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"It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny."  -Jean Nidetch
The Choices Tarot Card

Here is one of my "tarot cards" that came to me during a period of my life when the universe was communicating with me through visions.  You can learn more about these drawings here.  I call this one:  Choices.

The way it was explained to me, you cannot make a good choice or a bad choice in this life.  I know that doesn't sound right, but listen to the logic.  You make millions of choices a day, and every one of those millions of choices contributes energy to the future you will create for yourself.  Choice is not a single event, as you understand it to be.  It is a never ending process. 
The tarot card displays a choice to make.  To make a choice you have to climb a series of steps.  This represents the energy you must invest to decide.  I remind you, Sloth is a temptation where you do not make a choice.  Just the act of making decisions harnesses the power of the light.

One path has a white colored soul inviting you down a dark path.  The other is its opposite, a dark soul leading you down a lighted path.  How different is this drawing from the concept of the Yin-Yang?

As I said earlier, there is no right or wrong choice.  The millisecond you decide a path, you are faced with another choice, and another after that, and so on, and so on. 

To identify one single decision and evaluate it as good or bad is like a taking a snapshot of yourself at age 10 years, 14, days, and 39 seconds.  A single picture cannot define what you look like for your life.  A single choice cannot define the evolution of your soul.
Free Will
When I speak of the subject, I am always reminded of a line from one of my Favorite Spiritual Movies The Matrix:  "Do you really think that is air you are breathing?"  

Our minds become too accustomed to what we understand as the present and refer to the past, as if it were something we could change.  Time is not a material thing, so don't try to cling to it.  All you achieve is creating a lesser future for yourself.  
The energy of temptation is in its power of suggestion.  Should you decide to act on a temptation, it is not the temptation that created a future for yourself, it is your own choice.  The Universe creates your future by the energy you invest in your future.  The more energy you invest, the better the universe can create your environment.
Fear of Wrong Decisions

When it comes to relationships, we can often not decide because we are afraid of what the outcome may be.  If you are truly harnessing the power of the light, aren't you investing energy in creating the most amazing future for yourself and your relationships?  

Don't be afraid of bad decisions, be afraid of not making them. As you can create your own amazing and wonderful future, but you have the free will to create your hell.

An Example of Using the Power

Suppose my wife is mad at me.  I have just left the toilet seat up, and she almost fell in.  The initial surge of emotion can lead to a reply surge of emotion from me. In no time, a stupid incident can become an argument, but I remember the choices tarot card, and I realize I can control how my future is going to be created.
I don't reply with emotion, but take a deep breath and hear her out.  Of course, being a Libra, she is always right, (and I mean that sincerely) so I invest my energy in understanding what it might be like to almost fall into the toilet.  Quite frankly, it seems darn uncomfortable.  In acknowledging, relating, and understanding her communication, I am able to defuse the situation with an apology and a promise to be more aware of not allowing this future to recreate itself.

It's all really pretty simple if you harness the Power of the Light.  Of course, the choice is always yours.

Love and light,

The Future
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You Control Your Own Future

Free will is nothing short of the greatest gift the universe provides you to evolve your soul. Temptation will have you believe the days of your life are determined by destiny or a predetermined path your soul encounters with every moment of your existence.

I define temptation one way:  It only wants to take you from the power of the light. If you believe in temptation's concept of destiny, you have surrendered the most powerful tool you have to evolve.
Free Will is a Gift from The Universe
Your soul can only evolve by the millions of decisions you make every day.  Learn how to harness the power of free will to create amazing futures for yourself through your relationships.  
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