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Q: "Thank you for my Spritual Astrology Reading, but i do not understand how to read it. Im wondering if the whole thing is mine or am i just suppost to read the scorpios since that is what i am. If you could please just clarify this for me."

A:  The whole spiritual reading is you.  The astrology you refer to, is based on one aspect:  The location of the sun when you were born. By that standard, you are a Scorpio, but also by that standard, you would also be the same exact soul as every other Scorpio.  Your Moon is in Libra.  The Moon describes your emotional nature, instinctual behavior, and unconscious response patterns, and sense of home and family. In these area's of personality, you are not a Scorpio at all.

Q: How much importance do you attach to the Hindu method of meditation to enhance your spiritual energy?"

A:  One can mow a lawn by tractor, gas mower, electric mower, manual mower, or have someone mow for them.  Which method you choose to cut your lawn doesn't matter. What matters is the time and energy you are willing to invest to maintain your lawn.  If the Hindu method of meditation enhances your spiritual energy (what exactly does that mean?) than great!  We will all arrive at different levels of spiritual evolution in the way we maintain our lawns.  There is no judgment, there is no "right," "wrong," or "best" way to achieve this goal. 

"I am putting the energy out there, and I'm not getting anything back."

A:  To harness charitable energy, you have to be able to totally dismiss the idea of getting something back for your charitable action.  If you can't do that, your efforts are not charitable energy, they become payment for services rendered.  Have faith, The Universe will return your charitable energy back to you in ways you cannot imagine.

Q:  Are Gemini's loud and crazy?

A:  Gemini's enjoy being the lead actor on the center of the stage.  Given the right environmental conditions they can be loud and "encouraging" when they are center of attention.  It is usually a short run though.  Gemini's are air signs, and like all air signs, whatever they are focused on any exact moment is only a fleeting experience.  The souls of air signs are free like the wind, and come and go as such.

Q:  Your website is just amazing, and you have accomplished so much since August.  How many people are on your staff?

A:  Living or dead?
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"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."  -Wayne Dyer
Q:  I wanna know about my love life, I feel I am going to face a lot of troubles.

A:  There is a proverb that qualifies as spiritual wisdom that says:  "What you fear becomes your reality."  When we fear a potential outcome, that is what we are putting our energy into.  According to Yin-Yang, the universe will simply return that negative energy.  Try to look at your relationship for a positive viewpoint, invest positive energy, and you can expect positive results. 
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Q:  I am having a problem with making an effort. I could achieve all that I want and need if I would just put in the effort, become disciplined about doing those things that would achieve my goals and practice the new habits of achieving my goals.   But it seems that I would rather skulk away into my little nest and just watch the world go by, drink a beer, relax, rest, and think.

A:  "Putting in effort" as you describe, is one of the greatest challenges of spiritual growth.  In fact, on our Spiritual Growth webpage, we use a picture of a couch potato to represent a lack of investment of energy will not help you attain a newer version of yourself.  On our 7 Deadly Sins page, I explain how Temptation keeps you from harnessing the power of the light.  I would recommend you review them all and apply the spiritual wisdom here to your own situation.  One of these seven sins is sloth.
I commend you for accepting responsibility for your actions, or in this case, lack of them. Most people have to overcome this first hurdle of accepting their failure before they can begin healing themselves.  I would attribute this to you being an Aries, one of our leaders of the astrology signs.  Leadership comes with responsibilities that are too much to handle for many other signs.  Again, if you review the temptations you have accepted into, and part of your life, you can begin healing yourself one temptation at a time.
Do you exercise?  This is one the best natural ways to elevate endorphins in your brain, the same thing antidepressants do for you. Aside from that, it is no secret that regular exercise is good for your body and mind.  You do not mention how much beer you drink or if it is a problem, but eliminating beer for a little while may be beneficial too.  
If you write down every little thing you see yourself doing incorrectly, you can create a plan to knock off each a little bit each day.  Spiritual Growth can occur with little investments of energy over a regular period of time.  You probably didn't wake up to all these issues, so you should allow yourself realistic goals for healing these in yourself.
My final suggestion would be to Join Our Weekly Newsletter.  We always love to have Aries souls!  The newsletter is about souls helping souls.  Just being an avid reader helps you to stay connected to spirituality, even during your bad weeks.

Try to channel your energy into defeating temptation instead of blaming yourself.  Your soul is perfect, it's really temptation that is to blame.  Once you realize this, you can defeat it.  To any other sign I would say good luck, but no one is a better warrior soul than you, so you only have to be what you already are.

Q:  By trying to eliminate stress, am I actually giving energy to it and thereby creating more? When I tell myself, "I can't handle stress in my life", does the universe set out to prove that I actually can?

A:  The universe does not try to prove anything or "raise the bar" so to speak, during some of the most difficult times of our lives.  The universe only provides the environment for which your soul evolves.  How you go about "living" in the environment you created is based on the choices you make.  Personal stress is based on your own values, morals, timelines, and fears pertaining to your vision of the future.  If you put "stressful" energy into your environment through your relationships, you can expect the same energy back, but in a different form. Try to think about a new path of destiny and put positive energy into achieving new goals.

Q:  I been having problems with my family, as all people do. But what I don't understand is why do NONE of them like me as a person. People told me I try to control people with money, which is true, but now that I don't have any more money left, I have no one.

A:  I see this as an opportunity for you to create a new path of destiny for yourself.  A visit to the 7 Deadly Sins Page would be a good place to start your spiritual awakening.  If you read about greed, anger, envy, and pride, you will learn the type of energy you have been investing in your relationships has now come back to you full circle, with the results you've described.  Try to use this opportunity to learn who you really have become.  Why do you need to control people?  What experiences have you had in your life that have cause such personal insecurity that you need to manipulate others?  Look inside yourself and don't finger point blame at all those around you. What is your sign?
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