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This Website Is A Resource for Spiritual "How To!"

You will find a lot of great educational content, pictures, and thought provoking topics all designed to help you learn how to use spirituality to create.  See our award winning "How To" video.  This summary is just 30 seconds long:  How We Can Help Your Soul Evolve.  Everything on this website is free, based charitable energy, and souls helping souls.  Free Spiritual Counseling available.
Spiritual Guidance for Your Soul

This website is a resource of knowledge, application, and support.  It is not written for the masses of people, it is written for you. Somehow, and for some reason, the universe put this website in your path.  Problems can be very unique, but solutions that work are not so unique. Creating or improving your path of destiny is a three step process:

  • Spiritual Awareness, which means applying your new found knowledge to your present to create strategies for your future.
  • Spiritual Growth, which means implementing those decisions by investing energy.

Learning starts with a better understanding of how the universe works.  You can achieve this by primarily by reading which includes all the content posted here.  Additional help is always available to answer and explain anything for you in more detail.

Spiritual Advice for Your Soul

Spiritual advice refers to receiving spirituality with less of an immediate investment of your own energy. The long term goal is still to acquire spiritual wisdom but some situations require more immediate assistance. 

Spiritual advice is not always an answer, it is more like an intuition.  It can be an answer, but only you make the final decision, and only the results of your energy investment determine if your choice was the right path.  Spiritual Advice is available through the Spiritual FAQ's page, direct email with me, and through our Contact Us page.

Spiritual Counseling for Your Soul

Spiritual Counseling is available for immediate and generally more urgent situations. This service is provided through a chat room provided at this website and requires an appointment.  The only investment of energy required on your part is a detailed email fully explaining your present situation. 

It is important that your email be complete and detailed, so please take enough time to compose a well written request.  Of course, this step does not replace the other two, it just provides you another opportunity to achieve the goals of your soul.

Connecting with the Power of the Light

The term "Love and Light" refers to the wonders of the universe that are attainable from maintaining a spiritual lifestyle.  As great as those wonders are, it is much easier to be spiritual than it is to become spiritual. 

Connecting with the powers of spirituality shouldn't seem as odd as it might in today's world.  After all, it is why you and your soul are here. Edgar Cayce, America's greatest medium, said the same thing. For that matter, so did Jesus, Buddha, the Prophet Mohammad, and Allah. Visit our Spiritual Quotes pages and see all the published wisdom that points to the same conclusion:

The Power of Spirituality Already Exists Within You.

Getting Started with Your Spiritual Awakening

Your soul knows why you are here better than I do, so it would be logical to cover as many grounds as possible to keep you connected to your upcoming spiritual awakening.  You may not need this resource today, or even in the near future, so it may be a good idea to add this website to your favorites list so you can find it again when the situation arises.....and it will.

Subscribing to Weekly Emails is a good way to keep in touch with your developing spirituality.  Topics range from anything to anything, and members are welcome to submit topics as subjects.  For the most part, these writings are application-based, meaning they try to interpret universal laws into examples of how to apply them in your life. 
I use Spiritual Astrology to help you learn and communicate with your soul.  Some people find incorporating astrology helps them learn spirituality faster.  Readings are processed by hand, and can only be sent to members of our Spritual Newsletter.  You can join from any page on the website.
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Free Spiritual Guidance How to Evolve Your Soul
Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon Awarded His Third Newsletter Award

PRLog (Press Release) – April 2012 announced today that it received a 2011 All-Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc.,  This is the third consecutive newsletter award that Spiritual Counselor Jordan Canon has been awarded by Constant Contact. Jordan Canon was selected for outstanding content and email metrics.
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Spiritual Guidance Newsletter

Free Spiritual Guidance

Each email has links back to the spiritual law they refer to, so it can be a gradual and consistent learning process for you.  This is the same process for exactly how your soul is supposed to evolve over the period of your life.

My spiritual awakening came the day I was in a car accident that killed eleven people, including myself.  I survived three near death experiences and didn't come back to this world the same person. Today I am a psychic medium, but that is a story for another time.

The goal of spirituality is to move forward and just make progress, not get it all done in one day.  I hope you are able to utilize the charitable energy that has given you this opportunity to attain a higher version of yourself. 

Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Love and Light
-Jordan Canon
2011 Email Award
Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon

Jordan Canon, Spiritual Advisor


Spiritual counseling, advice, and free spiritual astrology readings of your soul are offered as a gift to you to teach you how to harness the power of the light through its most powerful energy, charity.

Learn how to create the future you wish to experience by improving your closest relationships, and manipulating the universe by understanding the power of spiritual energy from one of the the world's most popular Spiritual Advisor, Jordan Canon.
In depth, Daily Spiritual Astrology Readings are provided to help you communicate with the universe on a daily basis.  Use the link above to learn how to modify the "keywords" of your daily reading, and get the feeling the universe talking right to you.

Below are are links to daily readings by sun sign. Please consider adding the corresponding page to your favorites list. For your convenience, you may also use the links at the top of any page on this website.