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We are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. -Buddha
The Matrix Movie
The Matrix is a fictional and Spiritual Movie about an computer generated reality humans live in their minds, while their bodies are being kept alive to power computer systems.  Does the universe work like this?  No.  But it is the closest example I can use.
Meet Your Soul

Let's assume this little goldfish is your soul.  In human terms, you might better understand this as the time you are in the womb before you were born. Your soul is contained in nearly the same biological environment as you develop your human form, and wait to be born.   Your birth will be nothing more than a transition from one environment to another.  The moment you are born, you begin to evolve. Humans do not have instincts, everything you know today is from a learned experience you had in the environment provided you by the universe.

You Can Only Evolve Through Your Relationships

Once your soul is born into your environment, how could you possibly evolve without relationships?  You can't.  For the record, relationships are obviously the people you will come to experience, but you also have relationships with non-living objects, nature and your environment, and your body, to give you some examples.  Everything that exists in the environment the universe has created for you is a relationship to you.  Through the spiritual law of Freewill, you are allowed to choose which (as well as the quality and intensity) of these relationships you wish to invest your energy in. 
Your Soul Can Always Evolve

The beauty of this plan is what I think is most often overlooked.  The universe doesn't care if you make mistakes, it only wants to give you the environment you ask for.  You can't go back in time and correct mistakes, but you can always create new and better environments for yourself.  

This is the essence of spirituality, and harnessing the power of the light.  When you apply your energy and understanding of how the universe works, you will experience all the joys that come with higher evolution. 
The Universe Provides An Environment For Your Soul  
Imagine a fish bowl is your universe.  The universe itself is a contained environment perfectly capable of sustaining the physical requirements of what you believe is your body. The universe is nothing more than a highly sophisticated, complexly-simple, environment creator.  It has no memory, no opinion, and it doesn't judge the choices you make in this version of your life.

It is like a giant park in which you are the soul of a child that has come play and create a "day at the park" from which you will experience psychical, emotional, and intellectual sensations that will help your soul evolve.

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You Create Your Future by Creating Your Environment

The universe monitors every thought, emotion, and intuition to create the "next day" of your universe.  The universe is not human or of human thought, it is more like a computer program.  If it doesn't get enough data from you, it will "fill in the blanks" and make a calculated mathematical guess as to what you wish.  This is called fate.  Through the spiritual law of Yin-Yang, the universe is trying create a new "fish bowl" (environment) for you based on the energy you have used.

Temptation Only Wants To Take You From The Light

Your soul cannot create new environments with your choices.  Decisions cannot all be good, or your soul does not have the opportunity to evolve in making the right ones.  Temptation, through the lure of the Seven Sins, is an energy that helps the universe understand what environment you wish to create.  If you are in or have been in a bad relationship, it is easy to blame the person.  The fact is, you created the environment, (relationship problem) and at some point, you gave into a temptation so the universe could create the environment you asked for.

Soul Mate Relationships

While there are many relationships in our environment, there is one we seek more than all others.  The idea of the soul mate relationship is to apply all the knowledge, wisdom, and experience we have acquired along our spiritual journey and create a new paths of destiny defined as "one union" that is the starting point to the highest level of evolution you will have in this life.  Finding a soul mate is not the realization of dream, it is the beginning of long, and "higher evolved" learning experience.

Fate and Destiny

As mentioned earlier, fate is a result of the universe trying to convert the sum of your thoughts by filling in the blanks as it creates your environments.  Some people like to believe their lives here are prearranged by destiny.  This is not true because such an environment would not help your soul to evolve.  No goldfish would wish to have an encounter with a cat, but without the cat existing in the environment, there is less of an opportunity to evolve.  Smoking cigarettes could be a similar example for humans.  It is a choice which exists, but also has a potential to change your path of destiny.
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