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In this section, you will find some of my older writings from the early years of the website. Through the tears, there has become too many pages to put in one navigation, so you can find some great spiritual content here, and help yourself evolve to become the person, and the partner you wish to be.

Pages in the Archive

  • Just 10 Lbs A Book by Brad Lamm Brad Lamm, wrote one of the most powerful spiritual books I have ever read. It sounds like a weight loss book, and it is, but if you look past the surface, there is an amazing collaboration between dropping some weight and applying the same process to evolving your soul. I also refer Brad to people and families in need of addiction counseling.

  • Spiritual Health and Healing - Time is an undefined universal factor that directly effects our ability to evolve. This section will address how to improve your health.

  • Spiritual Tarot Cards - They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  The Universe used these hand drawn pictures to communicate spiritual laws, theory, and the use of energy to me.  I call them tarot cards and use them in my spiritual advice sessions.
Best Ghost Movies - I get a kick out of mediums that talk to the dead like they are talking to neighbors. "How are you doing?" with "Oh, I'm doing fine."  For me, every occurrence is terrifying.  I'll start with one of my own ghost stories, then I'll list the movies I think are realistic.

Upgrading Your Husband - This newsletter was written in response to a humorous email sent in by a new subscriber regarding relationships.  All members are invited to request subjects for the weekly newsletter. 

Spiritual Healing Exercise - You do this every day, and if you learn how to do my way, you will understand the energy of healing and spiritual growth.

Communicate with the Universe - There is a spiritual wisdom that says:  You can only see what your mind can comprehend.  Spirituality lessons are all around you.  See them and help The Universe achieve its goal: The evolvution of your soul.

Third Eye for a Blind Soul - A great TV Show for seeing all points of a spiritual make-over by amazing experts in their field. Lessons for us all.
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Free Spiritual Guidance by Jordan Canon Spiritual Advisor
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Spiritual Archive

Free Spiritual Guidance
by Jordan Canon, Spiritual Advisor
Free Daily Spiritual Astrology Readings
Romance and Spirituality - Like everything in your universe, you create it all based on the amount and quality of energy you are willing to invest in your relationships.  Let's take a look at how you can make a fanstastic Valentine's Day with that special person in your life.

What They Say - Somewhere in Washington there is a tiny room with hardly any staff.  It is a department so small, it never comes up in budget discussions, or political debates.  The power this department quietly yields is as opposite as its size. It sets national policy by simply telling you what to think.

Impossible Situations - I promise you, we will all have a lowest point in our life.  It is not destiny, it is the result of our own choices.  To the universe, it is the result of millions and millions of the tiniest decisions all adding up to one present moment of time.  

A Lesson from the Universe - On a fateful Saturday afternoon, I thought I was investing charitable energy to help a worm that was struggling to survive.  Instead, the universe led me on a path ending in a mystical lesson in charitable energy and creating your future.  

Soul Mate Energy - How will you find your soul mate?  How will get more soul mate energy from your current relationship?  How will a break up help on your path?  These common questions all look outside your soul.  Try looking inward and see what results you get.
Relationship Compatibility Goals - Since the website was created, I am aware of 22 couples who have gotten married following the step by step guidelines posted on our How to Find a Soul Mate page. During that same period of time, this page has been visited by tons of souls.  

Wrong Astrology Signs - A professor in Minnesota tells the world we may not be the astrology we thought we were, kicking off a world-wide news craze. Is he right?  Can it be? From the viewpoint of spiritual growth, the real question might be: Does it matter?

Election 2012 - Astrology Readings for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Charitable Donations - The universe considers charity as a first step process to attaining unconditional love and kindness towards all others. This divine evolutionary goal is considered to be the ultimate perfection of your soul.  You can give charity without giving money.

GPS For Your Soul - Feelings of insecurity generally grow to becoming feelings of low self esteem.  Your investment of energy into your future slows down, and you become a bystander to your own life.  Here's one way you can quickly get back on the right path.

Spiritual Advisor - I am a spiritual advisor that prefers teaching you how to communicate instead of relying on the connection of others.  Even the best psychic is not as strong an energy as your own soul, managing your own evolution.  And that is why you are here.

Soul Mates of the Year - What had started out as a newsletter topic on people who exemplify outstanding achievements we would like to attain in our own relationships grew into an annual event. Find out our past recipients here.

Soul Mate Case Study - Understanding how the universe reinvests your energy is the key to creating the perfect soul mate relationship. Learn how one of our members found hers, by following our step by step plan, and investing the energy it takes to turns dreams into reality.

A Soul Mate Love Story - Read this true spiritual love story and you might be able to relate to challenges faced in all relationships, and discover a hidden spiritual message.

Cyber Soul Mates? - The most popular requests I get for relationship compatibility readings are from people chatting over the Internet in long distance cyber relationships. They can be single people chatting with single people, single people chatting with married people, and married people chatting with married people. These thoughts will give you something to think about.

Relationship Differences - It is so easy for us to see how "screwed up" our relationships can be, because every action has a reaction.  Use the same energy to finger-point at yourself and find solution to your relationship issues.  Here is an exercise that may help you see this point.

How to Communicate - The universe provides every soul with a magic power.  If you learn what they are, you can learn to communicate with the souls in your environment on a higher level.  Can you memorize just 12 words?  If so, you are on your way.

An Ended Relationship - These very touching set of photos were sent in to me by one of our members depicting a female bird that is sick or injured.  She can longer fly, and her loving mate attempts to rescue her. What he does is amazing and thought provoking.

High Maintenance - This article deals with improving relationship skills by communication.  Like any skill, you have to develop it with practice.

21 Thank You’s - This newsletter was written based on an intuition I had from the Universe to help people get started managing spiritual energy. Here is a simple exercise to help get you started.

Human Instincts - Humans do not have any instincts. I do not know why people love to believe they have them, but that has been my experience as a spiritual advisor. Let me prove to you that the universe created souls without instincts.

I'm So Lost, What Do I Do? - You're supposed to be "lost"...a little. If you are not going through life with occasional feelings of being "lost," you are not properly pursuing your destiny. Never stop moving forward, even when you're not sure where you are going. Read on to learn why.

My Book: Chapter 1 - I am not sure if I am going to call it the White Book or the Light Book, but the way I see the cover looking is with no picture, no name, and no author. The message is more important than the messenger. Members of this website are welcome to read mini summaries.