"The more we give our charity and love, the greater our capacity becomes to do so."  
-David R. Hawkins
The Ying Yang of Spiritual Energy

The official term is Yin-Yang, but here we like to call it Ying Yang which concentrates on the energy you spend and how that energy comes back to you within your own environment. 

Think of your spiritual energy like you would count calories. The world is full of food with calories,  which by themselves are not good bad. It is when you consume a food that determines if those calories are good or bad for your body. For example, a large glass of orange juice can be good for you, but bad for a diabetic.

The Difference Between Power and Energy

Spiritual power represents everything you are capable of. Your talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, and the level at which you can communicate with your soul (intuition) are examples of your power. Power by itself means nothing without energy.  Energy is the act of using your power. So let's sum it all up by looking at the energy flow of the Ying Yang:

  • You and your soul live in a self contained, universe supplied, environment. The only limitation of this environment is what you can comprehend. For example, there have always been nine planets in the solar system because that is what you have accepted to be real.  Now there are eight because Pluto is not a planet, so we all accept that.
  • Your environment co-exists with other people's environments, forming relationships.

  • You have, and will continue to receive, powers provided to you by the universe.  The vast majority of these powers will not be discovered by you, making them an infinite list of discoveries you can make throughout your life.

  • The powers you do recognize you develop into skills.  Skills allow you to convert the power to energy so you can use it. As you learn to use and develop your skills, you learn how to put a value of energy into your environment.

  • Humans cannot covert all their power to skill.  If you are given the talent to sing, you cannot develop the talent into a skill with a 100% ability to use it.  This is by design so you always have the opportunity for spiritual growth.

  • Power and energy by itself have no value in your environment. It is how efficient you convert power to skill and then how well you use that skill (an action) that determines how (good or bad) you have used your energy.

  • The determination of how energy is used (good or bad) is based on how the energy comes back to you. The domino effect of this is that your future path of destiny is changed by how energy you have used comes back to you.
picture of Ying Yang ball
Spiritual Garbage Energy In, Yields Spiritual Garbage Back In Another Form

For your soul to evolve you must learn to discover the powers you have and develop them into skills. Then you must learn to use that energy to get the maximum return back. The best and easiest way to accomplish this is through charity. Not charity like you give $1 to a girl scout, although that is charity, but charity as in your efforts and energies in all your relationships are focused on what you can give or contribute to your relationships (the light) instead of what you can get or profit (the dark) from your relationships.  

If you want a better relationship with your spouse, invest more positive energy.  Want your car to last longer?  Invest more positive energy.  Want to do better in school?  Invest more positive energy.  Want to be healthier or lose weight?  Invest more positive energy.

Try it, it is not as easy as it sounds, but it is how to use yin yang energy to create a path of destiny.  
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Yin Yang or Ying Yang
Yin and Yang describe two opposing and, at the same time, complementary forms of energy. The outer circle is your environment, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent energy you give (put in motion) and energy you get back.
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Understanding Spiritual Yin Yang Energy

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The Black and White of the Ying Yang

Hopefully you understand what your environment is and how you use your energy to create your future and new paths of destiny.  Now here is a little universal twist for you. The Ying Yang shows 50% of the space in your environment represented by black and 50% represented by white.  

The white energy represents the power, skills, and energy of the light, or what is good. The black represents the exact opposite, the power, skills, and energy of the dark side, or what is not good. We call the dark side Temptation, which only has one goal, to keep you from the light.

You will never evolve to 100% good, only harness the power of the light. That is not even the goal of the universe. There will always be 50% of your environment white and 50% dark. The evolution of your soul is based on how you use these energies. Since they will always exist, how you manage them is the secret to achieving future paths of destiny and relationships with all the joy, bliss, and ecstasy the universe has to offer you as a reward for you efforts.

Notice in the half of the Ying Ying that is white, there is a black spot. In the half that is black, there is a white spot. These are important universal symbols. No matter how bad your life gets and you feel your life is in the dark side of the Ying Yang, there is a tiny spot of light that is your escape back to the light side. Conversely, no matter how good your life is going, there will always be that temptation that wishes to draw you away from the light.