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The Last Installment of this Series
This week we will finally finish up our Finding a Soul Mate series of newsletters.  For the benefit of those new to the newsletter, you can find the first two articles by clicking below:

Before we get started, I would thank to everyone for their prayers and spiritual well wishes for one of our members who recently had spine surgery.  She is home healing now, and doing as well as the doctors could have imagined.  She also send on her thanks.
"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."  
-Friedrich Nietzsche
A Quick Review of Parts 1 and 2

The results for Part I where overwhelming!  Lots of souls invested significant Spiritual Enlightenment energy to create their perfect soul mate.  Like a giant "wish list" for Santa, everyone seemed to have fun creating, without limitations, the perfect soul mate.

In Part II, the goal was to apply the rules of Spiritual Awareness and take the time to analyze and make self improvements to your own soul.  While it is easy to create the perfect soul mate for yourself, relationships aren't just about you and want you want out of them.  Part II is about becoming "complete" so that you can enter into a relationship that focuses on what you can contribute, not what you wish to take from it.

In Part 3, We Put Everything Together

Like creating any path destiny, the third step of finding your soul mate is Spiritual Growth and it has three steps in itself:

  • Judgment: You must formulate a final position on who your soul mate is and who you will be when you two meet.

  • Action:  You must show the universe you can dedicate a consistent amount of time towards improving yourself. Notice I did not say significant or obsessive amount of time.  The universe does not understand time they way you do.  Consistent quality time.

  • Accomplishments: You must consistently achieve the goals you set for yourself and show the universe you are investing energy and doing your part to make your soul mate a reality.

Let's make a very simplified version of the process as an example.  At one or point of another, everyone has gone on some kind of a diet.  This is creating a new path of destiny for yourself.  

You probably experienced an event that made you start thinking about dieting, (spiritual enlightenment) then you probably researched different types of diets and exercise plans, (spiritual awareness) and finally you had to invest a consistent amount of energy, (spiritual growth) towards losing weight.  

If you stuck to your plan you probably lost weight and created a new path of destiny.  If you let temptation take you away from the light of your plan, you probably did not accomplish the goals of your diet.
Making Your Dreams Your Reality

How long do you have to wait before your soul mate enters your life?  Good question.  You do not have to finish all your tasks of self improvement before the universe sends your soul mate your way.  You only have to get started and keep investing consistent energy, however you must be prepared to stick to your plan, no matter how long it takes.

Just like in the example of dieting, Temptation will test you will other souls that may appear to fit the description of your soul mate, or it will tempt you with options that take you away from your goal.  

Be prepared to be seriously tempted at least three times.  Watch for anything that is too easy.  If you commit to anything other than your goal of finding your soul mate, your soul mate could pass you on the street and you would never know.

Always Believe and Be Prepared!

As soon as you begin your new path, imagine and believe that each day is the day you soul mate could arrive.  Dress, act, and engage your personal goals as if you are today, who you wish to be in the future.  Someone has been waiting for you all their lives.  If you haven't finished your self improvement, don't worry, soul mates can see the potential of who you will be if you believe it yourself, and you are working every day to become that person.  If you daily actions are on a higher level of evolution, how are you not higher evolved?

As always, I am here to help anyone with specific questions and support you in helping you find your soul mate, or to achieve any spiritual goal.  The universe wants you to succeed, all you have to is follow the rules and invest the energy.

Free Spiritual Counseling is available to help you understand this process, however, we can't do it for you, we can only show you the path.

Good Luck!

How to Become Your Soul Mate's Soul Mate

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