President Barack Obama Natal Astrology Reading
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Sun in 1st House
You have a strong personal presence, charisma and an ability to make an impact on others. Strong-willed and proud, you express yourself with confidence and authority. You have leadership capabilities, coupled with a strong desire for recognition and personal success. At times, you can be inclined to overwhelm other people with the power of your personality, or be prone to excessive pride and egotism.

Sun Square Neptune (3z22' S)
You are highly sensitive and impressionable. You have a tendency to be easily swayed by others; are prone to seducing influences and susceptible to intoxicants and stimulants. While you may be inspired with the best of intentions and ideals, you often lack the power and motivation to bring them to realization. Equally, you may be prone to recycling periods of low vitality and physical weakness. 

There is a susceptibility to self-deception and seducing influences that can lead to scandals. Your father may be an unknown quantity to you, or even absent. Positively, you may have spiritual inclinations, coupled with a fascination for metaphysical or esoteric subjects.

Your inner life is very active, and mystical or psychic experiences are not unfamiliar to you. You have compassion and an ability to feel and understand the needs of others with sympathy and empathy. You may be gifted with a measure of inspiration and creativity, which may express itself through the arts - especially music, painting, photography or drama.

Sun = Saturn/Uranus (-1z40' S )
Strong inner and physical tensions. The urge to be free of imposed restraints. Pushing against boundaries. Initiating the breaking down of old structures and constructing of the new.

Rebelling against the status quo and restrictions. Confrontations with authority figures. Acts of personal courage and acts of violence. Sudden losses and separations. Struggles for survival. Accidents and injuries.

Sun = Moon/Saturn (-1z27' A )
Self-reliant and self-sufficient. Feelings of isolation or standing alone in life. Necessity to take responsibility for self and actions. Testing personal and family circumstances. Emotional or physical separations. Recycling periods of low self-confidence or self-motivation.
Natal Chart Report for Barack Hussein Obama II

Born August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii

This page will list just the "Sun Reading" of our newest President. The sun part of an astrology reading is what you would in any daily newspaper. However, astrology readings are much more complicated than just the location of the sun.  The whole universe is in play.  

Sun Sign
The Sun describes your sense of personal identity, your creative expression and ability to realize your individual potential and gain recognition.

Sun in Leo
You are creative in the broadest sense of the word and motivated by the urge to make your mark on the world and to gain a measure of personal recognition and power. You have a desire to be at the center of attention or in the limelight. At your best, you are self-assured, self-confident, out-going, sociable and companionable, but also you can be proud, status-conscious, arrogant and susceptible to flattery. You exude authority and are a natural leader and organizer who can make decisions. You are protective of others and generous by nature.
Sample Astrology Report
Here is a sample astrology reading for President Obama.  This reading is condensed to show just the sun sign, part of the reading.  An actual readingis about 30 pages long.  You can see the entire reading for President Obama by downlowning the PDF below.
"If you walk down the right path, and you keep walking, you will make progress."
-Barack Obama 
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Astrology Reading of Our President

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Sun = Uranus/Ascendant (-1z17' A d)
A vibrant and original personality. Quick responses and reflexes. Pronounced restlessness. Tendency to be constantly on the go and mobile. A stimulating personal environment. Association with interesting and progressively-minded people. Connections within the Information Technology industries. Impatience and intolerance. Stressful or high risk environments. Sudden accidents.

Sun = Moon/Ascendant (-1z04' A )
Dynamic and supportive partnerships. Assessing and responding to the needs of others. Cultivating personal connections. Sensitivity to environmental influences. Influential women. Acknowledging the importance of family relations and gatherings.

Sun = Venus/Mars (-0z19' S d)
Power of attraction. Sexual magnetism. Sensuality. Passionate nature. Ardent in love. Strong desire for sexual experiences and physical and emotional unions. Lust. Adventures in love. The urge to become a parent. Creative flair - artistic skill or appreciation.

Sun = Jupiter/Uranus (+1z07' A )
An adventurous and optimistic spirit. A contemporary outlook. An innovative and original mind. An eagerness for new and stimulating experiences. Resourceful and mentally flexible. Sudden opportunities and successes. Applying new ideas and techniques successfully. Intuitiveness. Progressive leadership.

Sun = Mercury/Uranus (+1z13' S d)
Original and intuitive thinking. A quick learner with the ability to sum up situations quickly. Intellectual flexibility. Mentally alert and astute. Thinking outside of the box. An interest in reforms and innovations. Open to new and progressive ideas or methods. Restless. Easily distracted. Impulsive and contradictory. Nervous energy.

Sun = Moon/Jupiter (+1z20' S )
A positive and confident manner. Ease of self-expression. Generosity. Giving and receiving encouragement and support for objectives. Opportunities for advancement. High expectations. Successful women. Social and material advantages. Satisfying partnerships. Contacts with foreign countries.

Sun = Moon/Mercury (+1z26' S )
A natural communicator and conversationalist. The ability to relate well to others. Perceptive, observant and articulate. A talent for dealing with the public, or for public related work. Mental activity. Intellectual creativity and flexibility. An aptitude for languages. Business activity.

See the Barack Obama's Entire Astrology Reading.