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The Evolution of Your Soul

“Soul” is one of those words that has different meanings to different people.  Here, a soul is defined as the spiritual part of humans separate in existence from your body, your emotions, your feelings, and the thoughts of your mind that are not easily translated to be written or verbal forms of communication.  

Your soul comes into this world with an agenda of evolutionary progress it wants to make. Your soul is you, back at a time when you possessed all the knowledge of the universe, so its agenda must be yours too.

Evolution is a learning process.

You come into this world with the basic tools and talents to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Without the knowledge of the universe, you must learn to find your own way.  It is only through learning that your soul evolves. 

Your success or failure is entirely based on all the decisions you will make. Your soul always knows the truth, it is the core you, and it is always trying to communicate with you as you discover and create your environment.   
The Evolution Process
The evolution of your soul requires an investment of your energy as follows:
Spiritual Enlightenment 
You have to be willing to learn all there is to know. 
Spiritual Awareness
You have to apply your education to your exact point in life.
Spiritual Growth
You have to create a plan and invest energy into achieving your goals.
An intuition is an example of such a communication.  Intuitions can come from many places, but if you have experienced a simple "whispering-type" suggestion in your mind, you have experienced communication with your soul. “Don't do that.” or “Do that”. Of course, there are more details, but the idea is your soul and the universe are trying to communicate with you.  The choice to “do” or “not do” is 100% yours.  This is a universal law called freewill. Only you can evolve your own soul.

Your Environment for Spiritual Growth

Think of your life as a video game.  How you play the game determines if you win or lose. The universe provides the environment (an opportunity) for you to attain a higher spiritual version of yourself, but you are totally at the controls.  Even the smallest of decisions affect the long range outcome of your game...and your life. I refer to these as Paths of Destiny, which are like chapters in a book. Your Spiritual Journey is the book of your life.  

Contrary to what people imagine, your life's judgment is not based on your life.  It is based on the efforts you make to attain a higher spiritual level.  The universe doesn't expect you to finish evolving, but it does expect you to make progress.  The rate of your progress has already been determined by you, so it is a simple matter of passing or failing.  Your progress is reviewed during judgment, when you have all the knowledge of the universe again, and the cycle starts over.....most of the time.  There are metaphysical exceptions, as souls are all energy, but that is a topic for later.
The Video Game Your Soul Plays For Real

Like a video game, anything can happen when you play, and no two games are exactly alike. You can never go back and make a different decision.  Your entire existence occurs in the present only, and your decisions determine your future. Playing the game is a skill not to be taken lightly because the results of your future are directly related to the energies you invest in your present. 
"We need to let our intuition guide us, and be willing to follow that guidance fearlessly."
-Shakti Gawain
The universe has provided you with a living example of how to evolve your soul.  In this relationship you may be the parent or the child, but you have a reference of experience with the evolutionary process.  The evolution of your soul requires an investment of your energy as follows:

  • Spiritual Growth.  You have to create a plan and invest energy into achieving your goals.

Temptation, which only wants to keep you from the light, uses the power and energy of the Seven Sins to stop you from evolving your soul.  Actually, it doesn't stop you. You stop yourself as it is written in the Spiritual Laws.  Sloth, or deciding not to do anything right now, is the biggest offender.

Spiritual Astrology Helps You See Your Soul

We use astrology to help you learn and communicate with your soul.  We do not consider everything we read in astrology as "written in stone."   But we do recognize that reading and learning about ourselves is spiritual enlightenment, how we use what is in our readings is spiritual awareness, and how we use our readings to create new paths of destiny and new relationships is spiritual growth.  We call it spiritual astrology. This website gives you many opportunities to incorporate Spiritual Astrology, and a higher communication with your soul and the universe, into your life:
You Are Never Alone

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How Souls Evolve

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The Evolution Process

Think of yourself having a child.  The child is your own creation.  Humans do not have any instincts, so you must teach it.  You must also give it the freedom to create and develop its own decision making skills.  Finally, you help the child create its own paths of destiny so it gets where it wants to go by setting realistic goals and helping it to achieve them.  

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