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Two weeks ago, most of the incoming spiritual counseling pertained to making choices.  As fast as I produced a newsletter on the subject, the topic changed to "how do I survive this situation?"  

From job losses and stress from danger-zone financial situations, to severe difficulties with children, and to verbal and psychical relationships, souls were asking:  "How do I get through and survive this impossible situation?"
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Impossible Situations

Impossible situations stem from long term exposure to one of the Temptations.  I am referring to sloth, which means you don't make decisions, and you don't invest energy in creating the future you want.  I have only one definition for temptation:  It only wants to take you from harnessing the power of the light.  If you listen to the little excuses that pop into your head as to why you shouldn't do something, you should be able to relate to this very underestimated temptation.  
Finding Spiritual Direction
Sure, we all know what lust is, but sloth is very sneaky and effective in how it slowly grinds the progression of your life to a halt.

The Universe can only create your future by the energy you invest.  When you stop investing energy, the human concept of time does not stop with you.  The universe still has to create your future and an environment for you to live in.  Without any input from you, the universe has to "best guess" what future you want to create.
The universe is binary in its processing, like a computer.  1 or 0, yes or no, up or down, etc.  The universe doesn't have an emotion or put any value "good" things that happen, or "bad" things that happen.  Good or bad is your own judgement, and if you read and understand the concept of "Humans Don't Have Instincts," you can understand that not every soul will agree on what is good or bad.  The universe is not out to "get you," just like it doesn't know or care when things are going well for you.
The Tarot Card Solution

Hopefully, the first part of this newsletter explain how you may have arrived at a specific point in your spiritual journey and the evolution of your soul.  Now, let's discuss how we get out of the garbage.  I am creating a new section on the web called Spiritual Tarot Cards.  You can read how they came to exist on the web page, but briefly, they are visual communications I had with the universe during a period of my life where I was trying to manage spiritual power.  I use these tarot cards in spiritual counseling sessions to help visually explain points, just like the universe helped me to understand.
I promise you, we will all have a lowest point in our life.  It is not destiny, it is the result of our own choices.  To the universe, it is the result of millions and millions of the tiniest decisions all adding up to one present moment of time.  As bad as a situation may be, it is always the voice of temptation that comes through loud and clear:  Excuses.  Without this energy and suggestion, you're soul would not be able evolve.  Obviously, reconizing and overcoming it is the best practice to get your life back on the path you wish to create.
The picture of the soul trying to get out of the garbage is a significant message from the universe.  What it the universe trying to tell us?  Don't give up.  Clearly, the soul is struggling to lift itself out of the garbage.  Struggling is an investment of energy.  Continued struggling tells the universe you are committed to getting out of the garbage.  The more energy you invest, in this case struggling to get out of the garbage, the more the universe understands what future you wish to create.
The soul in this illustration has been struggling for a long time, as defined by his muscle development.  This tarot card goes back to a time just after my car accident and my three near death experiences.  I was told I would never walk again, I would never have children, I would never use of right arm, I would not ever be able to eat solid food, and I would need a permanent colostomy.  In my near death experience, I was told I would be just fine.  I tried to pass this on to the doctors, but they didn't believe me.
I refused any operation that created a path of destiny they envisioned for me.  Long story short, my vision of my future turned to be the one that worked.

However, it was not without struggle.  It was two years in the hospital dealing with pain I wouldn't wish on anyone.  For 18 months, I ate a jello cup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I had to learn how to walk again.  Obviously there was much more, but the point I want to make is that I never let temptation give me an excuse I would use to create my future.  Believe it or not, I wouldn't even say that was the lowest point in my life.  I believed in the Getting Out of the Garbage tarot card, and harnessed the energy and spiritual power of its message to achieve a 100% recovery...except for being a little nuts.

The impossible situation and the lowest point of your life are necessary experiences to evolve your soul.  The last thing this tarot card symbolizes is time.  There are other bags of garbage ready for pick up by a sanitation department. Like everything else in your life, the lowest point is a small period of time.  To evolve and get through this period, you have to overcome it by the time the garbage man comes to take the garbage away.  

The garbage man can take you away only when you stop struggling and become part of the garbage, instead of being a soul trying to get out of the garbage.

Love and light,

Jordan Canon
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Impossible Situations are Spiritual Lessons

Impossible Situations
I promise you, we will all have a lowest point in our life.  It is not destiny, it is the result of our own choices.  To the universe, it is the result of millions and millions of the tiniest decisions all adding up to one present moment of time.  
"It is one of man's idiosyncrasies to create difficulties for the pleasure of resolving them."
- Joseph de Maistre
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