"Education is not the answer to the question. It is the answer to all questions." 
-William Allin
Listen Twice as Much as You Speak

When we seek guidance, it is usually to fix a problem or change our path of destiny.  The reason you have you two ears and one month is so you listen twice as much as you speak.  Acquiring spiritual intelligence requires an open mind like a sponge. It is not often a three minute Internet search, it requires an investment of time and a study of different points of view. The type of knowledge you seek is based on the problem you have.  This is a direct impact on where you seek, and what you do with the knowledge you will acquire.

Reference Education

Reference education refers to "text book" type knowledge and is the first step to solving problems related to health, finance, and anything concrete.  Questions like this would fall under this category:

  • You doctor tells you have diabetes, how will that change my life?
  • Is it a good time to refinance my home?
  • How can I learn a new language?
  • Which car gets the best gas mileage?

This type of education is often easier to get and easier to use in your decision making process. Again, we can't underestimate the importance of researching multiple sources of the same subject as the quality of the education you seek is proportional to the amount of energy you use to gather it.

Philosophical Education

Philosophical education refers to knowledge or wisdom relating to subjects that have no proof of factuality.  Millions of people refer to the bible as knowledge and wisdom, but it is not a factual reference like an encyclopedia.  What if it was?  Wouldn't our troubles be so much easier to solve?  Of course, and that is exactly why it is not. Here are some examples of philosophical questions:

  • Is this person the perfect match for me?
  • Why is my relationship not satisfying and exciting anymore?
  • Is this the right career path for me to be financially secure?
  • How long will I live?

Philosophical education is also known as wisdom and advice. The universe has to allow you, in communication with your soul, to define these parameters and live your life accordingly.
Spiritual Enlightenment
Be A Seeker of Knowledge and Wisdom

Imagine you play golf. Which club do you use when?  How do you hook or slice a shot?  There is an impressive amount of study required to make the ball go where you want it to.  Learning is the first step but knowledge alone won't make you a golfer.  No matter how much knowledge you have there will always be an element of fate that all factors into it being impossible to master the game.  The game of life is the same.  You won't learn it all, through spiritual enlightenment you want to learn more.
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Fate Initiates Spiritual Enlightenment
How do you avoid every sand trap the universe will send your way?  You can't, and this is by design.  Fate creates opportunities for new spiritual growth and higher evolution.  This process begins with Enlightenment of your soul.

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Spiritual Enlightenment Means Learning

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Satori is a Zen Process for Enlightenment

Think of a state of being with no mind. It is a thought process without ego and thought between the body and the mind. Think of it as a process of pure thought without any personal opinions, beliefs, and understandings.  Satori is a type of thinking, just a blank open mind. It is not a goal you wish to strive for, it is a point of mental relaxation in which you take everything in without prejudice.
Absorb without Cleaning

I like to use this term to describe the spiritual enlightenment process because it is one of those things that is easier said than done.  A universal term I refer to as Complexly-Simple.  Attaining knowledge and wisdom is to do without judgment. Judgment is almost like a temptation that only has one goal:  To keep you from the path of the light.  

I promise you, you have not evolved you soul enough to judge.  To judge, requires all the knowledge of the universe, something you'll get to experience when you cross over.  Even then, with all the knowledge of the universe, including all that is past and all that is future, you will only judge one thing.  But I am getting off course a little, we'll save that for another time.

We have often heard the reference of "being a sponge" when it comes to learning.  However, we have learned to be very picky about what we allow our sponges to absorb.  The entire point of this first step in evolving your soul is to learn to engage knowledge and make it part of your soul.  Think of it like you are learning all the languages spoken here, but you don't when or where you'll need to draw on this knowledge.  That will come later in the process, the next process actually, but we won't judge, we will apply and choose which of our newest knowledge will help us create our new paths of destiny.

Create a Plan to Gain Wisdom

Before you begin your search for higher levels of education, be prepared to record the information you find.  Bookmark web pages, copy information to a word file, and create a spreadsheet to help define and organize your quest.  Pretend you are writing a report and document your sources for later reference. And, before you start, consider creating an outline of your questions and the new questions you will have as you gain knowledge. 

Most of all, have fun!  Spiritual Enlightenment is about the creative energy in your soul!  Allow yourself to dream and allow yourself to imagine dreams come true.  Again, without judgment.