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Learn to See the Messages The Universe is Sending You

It would be impossible to list all the ways in which the universe trys to communicate with you, and many of those ways you would deem unbelievable anyway.  The messenger is never more important than the message so we'll focus on messages now and messengers later.  Some examples you may have experienced in your life:

  • A song comes on the radio that immediately connects you to an emotional event in your past.  More often than not it is a feeling for a person. You flip to another radio station and the song is playing there also, or you hear the song a few more times within a short amount of time.

  • Someone you are acquainted with makes an out-of-character exact quote from another person you were emotionally connected to. Maybe this person has passed on making it more unbelievable. 

  • You experience a spontaneous and emotional impulse to do something, which seems to come out of nowhere.

  • You are immediately attracted or drawn to someone or something for no other explainable reason than "there is just something about them."

  • You happen to see a book or some object over and over again in a short period of time that seems odd to you.

These are just a few examples of messages the universe is sending you. It is human nature to immediately try to rationalize and apply our own sense of logic to these situations. Basically, you are trying to convert wisdom to a fact so we can evaluate and categorize the experience as data.  

Once you do that, you lose the spiritual connection because you are trying to figure out something that can't be figured out. You are focusing your energy on the source of the message (the messenger) and not the message itself.
"Knowledge is information of the past, wisdom is knowledge of the future."   
-Vernon Cooper
Wisdom vs. Intuition

Intuition is the message you hear.  Your own evaluation and translation of the message determines if it is wisdom. Intuitions may come to your soul, they may come as angelic hints, or they may come as temptation: "Just have a piece of cake and you'll work out twice as hard later"  is an example of an intuition. 

Cake has no nutritional value, but a double work out (if you do) is great. Is it a temptation?  It could be an angelic reward. You decide if an intuition is wisdom and base your actions accordingly

Wisdom is Wisdom No Matter Who Says It

This universal law should be a little clearer now. It is about keeping your mind open so that you are (1) Able to see the message in the first place, and (2) Interpret the message as it was intended. These experiences will all have something in common. 

They will initiate an emotional response. Emotions are energy and the universe runs on energy. The intensity of the message being sent is well beyond your ability to receive it. Through practice and understanding you will gain skills to connect to this energy.

Developing Your Skill to See Wisdom

It is pretty simple: again, the universe wants to communicate with you.  You start seeing universal wisdom by learning to see wisdom.  I know, it sounds funky, but here's what it means.  The Bible, for example, is not a factual based source of data and knowledge. 

It is wisdom and there is a lot of wisdom in the bible. "Teach a man to fish and he never goes hungry." That is not a fact, but you don't have to be religious to recognize that this quote from the Bible is good wisdom.
Spiritual Wisdom is All Around You

We all know two plus two equals four. That is an example of knowledge. How can you use an example of that type knowledge to make a life decision on your path of destiny?  You can't.  Knowledge may contribute to your decision making process, but it is wisdom, your compilation of facts plus your gut feelings, in which you make your decisions.  A difference between humans and computers is wisdom, not data. The Universe wants you to succeed and sends you all kinds of spiritual signs and messages.
What is Spiritual Wisdom?

Knowledge is the study of factual based data. Wisdom is the result of your own interpretation of guidance. Someone knowledgeable may be smart, but not always wise. Make your life decisions with wisdom not knowledge. If you learn anything from this website, learn, memorize,and quote this ancient wisdom.

Applying these three rules alone, can change your life:

  • Wisdom is wisdom, no matter who says it.
  • Temptation only wants to take you from the light.
  • Through Yin-Yang energy, the universe returns the exact same energy you choose to invest into it, only in a different form.
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