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Achieving your Spiritual Journey is like a game.
"One meets his destiny often in the road he takes when he trys to avoid it."  -French Proverb
Creating a Path of Destiny is like Playing a Timed Game

All games have basic concepts in common. No matter how many people play, you must overcome challenges and obstacles to be the first one to finish to win. Whether you roll dice, flip cards, or rely on pure strategy, there is always an element of fate that factors into the final outcome of the game, which makes the results of the game unpredictable. 

Creating your own path of destiny is a similar concept to playing a timed game and you can improve your chances of winning if you have a strategy.

Envisioning a New Path of Destiny

Creating a new future for yourself, whatever it is, starts with a major keyword: Create.  The universe needs very specific details when you do this and you cannot underestimate the value of detail. 
"I want to be rich."

Is not a proper vision for the future.  How do you define rich?  What are you willing to do to achieve this destiny?  What are you willing to give up to have this destiny?  Everything in your environment must be balanced and you don't want to let the universe fill in the blanks for you.
Creating a New Path of Destiny for Your Spiritual Journey

A spiritual journey encompasses your entire life. A path of destiny is a part of your journey like a chapter in a book.  The rest of this section will focus on step-by-step instructions as to how to create, plan, and implement changes in your future by making changes to your path of destiny. 

You have already taken the first step of spiritual enlightenment in that you are learning how to accomplish this task.  Keep learning and the universe will be only too happy to help you achieve your goals and evolve your soul.
Personal Gain vs. Personal Growth

A winning lottery ticket is an example of personal gain. Losing ten pounds is an example of personal growth. The most significant difference between the two is the amount of energy you are willing to invest for the results you desire.  The only investment of energy you make to gain a winning lottery ticket is buying one and the odds of winning represent the energy you invested. There are no odds to losing ten pounds, but it does require more effort.  It is amazing how little regard humans can have for their spiritual potential.  Just think all the times you wondered things like:

  • Is this the person I am going to be with forever?
  • How long will I live?  Will my health get better?
  • How much money will I make?  Am I in the right place for my career?

Anyone with any experience as a spiritual advisor, psychic, tarot card reader, mystic, etc. will tell you these are, by far, the most frequently asked questions.  Personal gain in love, health, and wealth seem to be the priorities of today's human existence.  To the universe and the evolution of your soul, there is huge difference between personal gain and personal growth. 

Sending Yin energy out into your environment to achieve personal gain will not come back as Yang energy of personal growth.  To quote some wisdom from the Stephen King movie Pet Sematary: "The energy in the ground is soiled, it don't quite come back the same." The same is true when you create a new path of destiny for yourself.
How The Universe Creates Your Future

Think of the universe as a giant computer program that only creates environments.  It takes any bit of energy your mind and body generate and convert it into your environment.  Without you knowing, it gives you everything you ask for, as best as it can.  

If the universe doesn't know exactly what you mean, it will fill in the blanks for you.  If we went back to the example:  "I want to be rich," the universe can define that in many ways.  You could win the lottery and then die in a car accident the next day.  You didn't say "I want to be rich and live a long time."
Be Careful What You Ask For, Because You Are Going To Get It

If you create a universe where delicious fast food becomes a part of your everyday life, you shouldn't be surprised that you gain weight in the process.  You have to find proper balance in what you ask for, and to clarify, "asking" means how you spend your energy. The best way to create any new path of destiny is to:

  • Provide the universe with as much detail as you can.
  • Take into consideration both Yin and Yang energies.
  • Be prepared to invest energy (work) to make your dream come true.  

You are giving the universe energy to create your path of destiny anyway.  Time is a human concept the universe adheres to closely.  

"Even if you choose to not decide, you still have made a choice."  -Rush

That tidbit of spiritual wisdom from Rush is so true.  As said earlier, the universe will fill in the blanks for you.  The universe will always create the environment you want (the Yin energy) but it will come with some with some surprises (Yang energy) you didn't expect.  Technically, the universe will be right in creating the environment you asked for.  Your goal is to create a fantasy environment that is perfect for for you and put as much energy as possible into the things and people you want to have in your future.  Fill in the blanks for the universe and you manage the surprise Yang energy you will get in return.  
Path of Destiny and Fate
The sum of all of your paths of destiny becomes your spiritual journey.  Every decision you make via the spiritual law of freewill determines your future.  Learn how to create the future you want by sending focused, and high quality energy to the universe.
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