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This newsletter is about finding your soul mate, but it is based on the same spiritual process you can implement to improving existing relationships, or creating any new path of destiny. 

There are some prerequisites you must adhere to before you begin the process. 
To achieve Spiritual Enlightenment, you must be able to learn with an open mind. 
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If you're not getting what you want from the universe, maybe you've been investing your energy in the wrong places.  The universe returns what you invest.  Here, we teach you how to use spirituality to invest energy in finding your soul mate. 
"What's the difference between a boyfriend and a husband? About 30 pounds."  -Cindy Gardner
Think of this as a game for now. An open mind has no limits so use all of your imagination and let your creativity be your guide. The universe will tune in to this. 

Create and Envision Your Future

You are not "finding" a soul mate, or a new path of destiny, as much as you are "creating" one.  In all my years of being a spiritual advisor, it seems this concept is the most difficult for people to accept.  If you have ever lost weight on a diet you have created a path of destiny.  Keep your mind open and understand the universe has provided you a "playground" in which you create everything that happens in your life.

You Must Be Willing to Invest Energy

The last point is that this process will require an investment of energy from you.  You cannot be lazy.  As is the case with your current spiritual evolution, you are the results and choices of the energy you have invested, and what you chose to invest that energy in.  In spirituality, we call lazy sloth, one of the Seven Sins Temptation uses to keep you from the light.  The universe only provides you the environment.  If you learn how to use your energy, you will achieve all the joys of higher evolution.

It's Easy to Find A Needle in A Haystack, When You Use A Magnet

With these guidelines in mind, it is time to create your soul mate, or your new path of destiny.  You're not finding a needle in a haystack, you are creating a needle that will find you in a haystack.

  • What does this person look like? 
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What is their astrology sign?
  • How do they communicate?
  • How is their health?
  • What is their lifestyle like? 
Step One:  
Create Your Prefect Soul Mate
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How to Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate

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 Just like the universe, the possibilities are endless.  You must be as detailed as possible or the universe will provide you the opportunity to have what you seek but not as you exactly created it.  For example, you could say "handsome", what does that exactly mean to the universe?  You have to be painfully specific to harness the power of the light or the universe will fill in the blanks for you.  Also understand, no matter how much "Yin" you put on your list while you create this new path of destiny, the universe will provide an equal amount of "Yang."

Create A Spreadsheet

Here are some tips I highly recommend while you create your soul mate:

  • Create a spreadsheet or word document to write down all the character traits you want to have with your perfect soul mate.  A spreadsheet works best.  Make a list in one column.

  • Visit our Astrology Personalities pages, and thumb through the qualities you like most.  Add these to your list.

  • Think about your parents relationship and what you witnessed as you grew up.  What did they do that you thought was great?  Add these qualities to your list.

  • Think about your friends and relatives, and their relationships.  What was it about them that makes you remember them as you do?  Jot any qualities you wish to keep on to your master list.
It is important you give this process the time it deserves.  Ultimately, you want a wish that beyond long, as if a genie from a bottle were granting you this wish.  An incomplete list comes with surprises you may not have expected.  This is the process of Spiritual Enlightenment.  Dream without judgement, create without limitations, and paint a blank a canvas with all the colors available to you.