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"Knowledge opens a door that you must enter yourself."  -Chinese Proverb    
Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon
Being Spiritually Aware Puts You In the Game

When we have problems we tend to often look outside of our own souls for the solution and the cure. Relationship problems are the classic example, it is often the partner that is causing an issue with achieving your path of destiny and your desires. 

That thinking seems to go against the Universal Law that says you create your own future, and that you are in control of your destiny.  Spiritual awareness is like playing a game. Your partner is part of your game, but not playing it for you.  You win or lose by your own choices.
The Process of Being Spiritually Aware

Imagine a magician granted you all the knowledge of the universe. In one moment, you know everything, from the entire history of humanity, to the mathematical complexities of DNA. No one would deny having all the knowledge of the universe would make it easier for you to make life decisions, Solve Problems, and pick the best path of destiny for your soul. However, why does having knowledge make it easier? Let’s understand the process of awareness that makes this such an easy task to complete.

All Spiritual Changes Come from Within

Humans like to think they are aware of their environments. We all have opinions, we all have “best guess” answers, and we are all able to point an analytical finger at a cause for our paths of destiny not going as we had planned or hoped.  Looking outside of our own souls is the exact opposite of spiritual awareness.  It is a temptation that takes you away from the power of the light. Spiritual growth comes from within, and that is where you have to focus awareness energy to change your life.

If You Could See Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes

With all the knowledge of the universe, you would easily be able to go back and re-experience every decision you ever made and the ultimate effect that decision had on your life. You've heard the term “your life flashing before your eyes,” a type of spiritual enlightenment, which is handed to you.  Not only could you re-experience every detail of every decision you made, you could also go back and see what would have happened if you made different choices. This ability would also prove you control your own destiny.  

Making the Right Choices by Being Spiritually Aware

Imagine how different your environment would be today if you were granted this magic power.  It would be easy to make all the perfect choices in life.  If you said this, instead of that, you’re relationship would have been better. If had you acted this way, instead of that way, you would have had  more…whatever.  If you went to place instead of that place, you would have met…whomever. No doubt, the possibilities are endless, but they all have one common point: You are creating your own Spiritual Journey based on your decisions.
Spiritual Awareness
To win at playing cards you must first learn and know the rules of the game. To be successful at the game, you must be aware of the cards in your hand and how to evaluate them compared to those you are playing.  The other players would represent fate.
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Understanding the Energy of Spiritual Awareness

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You're Spiritual Awakening

The universe does give you this magic power, except it is not handed to you, as it will be later on.  For now, it requires energy and effort on your part, and you have to choose to use it. This magic power is calling spiritual awareness.  It is not the seeking of knowledge or wisdom, which is Spiritual Enlightenment. It is not judgment, which is part of spiritual growth. It is spiritual awareness, the all-important bridge between the two steps to evolution.

Quality Decisions Require Quality Time

Spiritual Awareness requires more than time, it requires quality time. You have to slow your life down so you can take an honest re-evaluation of your decisions, no matter how large or small those decisions were.  People that have learned to meditate or take up yoga have taken a closer step to spiritual awareness.  You must find a means of peaceful and cerebral relaxation to help yourself focus on being aware of what you are doing with your life decisions.

Spiritual Awareness Is A Filtering Process

In step 1, Spiritual Enlightenment, your goal is to take in as much knowledge, without judgment, as you possibly can.  In step 2, Spiritual Awareness, you are filtering (or applying) your newly discovered knowledge as you believe it applies to you, or your situation.  Once you complete this step, the process moves on to Spiritual Growth, which is about implementing a plan of action that combines your newly applied knowledge, and your short and long term goals.
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