I can't thank you enough for all of the wonderful knowledge you have shared with us here. There is so much information here that I find myself continually coming back again and again in order to digest all the information, in order to evolve my soul further in this life. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge with us!

-Mary M, Cancer, OH

"It is so amazing that lately your forecasts have been extremely true for me. I still don't really understand how this works, but it does! I just wish I could get past the everyday problems a little better so I could truly connect with the spiritual side."

-Karen H, Sagittarius, NH

"I have only found your site a couple of days ago, I find it very interesting. I watched one of videos {just over 7 mins video} and I now understand why I get rashes for no apparent reason or why I sneeze more or my nose bleeds for no apperent reason. I knew some things were down to me being spiritual but a lot of things I hadn't realized were connected like me always being tired no matter how much sleep I got. I'm looking forward to finding out more and have recommended you to a few friends also. Thank you 4 making this info available and 4 free and thank you for letting me be part of this site. Sending you love and light"

-Eil S, Aquarius, UK

"I received my past and future reading and I was in awe! Your readings are so accurate and inspirational. I believe the reading I received will benefit my life because of the information you gave me will help assist me to make the most of the planetary energies unfolding in the near future. Your kindness and skills are truly a blessing for people in need of your services. Thank you and God bless you! I am always awaiting your newsletters and the wisdom you share to everyone on this website...........Sincerely, Kim, NC"

-Kim O, Capricorn, NC

"This site has been one of the most rewarding and informative sites I have ever been on. I am so grateful for this."
-Jill A, Scorpio, OR

"I have subscribed to other sites but none truly give me the insight I need, I have look through your site and found it by accident and I believe this is the answer to my prayers."
-S MacDonald, Canada

"I am remaining active with the website...this truly gives me peace in the midst of chaos.  Again I appreciate you and your team for creating this website."  Love and Light, -Leo J.

"It is interesting to me that the information within the report is vastly different than the  "readymade"  compatibility horoscopes found all over the Internet.  To say that this is  contrary is an understatement!"  -Allyson C.

"Many thanks for the reading you have done for me... it gives me a lot to think about and a heightened awareness of how we can work together as a couple. Thank you again." -Jodie G
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"There is no formula for success except an acceptance of life." -Arthur Rubinstein
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Thank you for caring about a total stranger."

-Jessica M, CA
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"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance because it really helped me in every aspect of my life. I wish to share this eternal bond with you always."
-A. Ahuja, India

"Thank you for your wonderful service, it is truly an amazing thing your doing here. Thank you also for your friendly advice too:) Best Wishes and keep it up :)
-Jessica, UK

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"Hi Jordan......Enjoyed reading your "Getting out of the garbage" article thanks for sharing it's always uplifting to reading someone's positive take on the world where problems can be seen as challenges to awaken the soul."  -Yarny

"I enjoy the newsletter very much and have told many others about it. Your advice is right on, and I'm astounded how often my daily readings seem to apply."  -Helen, USA, Taurus.

"One great thing ago this site is that it has only one purpose:  That is helping selflessly. That makes it much more genuine and respectable."  -Devshree, India

"Absolutely fascinating; (my spiritual astrology reading) I can already relate to so much of its content, recognizing my past behavior, my current outlook on life, and where I am aspiring to go in life.  A lot to take in, even after reading it many times through, but combined with own personal reading in the field of personal development and spirituality, I am able to start to digesting it now.  And of course the most important thing, for the observations to have a positive effect on me, I have translated it into a short list of action points for myself in order to grow and develop."  -Charlotte W., Libra 

"I have received my Spiritual reading. I found it very accurate and insightful, and for that I want to express my sincere gratitude."  Nadia, India

"It really touched my heart deeply to read everything you wrote.  "Thanks, you have been a great mentor."  -Meghan

"Dear Mr. Canon, My daughter is now free of harassment by spirits for one week.  I wish to once again extend my eternal thanks for your help and guidance in restoring our family back to normal.  I don't know what we would have done without you."  J. Hanks, New Jersey

"Dear Jordan Canon, I am extremely glad when I get your e-mails, and I am heartily thankful to you for showing me the path.  Your words were very true. I will follow the guidance and hopefully soon I'll get out of my past. And I want to thank you again for your kind support." -Anita, India

"Dear Mr.Jordan Cannon, Thank you,thank you,thank you, very,very,very much for your advice. I actually am going through a period of great depression. Your wisdom (regarding my present love affair) has helped me to find lots answers, and has given me mental peace after months of suffering. You are are "GOD-SENT-ANGEL" to me. Thank you once again."  -Sudeshna, India 

"Thank you, Jordan.  I am going through a very difficult phase in life. Your positive e-mail brings me a lot of motivation and inspiration to fight against experiencing a negative destiny.  I will never forget that when I had no where else to turn, the universe sent me you."  -Naghma, India 

"Jordan, it's (my spiritual astrology reading) so accurate its scary.  Thank you!  I am looking forward to keeping up with this site!"  -K. Harris

"Dear Jordan, Thanks so much for all your insights.  It was a real eye opener to say the least.   I will continue to go to the web site to learn my life's purpose."  -B Winston, Amarillo, TX 

