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Step One:  Aware

In order for you to solve a "self-help" problem you must be aware of it. It sounds easy enough but think of the symptoms you could experience with an illness.  You might think your problem is a high fever when in truth the high fever is a symptom of another and potentially more significant problem.  You may  wish to relax and meditate.   Simply put, you are using your intellect, and your intuition to properly identify what the true problem is.  And hopefully, you will start with yourself by looking within.
The six steps of spiritual problem solving.
A woman practicing awareness through meditation.
Potential answers to problems all have a domino effect on the future.
A doctor using an x-ray to analyze a problem.
Adopting the best solution provides the greatest chance of solving a problem.
Assess the results of your decisions to improve problem solving skills.
Picking a start date to apply a solution is as important as the plan itself.
The vast majority of the traffic coming to this website is looking to solve some kind of relationship problem.  From an existing relationship to new relationships, we seek something more than what you have now.  Perfect, that is one of the reasons this website is here.  This spritual technique for self help relationship advice will force you to look at your relationships in a different light.  You will understand the pun in italics when you absorb the Spiritual Enlightenment of the page.
"No problem of human destiny is beyond the limits of human beings."   -John F. Kennedy
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The above steps are logical, step by step directions.  They do not consider the emotions and passions that can erupt during relationship issues.  Anger, being the most common emotion.  Anger is one of the Seven Sins and one of the 8 original temptations of man.  The energy of Tempation only wants to take you from the power of the light.
You will not be able to incorporate the power of spirituality into healing your relationship as long as your soul is filled with anger.  Anger lures you into a mental state where it is impossible for you to see the truth, or accept any theory of reason.  Anger is the most destructive temptation because it often leads to obsessive acts of revenge, personal vigilantism, and judgement without fair justice.  Here is a simple tip for learning to release anger from your soul:
How To Make Your Partner Measure Up

As you go through this website, you will see many Spiritual Laws on how your soul evolves.  Basically, you are creating your own Spiritual Journey, and evolving through all of your relationships.  The spiritual power of Yin-Yang tells us the universe returns the energy we invest into it, but in a form we would never expect.   From the view point of the universe, if your relationship is not doing well, it is all due to you, and the energy you are investing into it.  

Anger makes you blame your partner, and not look at your own contribution of energy.  This action takes you from the power of the light.  Your partner will measure up, when you measure up.  Use the Laws of Spiritual Direction above, but try to only focus on you, and your actions to see if there is any possibility you can discover how your current present was created by the energy you invested into it, in the past.  
With the Right Vision, Relationship Problems are Paths to New and Exciting Futures
Spiritual Relationship Problem Solving
The universe sends us the sign of a positive opportunity for the future by presenting it to us in the form of a problem in the present.  This process is designed to make us stop, think, and exercise our power of freewill.
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Step Two:  Analyze

Once your problem has been identified you have to learn as much about it as possible.  This is also called spiritual enlightenment, which is similar to a doctor taking x-rays to further analyze symptoms to make a diagnosis.   Proper analyzing cannot occur without an open mind and emotionally detached mental state.  For example, if the problem is with a romantic relationship, you have to be able to step back from the tendency of blame and judgement, while you seek knowledge and wisdom.
Step Three:  Answers

The third step of spiritual problem solving is creating potential answers or solutions to the problem. This step is about generating as many "What if" scenarios as possible.  Like the domino effect, every potential answer will change your future and your path of destiny because you are creating a new chain reaction.  All of your potential answers will require effort and energy on your part to implement so the goal in this step also takes into consideration what you are actually willing to do to correct the problem.

Step Four:  Adopt

You have your possible list of potential answers to your problem, now you have to adopt one to put into action.  The universe will provide you with the opportunity and the tools to help you make a decision that best for your soul, but the universe won't decide for you. Though the Spiritual Law of freewill, the choice is all yours. Accept  and embrace this gift for what it is and never put too much value into the advice of others. Adopt your final decision with confidence and then stand by your decision.

Step 5:  Apply

You can't create a new future for yourself if you don't implement your plan. While this seems like a simple step, most people people have difficulty in actually starting what they know is the right thing to do.  Why is that?  Self confidence and fear of the unknown are the biggest reasons. If you find yourself with a plan that you believe is the right thing for you to do, yet you can't apply it, you have discovered another problem.  Read on if you can apply your chosen answer or go back to step one if you can't.

Step 6:  Assess

Great!  You have learned and applied the spiritual laws of direction and you created a new "self help" destiny for yourself.  Did everything work out exactly as you planned?  Are you better off now or before?  Did you restore balance and positive energy in your life from your process?  Chances are you learned how much power the universe gives you and they need practice and fine tuning to become proficient skills. The last step is to review and evaluate what you did for future plans.