learn; to shed light upon.

So folks, create your soul mate, your current relationships, anything you want to do or achieve without fear (temptation ego, vanity) of creating anything too stupid, too remote, to unlikely, or too anything.  If you don't believe, the universe eliminates the possibility of returning that energy (fate) back to you.

Don't Forget the Universal Law of Yin-Yang
We have a great first-draft creation that is full of Yin, or all of the positives in this persons soul mate.  What about the Yang?  If you don't come with some guidelines yourself, the universe will fill in the blanks. If the Yin is extremely attractive the yang might be a negative character trait that would fall under the category of vanity.  If the Yin is that he loves children, the Yang might be that he can't have any.  Everything in the environment you create must have the balance of Yin-Yang. 

I especially like the attempt to use the Spiritual Astrology section to help tune in to your soul mate creation.  I created this section with Yin-Yang balance.  A Virgo is the exact opposite sign for a Pisces, but the universe created the concept of opposites attract, so you can expect some compatibility issues in exchange for heightened levels of attraction.  A Cancer or another Pisces, souls that relate and coexist with your emotions, might be worth consideration.

Excellent Job, before going onto Part 2, take some time to review, improve, and tweak your creation.  Eventually, in human terms, you are going to file a patent to the universe on your soul mate so you do want to make sure you have included as many details as you can.

Finding Your Soul Mate Part 2
Let's assume you have finished the creation of Part I and you are ready to move on to the next step.  If you were to pass your soul mate on the street tomorrow, he would obviously be perfect for you.  Are you perfect for him?  

If the soul mate you just created was creating his/her soul mate, 
are you today, right now, your soul mate's perfect partner?  

Chances are, probably not.  Do you look the same as the version of you that wakes up in the morning, and the version of you that might go on a blind date?  You have some tweaking to do, except this time you are tweaking from within.  

Part 2 in this process is about an honest self evaluation.  The universe does provide you with the opportunity to create and find your soul mate, but it doesn't pass soul mates out like charity.  You must be willing to work and invest energy to achieve your creation.  Review your list.  If you want someone that is extremely attractive, are you currently attractive enough for him?  Would you have to lose a few pounds or get healthier?  You have listed everything you want, which is great Yin energy, but for the universe to deliver, you must now be just as open, honest, and detailed with everything you must do to improve yourself so your soul mate is equally attracted to you.

I realize I may have let a little air out of your tires because now we have to be willing to work for our path of destiny.  But think of it in a positive light.  Suppose you were going on your 1st date with Mr. Soul Mate.  Wouldn't you fix your hair, maybe get a hair cut?  Buy a new dress?  Go on a three day  crash diet?  Whatever you would do, you would do something to bring out the best of what is already in you.  Same idea.

This is the same concept for your soul. The universe creates an environment for you to grow.  And if you were able to create a soul mate, the universe is aware of your energy, he is out there, and he is coming.  Will you be ready for his arrival?

Luckily, he not coming before you learn the rest of the process.  Part 1 of the process is Spiritual Enlightenment.  Part 2 of the process is Spiritual Awareness.  Part 3 of the Process is Spiritual Growth  which has three parts in itself. In Part 3 of Finding your Soul Mate we will create a means (like a work plan) to take the honest evaluation of yourself and turn it into a process for becoming the soul mate to the soul mate of your own creation.
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