This week I am looking forward to the release of the 1951 remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.   Ever since The Matrix, I have to confess I have a man-crush on Keanu Reeves, so that makes this movie a bonus for me.  Hopefully, I get to add this movie to my list of profound spiritual movies.

Which brings me to the subject of this weeks newsletter.  I was once taught by a soul, whom I will describe as out of this world:
If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives.  -The Day The Earth Stood Still

Learn to Communicate with the Universe

"Learning Spirituality is the Same Thing as Teaching Spirituality."

That doesn't sound like it could be correct, right?  As humans, we can see easily those two movements of energy as opposites, and opposites are not the same.

But give the concept a moment of deeper thought, from the viewpoint of The Universe. Your soul is here to evolve, nothing else matters.  You can only evolve through relationships.  You create your own path of destiny (of relationships) through freewill, and you are solely responsible for the outcome of all of your decisions, as well as your non decisions.  Given these basic universal laws, to evolve you need at least two points of reference in which to choose from.  The process of creating points of reference is learning, or simply, what your options are.  When you learn, aren't you also teaching yourself how to get from point A to point B?  To The Universe Learning is Teaching.

I throw the term "The Universe" around a lot under the assumption you know what I am referring to.  I have come to learn many do not, so I will briefly define it here.

The Universe is very much like a highly sophisticated computer program which the only function of creating the environments your soul asks for.  It is the ultimate in binary thinking: A or B, 1 or 0, up or down, good or bad, etc. The Universe doesn't have a memory, it doesn't have emotion, it doesn't have a personality, and it doesn't judge or evaluate you.  It only creates environments.  The more you learn how it works, the more you will teach yourself how to evolve and create the most amazing paths of destiny through your relationships.  See, to The Universe learning is teaching.  

"Teach what you have to learn yourself."

I can speak for hours and days on the details of universal process, but that gets away for the subject of this newsletter.  That mini explanation of how The Universe works is as simple as I can make it, and I am able to because of another spiritual wisdom I am constantly pounding into everything I write: 

The Universe is always trying to communicate with you.

If you can accept that possibility, plus the concept that Wisdom is Wisdom, no matter who says it, then you are already on your way to amazing new paths of destiny.

The reason wisdom is wisdom, no matter who says it is so important, is that The Universe uses the scenery in the environment it creates for you to ask you:  "Is this what you want?"  When we don't open our eyes to see these signs, we leave it up to the universe to try and fill in the blanks.  Did you ever experience a déjà vu?  It is a glitch in the program based on not enough data to create the proper environment or a last second data change.  To create your perfect environment, The Universe needs more of your input, or data, to complete the program as you wish.

Did you ever hear a song come on the radio over and over again?  Did you ever have someone, totally out of character, say something you thought was profoundly spot on?  Were you ever inspired into action because of something in the scenery of your universal environment?  Sure.  For each of the communications you did notice, there are thousands you missed.  Supply The Universe with the missing data and you will have created an amazing path of destiny for yourself.

Today we are talking about inspiration from movies.  I frequently use movies in my spiritual teachings as assignments for spiritual enlightenment, especially turning relationship and "life improvement" issues into achievable solutions.

I would like to share some of the most profound spiritual movies I have seen, and tell you how I use them in my spiritual teachings.  You may have seen some of these, but I always recommend seeing them again, from a spiritual viewpoint.  Do so, and you will see the wisdom in them.  

Best Spiritual Movies 
You can see the whole list of spiritual movies on the link above.  Of course, these can be found on DVD, Video, or Box Offices that show the old film classics.

Best Ghost Movies
Although we don't discuss the subject much in the newsletter, metaphysical abilities (psychic, medium, ghosts, etc) makes up about 35% of our subscription base.  Who is more qualified to list the best ghost movies better than a medium?  This list of movies I found to be pretty darn close to the real thing.  I also threw in a ghost story of my own.

Once again, I am running out of space and my e-zine is turning into an e-book.  I would just love to be able to get everything I have to tell you out of my head, but we will have to pick it up another time.  I have another 20 or so movies listed on the website, covering a ton of topics.  Most of these are "specialty topics" based on your individual interests.  So cook up some popcorn and head to the movies!  

Love and Light,
-Jordan Canon
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