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All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. 
-Saint Francis of Assisi
What is the Power of the Light?

I love this picture because it shows the brilliance of light, even when the light bulb is broken.  No matter what challenges you are experiencing during your evolution here, your soul has the same ability.  

The power of the light always exists, even when it seems it can't possibly exist.  As you tour through our website, you will see many references to "the light," such as:

Harness the power of the light.
Temptation only wants to take you from the path of the light.

In fact, if you do a search for "the light" on any web page on the site, you will see many references and usages to the term.  Is it a great mystical beacon guiding your evolution?
No. Is it an angelic energy of good used to defeat demons and the dark?  No again.  Is it your predetermined destiny?  No, yet again.  So, what is "the light?"
light from a broken light bulb
personal tarot card
My Personal Tarot Cards

There was a time, after my near death experiences, the universe was trying to communicate with me through images.  I have exactly 42 of these sketches from this period, and I have come to call them tarot cards.  
I use them today, as needed, in my spiritual consultations because a picture is still worth a thousand words, if not more.

When I came back from "the light," one might say, I came back with a burst of spiritual abilities.  I had great difficulties functioning as a "normal person" being able to see the things the universe wanted me to see.  It might sound like fun, and the notion is certainly romanced on TV and in the movies, but it was as fearful a period of time for me, and I hope you never get to experience it.

This was the first tarot card the universe sent me.  You can see the faceless souls from some 15 years ago, were the first draft for the souls used on the website today. 

The soul on the left is seen receiving a "burst" of spiritual power.  The best I explain is like in the movie Phenomenon, with John Travolta.  The burst is a story for another time. I want to stay focused on the message, not the messenger.

In the second frame, the universe is gently pushing the soul on its path of destiny, as indicated by the sign that says "life."  The soul has a glow left over from the burst.  It is impossible to be human and maintain all of the energy of a burst, but just like charging a battery; the charger is stronger than the charge, leaving a long lasting glow that powers the unit for a period of time.

The soul is looking back to the universe, as represented by the giant hand, with all kinds of questions:

"What is happening to me?"
"Why can I do all these abilities?"
"What else can I do?"
"Do you have a direction manual for these abilities?"
"What am I supposed to do with this?"
"How do I turn it off?"

The universe will never give you a clear "yes" or "no" answer.  That is not its job.  The Spiritual Universe is created to provide an environment for which your soul can evolve.  The environment constantly gives you choices to make.  As you make your decisions, the universe creates your next set of choices based on your past decisions.  Let's call this freedom to create spiritual power.
spiritual power
Spiritual Power

Something is about to happen in this picture.  Will a new relationship begin, or will an old one rekindle the passion of the past? Will she be accepting of his offer?  Or will she send him on his way because she is already involved.  The possibilities are endless. 

As I say all the time, don't focus on what you will get in return, focus your energy on what you can give.  Keep this energy pure, and through Yin-Yang, the universe will return your energy in a way you can't imagine.
His act, as simple an act as it may seem, is an example of focusing the energy of your soul on what you can give.  No matter what does happen, it doesn't take away from his efforts.  At the very least he probably generated a smile, and the world can always use a few more of those.

The Power of the Light

The power of the light is your soul, and all those things that make you unique.  It is your personality, your emotions, your intuitions, and all that go beyond what you can communicate through words.

If you go back to my tarot card and the questions I had for the universe, how are these questions so different than the ones you experience every day?

"What will happen to me?"
"Will we get through this relationship?"
"Is this the best career choice for me?"
"When will I find my soul mate?"

You have the power to create amazing future paths of destiny for yourself!  You also have the power to create your own hell.  Harnessing the power of the light is nothing more than fully utilizing all the gifts, talents, and spiritual energy that is you. 

You are the light.  Go and let it shine.

Love and light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

P.S. (This past newsletter is a great exercise in teaching you how to harness the power of the light.)
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The Spiritual Power of Your Soul
Your soul comes with amazing tools to help you overcome the challenges you will experience in this life.  It is normal part of evolution.  The most powerful tool you have is the spiritual power that makes up your soul.

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