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Challenges are areas of opportunity you will have to invest extra energy and attention to overcome.  It is the perfect balance of Yin Yang Energy, in which The Spiritual Universe is based on.  All you will read in your spiritual astrology reading make up the core characteristics of your soul, as represented over a lifetime.  

Your Reading is a Beginning, Not an Ending

People request spiritual astrology readings for many different reasons.  Some are just curious at how accurate the reading will be, some look for clues to overcome specific problems, others hope they will find answers to decisions they have to make, and others say they don’t know why they happened to arrive at the website, or why they are requesting a reading.  The Universe has provided a path for you and these are all good reasons to start a spiritual enlightenment process; however, the process of evolving your soul does not end when you finish reading about your soul.  In fact, it is just the beginning.

This chart on our Spiritual Enlightenment page shows a very basic evolutionary process of creating new and exciting paths of destiny through your relationships.  It is basic in that Temptation is not shown.  Temptation will use the Power of Suggestion to keep you from attaining your Spiritual Growth.  Spiritual Growth and Temptation co-exist in a perfect environmental balance of Yin Yang Energy.

You Can Only Evolve Through Your Relationships

An isolated soul on a remote island can only evolve through the relationship of its environment, which is limited at best, and not why your soul is here.  It is through your relationships and interactions with other souls that define the evolution of your own soul.  

If you take a very intelligent 6th grader and put that soul in a class of college seniors, the 6th grader will lack the educational evolution of the college seniors.  It doesn’t mean either group of souls is right or wrong, it only means they are different, and will have challenges to overcome in their relationships.  The same rule holds true for you and the Relationships you have already made, and will make.  The blessing and challenges of your soul will be different.  Evolution is about learning to merge these differences into a stronger “One Union” of souls.  Learn to accomplish this, and you learn to create new and exciting Paths of Destiny.
"The mind is everything.  What you think you become."  -Buddha
Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon
Personal and Compatibility Spiritual Astrology Readings

Our Personal and Compatibility spiritual astrology readings are an attempt to communication with your soul.  These readings do not predict your future, nor do they tell you what choices to make as you create new paths of destiny. I believe, and teach, your soul evolves through your relationships, based entirely on the millions of decisions you make, and the amount of energy you are willing to invest in them.

Think of your reading as a vehicle for your soul.  While vehicles can be similar, no two vehicles are exactly the same.  If you were to undertake a 100 mile journey, you would probably drive a sports car differently than you would drive a truck.  Both vehicles can get you to your destination, but you will have a different experience in getting there.

The Spiritual Universe adds fate to ensure the journey is different.  Again, your drive of 100 miles would even become more different if you were to drive through a sudden snow storm.  Think of your soul and your spiritual astrology reading as the vehicle you have been given in this life to evolve.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Every soul comes into this world with a unique set of blessings and challenges.  Blessings are talents and abilities you naturally excel at.

Your Message
The content on this page provides guidance on how to use your free spiritual astrology readings, once they are e-mailed to you.  There is more information in the reading than you can digest in one reading.  This information is also included in your e-mail.  

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How to Use Your Spiritual Astrology Readings

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Where to Go From Here
Keep your Spiritual Astrology Reading or your Spiritual Compatibility Readings in a safe place.  You will find there is a lot of information there to digest, so keeping your readings as a reference is a good idea.  If you do happen to lose your readings, simply write to us and request a copy.  We keep all readings on file just for this purpose.  Please remember, you may request just one free reading per 30 days.

Daily Spiritual Astrology Readings

We went through great effort and expense to provide you the resource of a Daily Spiritual Astrology Reading.  Use the link to learn how to communicate with your soul.  It may take all of five minutes a day, and the rewards can be very insightful.  Try it for five days and you will see how thousands of other souls have been able to make better decisions.  The links to each of the astrology signs are in the right side navigation.

Stay Connected with Our Spiritual Newsletter

Our Spiritual Newsletter is a summary of all the personal spiritual counseling that has occurred over a short period of time, usually two to three weeks.  If most of the spiritual advice has to do with detailed relationship issues, you can expect a newsletter on that topic.  It is a great way to stay connected and keep to the path of spiritual growth.  You can also read past newsletters at your leisure.

Spiritual Evolution Theory

Most of the website is a reference of spiritual evolutionary process and theory.  Like your spiritual astrology reading, you won’t be able to digest it all in one visit.  

Love and light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor