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They are not married, but have been together over 20 years and two children.

Gene's on stage persona is The Demon, and he breathes fire, vomits blood, and lashes his seven inch (plus) tongue at the audience as he performs.

You may be thinking this is hardly the beginning of a web page you might find on a spiritual website, but things are not always as they seem.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed 2010 Soul Mates of the Year

Jordan Canon and Gene Simmons
"When you go out to create your future with the universe, you better have your act together." -Gene Simmons, Rock Star, Kiss
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I think you all know I have done thousands and thousands of spiritual astrology readings, so there is great relevance when I say there is something very special about the union of these two souls.  

All relationships have their challenges, so I don't want you to think their soul mate relationship is automatic, because it's not.  Nothing is automatic when it comes to evolving your soul through any relationship. It is the dedication and commitment they have towards each other that is a point of celebration and education for us.

If you remember my Brad and Jennifer compatibility reading, it showed the energies of ego and control contributing to why their relationship  wouldn't work. 
Gene and Shannon Spiritual Combatibility Reading
Shannon Tweed
Gene Simmons
You may remember my article Spiritual Third Eye for a Blind Soul, which was based on the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I find these shows channel surfing, and I immediately get hooked.  It's like a spiritual connection of similar strength to a black hole. It happened with a show called Hoarders, and it's happened again with Gene Simmons Family Jewels

I never heard of the show before, and just like Queer Eye, it's been on for five years before I found it. I set my DVR to record and watch every one of them, and I'm hooked. Actually, I am more than hooked, I can't get enough of the show.  At first impression, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed may smell more like a lesson for the Seven Deadly Sins than the counter energy of the Seven Virtues:

  • He has claimed to sleep with over 4,000 thousand women (lust)
  • He constantly reminds viewers of the show how great it is to be him (ego)
  • He spends a lot of his time with making money (greed)
  • Her posing for Playboy magazine (vanity)
  • Repeated cosmetic surgeries for both of them. (pride)
2010 Soul Mates of the Year
  • Gene appreciates Shannon's imagination and is fascinated by her depth of feeling. Similarly, Shannon acknowledges the security that he can provide. 
  • Gene and Shannon have the power to help each other attain their individual goals and aspirations. They are supportive of one another's desires and ambitions. Their relationship with one another's respective families is generally harmonious.
  • Gene and Shannon are spiritually and psychically attuned to each other and understand one another in a unique and special way.
  • Domestic affairs are central to thier relationship. Gene shares the same family values as Shannon.  Gene instinctively understands Shannon's emotional needs and vice versa. 
  • It doesn't get much better than this. Gene could very easily be the one for Shannon; He is your life partner, and even your soul mate. 
You Can Only Evolve Through Your Relationships

I hope you have heard me say that before, because it is all over the website. You can only evolve your own soul, and you can only do it through your relationships.

I hope you'll tune in to Gene Simmons Family Jewels and catch a few episodes. I have learned tips on how to better communicate with my better half from watching this show.  I have also picked up some tips on being a better parent.  

As Gene says all the time: "..and that's why it's great to" He's not spouting ego, he's right on the button. Evolving your soul is all about creating your perfect future, and from this viewpoint, I've not yet seen anyone apply the laws of spirituality any better.

Love and light,
Jordan Canon

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soul mates of the year award
However, the spiritual wisdom of the universe teaches us how to harness the energy of judgement. If you watch the show with an open mind, you will see one of the greatest living examples of a powerful soul mate relationship just by tuning in every Sunday night.

The Soul in Soul Mates

In my newsletter How to Find Your Soul Mate, you may remember I said you must first create the perfect person you think would be your soul mate, then you have to become the perfect soul mate of the person you created.  In the world of soul mates, it's who you are that matters most.

If you watch the show, you can't help but see Gene Simmons is far from "The Demon" he portraits in the band.  I almost typed "regular guy," but is more than that. He is a very highly evolved soul and nothing like the what we might think of a heavy metal rock and roller.  Gene doesn't drink or take drugs, in fact, he never has. He is a very astute, and professional businessman.  

Just watch him interact with his family for five minutes and you can see how overcome with love he is. The strength of that energy is what keeps me glued to my seat and tuning in every week. In a world where love and passion have become fleeting moments, Gene Simmons lives in a world he created where every moment of the day revolves around his family. Even his business interests are charity motivated so he may provide for the growth and opportunity of his family. 
Gene and Shannon's reading will show you why this one does. You can click the picture on the right or click Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Compatibility Reading to have their reading open up in a PDF document. Her are some highlights from their reading:
2010 Soul Mates of the Year

Gene Simmons is a founding member of the rock band KISS.  Shannon Tweed is former Playboy model.
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Kiss rocker Gene Simmons and his girlfriend Shannon Tweed, a former Playboy centerfold, and their two kids, star in a reality-type TV show inviting all of us to watch their family life. Why would you want to that?  It's an amazing lesson in relationship spirituality.  
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