"Your website is wonderful. Thank you for all you do to help people grow spiritually and learn more about themselves."  -P. Watson, Minnesota, USA, Aries

"You have confirmed a strong belief in me; that there is a greater purpose in life than meets the eye! Whatever it is, life never ceases to amaze me. I have so much energy left that I want to utilize it to the best of my ability for GOOD and in the LIGHT."
-I Meier, Scorpio

"Wow!  The reading is mind boggling...so true to my traits.  Thanks! " 
-Alan, South Africa, Pisces

"I have received my spiritual astrology reading. I am extremely grateful to you for accommodating my request and sending me the reading so promptly and without any delays. I once again express my heartfelt  gratitude to you and hope you would continue to be my friend, philosopher and guide."
-Rashpreet, India, Libra

"I must say this is a thoughtful site, it offers so much for people to seek after, learn and apply for a healthy lifestyle. It's set up in a way where you can always come back and find out more."
-Susan, NY, Leo

"Jordan is the most amazing psychic I have ever been to.  It is almost scary what she can see through the computer.  I have been all over the Internet and never found a web site like this one.  The impact of the teachings here have been prophetic for me, and it is all free.  Who does that in this day and age?"
-Ann Marie, Capricorn, TX

"Hi Jordan,  I want to thank you so much for taking the time to resend my astrology report. It's very interesting, and I can see myself in the horoscope in just about all that I have read so far.  I really love it. I don't know how you can do this for free.  Maybe in the future you could ask people donate what ever they feel, maybe through PayPal or something.  Even though there's no obligation I feel that most everyone would donate something...But anyway's, I just want to thank you again for taking your time to resend the horoscope so I could read it and thank you for this awesome horoscope in the first place . I will be sure to visit the site and any of the sponsors and also I will sure to tell others about what a wonderful site you have. Thanks again."
 -Robert, Gemini

"Thanks for sending.  It is amazing how .close to home. your Astrology Reports are!  I love the site, and how it continues to remind me to stay on the path before me and make better choices!  Enjoy your day!"
-Maureen, Cancer, IN

"I know it is Christmas Eve, but I had to tell you my boyfriend and I are engaged!!!  I want to thank you so much for your directions on How To Find My Soul Mate.  We have always had an on/off rocky relationship, but we gave it one last chance using your step by step directions.  It is not easy, but it was worth the effort.  You are 100% right when you say the universe will pay you back.  We were able to discover the issues that bothered us most and fix them.  Some of them were so dumb.  Our communication has never been better.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so happy right now!!!"
-Bernice B, Cancer, KY

"I am so positively impressed with the power of your explanation of Spiritual Astrology. I am so glad you explained how to use astrology wisely and on a daily basis. The example you provide is perfect!  Well, at least it was for me, I even began today writing in red and it worked wonderfully.   THANK YOU!"
-Monica R, Mexico

"Hi, and thank you so much for the precious gift of your time and energy to read my chart.  I am never too far from the spiritual path.  Right now I'm dating and in search of my true soul mate.  I am open to all suggestions for freeing my mind and heart and open to let that special person in.  I am applying my spiritual growth to allow me the opportunity to nurture behaviors, and let self defeating ones go."  
-Dara, Gemini, NY

"Thank you so much! I have been looking for a compatibility reading like this for my husband and I for years...so unexpected!  I am looking for ways for us to learn more about each other and how to get along better...really thank you!" --Jennifer, VA 

"I have read much in little time and WOW.  There is much to understanding and fully letting free the spirit.  When you spoke of Yin Yang, I understood it, but I did not completely come to enlightenment until I read your assignment on Molding A Soul Mate...NOW I COMPREHEND IT COMPLETELY.  Now, I have MANY things to focus on and to begin to release to my Yin bearing in mind that my Yang is valid as well.  Not against me but working with me, I UNDERSTAND.  I have much to learn with you, thank you so much."
 -Lisa, Aquarius, WA

"My journey in the spiritual world began few years ago, with reading wisdom and inspirational quotes. I catch my self more and more involved in this, I could spend hours of reading and absorbing, and seeing words between the lines. After this I understood that I changenged, I start feeling my inner voice , I start living with my within, I found the wisdom in me. I continue like that, and only recently I understood that I found the love, I am in love with the love, I was spreading and still love all arround. It seems I pass trought enlightment and awarness , I am experiancing now a spiritual growth - I did create the soulmate ,without knowing it and I connect with my soulmate recently . I am greatfull for everything what happened with me, and I can say that my journey of evolvement on a higher level just begun. Belive in it , believe in yourseflf and in electrons flying around :)"
-Lana T, Russia, Leo

"I absolutely loved the readings I received from you! They were so much more detailed and balanced than any others I've gotten from other sites. I'll definitely come back for more! Great job! :)"

-Sarah, Gemini, USA

"I've had a couple of spiritual readings since becoming a member nearly one year ago. I have revisted those readings frequently and am reminded of the effort you put into articulating a highly personalized, not souless computer-generated interpretation. I make a point to plow my way through the content on your site at least a few times a month, and  I always stumble across something new to help foster my spiritual development and understanding."
-Marlene, TX, Aquarius