The Universe Does Not Give Humans Instincts
Originally Sent 9-20-08
"I would love to know to know more about spiritual insight regarding the path of a transsexual.  I was born a man, but look and live my life as a woman."
-A Pisces Soul

Your Soul and Spiritual Paths 
This theme is a common question regarding spiritual paths and destiny.  Transsexuals, like any other soul, do not have their own paths.  The universe does not provide spiritual paths of evolution like treasure maps.  You create the treasure map as you go along your journey.  

The trick of evolution is to define the treasure you seek.  The choices you make in your life define where you are in your point of evolution.  This type of environment, which the universe does provide, allows you complete freedom to achieve higher versions of yourself.
Humans Don't Have Instincts
To me, "I was born a man and live my life as a woman." reminds me of the concept of human instincts.  Brace yourself, this is usually never accepted at first read, but humans do not have any instincts.  None, not even a morsel.
I do not know why people love to believe they have them, but that has been my experience as a spiritual advisor. There is good reason for it, but I will come back to that point later.  First, let me prove to you that the universe created souls without instincts.According to the scientific definition of instincts, three things have to occur for something to be qualified as a human instinct:
  • It must be a complex action like swimming.  Something you control your body to do.  Breathing is not a complex action.
  • All the species must do it.
  • All the species must do it at the same exact point in their lives.

Sounds easy enough, but I will provide an example:  The moment a tadpole is hatched, it swims.  Swimming is a complex action, all tadpoles swim, and all tadpoles swim at the same exact point in their life, as soon as they are hatched.  Swimming is an instinct for tadpoles.  Human Souls Are Given the Gift of Learning

Humans have to learn to swim.  By design, humans have to learn to do everything and everything.  The universe does not send us into this world as transsexuals, smokers, athletes, friendly, happy, unhappy, or anything else for that matter.  These are all the results of our own personal life choices that add to defining who we are.
Whenever I use this example in my spiritual counseling, people almost always try to come up with some exceptions to the rule.  Here are two examples:
"How about when a baby nurses?" Do all babies nurse at the same point in their lives?  No."What about the maternal instinct?"Is it a complex action?  No.
"What about defending yourself when you life is threatened?"
Do we all defend our lives?  No. 
Do we all do it at the same exact point in our life?  No.

"What about getting an intution, like when a stock is going to up, and it does?"
Do we all get intuitions at the same exact point in our lives?  No.

If you think you have one, feel free to write me and I will revise my next email and submit your example to the scientific community!
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"Life is not a matter of instinct; it is a matter of education."  -Takayuki Ikkaku
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Why Humans Don't Have Instincts

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Learning Leads to Evolution of Your Soul

The better news is that humans have to learn everything we know.  Conversely, they have to learn everything they do not know too. Spiritual Enlightenment is the first step towards attaining a higher version of yourself and creating anew path of destiny.  Spiritual enlightenment is the act of learning.

It's a great subject to chat about with your friends and family.  Ask them the same question and see the overwhelming "Yes" initial answer, and the great amount of energy they will use to prove you wrong.  

What does that say about us as a society?  Do we want to believe our lives are not under our own control and that we don't control our own destiny?  Yes.  It means exactly that.  Why?  Because we don't want the responsibility of our actions.  Learn this, and you are well on your way to creating new paths of destiny for yourself.

Love and Light
-Jordan Canon