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Through my years of being a spiritual advisor, I have found myself communicating many of the same spiritual wisdoms to souls all over the world.  On this page, I would to share some of my most popular and reoccuring quotes in the hopes they help you learn and grow.
"Temptation is an energy that only wants to take you from the power of the light."  -Jordan Canon
"You can only evolve your soul by improving your relationships. You've heard me say it a million times. You can only improve your relationships by improving your contributions to them."

"Higher evolved means you excel past what you will gain naturally. It is a change in your soul. It is the virtures, Zen, and charitable energy.The virtures guide (not decide) you, Zen is the vehicle that helps you get there, and charitable energy is power source."

"The fear that comes with making change is what keeps us on the wrong path."

"The shoes we wear are not as important as the shoes we fill."

"Although not perfect, our souls have more insight than we do. Your soul created the version of you are are here, but you create who you evolved to become."

"Spiritual Astrology, like anything spiritual, is a tool to look within yourself."  

"“Fear of.....whatever” is a path of temptation that takes you away from the light. Don’t let it prevent you from achieving what you want to experience."

"To do fine tuning, you must be tuned in the first place."

"The effort of learning has to match the effort of doing to evolve your soul."

"When the same thing keeps happening over and over again, the universe will continue to send you the same environment unless you change your process.  Like a slinky, it will always go to the next step, unless there's not one to take."

"The universe doesn't have a setting where it makes decisions for you. It can only make decisions from you."

"There is no return on energy if there is no energy being invested in the first place."

"The strongest energy in the universe is what you truly, deep down in your heart, believe.  Some say it's love, but that is also something you believe."

"Finding a needle in a haystack is easy, not hard.
The needle is a unique item in a haystack, you can find it with a magnet. Finding a soul mate is like finding a needle in a pile of needles."

"Be the person you want to have in your life
and you will find yourself on a path to ultimate happiness."

"There is never an apology needed in a world where we do not judge others."

"It is your own soul, the capabilities of your passions, and the dedication you are willing to commit to that define your version of a soul mate."

"Relationships are not about what you get, but about what you give. It's easy to forget that, especially during difficult periods."

"Learning how to harness the power of spirituality
is the same thing as teaching spirituality."

"The Universe can only create your future by the energy you invest. When you stop investing energy, the human concept of time does not stop with you. The universe still has to create your future and an environment for you to live in. Without any input from you, the universe has to "best guess" what future you want to create."

"If you believe your partner is all wrong for you,
that is the path of destiny you will create.
If you believe you and your partner have drifted apart,
but can get things back together again, that is the future you will create."

"The power of the light is harnessed by charitable energy."

"It is easier to be spiritual than it is to become spiritual."

"The universe, and it's spiritual laws, is a complexly simple.
Like losing weight, the concept is simple, the execution not so much."

If we can't define how close we can become,
how can we define how far away we are?"

"Be today, the soul you wish to be tomorrow."

"If your daily actions are on a higher level of evolution,
how are you not higher evolved?"

"Once you can envision the perfect soul mate for you,
you must be become the vision of your soul mate."

"The universe will return your charitable energies
in ways you cannot imagine today."

"All the ancient teachers of all time will tell you the universe is powered by the energy of love.  Not the love that you receive, we often seem so focused on what we are not getting, but the love you give to your relationships with your charitable energy. Learn this, and the universe will return your energy in ways you cannot imagine."

"Wisdom is wisdom, no matter who says it."

"You will not be able to incorporate the power of spirituality into healing your relationship as long as your soul is filled with anger. Anger lures you into a mental state where it is impossible for you to see the truth."

"When it comes to relationships, we can often not decide because we are afraid of what the outcome may be.
If you are truly harnessing the power of the light,
aren't you investing energy in creating the most amazing future for yourself and your relationships?  Don't be afraid of bad decisions, be afraid of not making them."

"The best way to manage Temptation is to not underestimate it or deny it exists, but learn how it works and teach yourself to see when you are being tempted away from the evolution of your soul."

"Your soul can only evolve through the relationships you create, manage, and invest energy in.  Everything and everyone you can see in your environment is a relationship of your own creation and the millions of choices you have made through free will."

"You don't have to know "Why" or "How" to complete a Lightworker task but it is easier to lose weight if you are motivated by why you want to lose it."
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