I think you are a very caring man to spend money like that.

I believe the Universe knew you would instinctively help the cat to give you the knowledge that you could survive your own traumatic accident, others would help you, and to not give up on yourself.
Kim, Canada, Taurus

My first impression was the universe was going to present you with the opportunity to exit the planet the very next day or your original life plan was for you to exit the planet and the universe
wanted to know if you would care to stay longer and continue your work so you were presented with a life and death situation that you could express your true feelings through that the universe could respond to.

Your life and death situation was not averted but the medical team that came together did not give up on you just as you did not give up on the cat. Whatever contract or karma you had you fulfilled and lived through it.

Diane, NJ in the USA, Cancer

Greetings to you Jordan. You are an inspiration writer. I think its a premonition, an insight to come, on that time you rescue a poor almost lifeless animal you are gathering powerful strength spiritually from the universe.It was an opportunity for you to fill in your spirit. When you got accident it was the time of using it. This is how I believe. A good karmic reaction.
Cris, Phil., Libra

Maybe if you had made a different choice and not saved that cat, the outcome of your accident would have been different....its all about choices I suppose,great story!

I am trying to improve my life spiritually and stories like this help. Please keep up the good work.  There are so many things not right to this kind of development in this world, but I am starting to see more and more that is. Thank you so much for sharing and all that you do!

WOW - When I read this, I thought back to when this happened to me as well.

I've always had cats since I can remember. When I was around 13 I had gotten my outside cat Midnight to be an inside/outside cat who loved to be with his older sister Snowwhite (who was in no way white, a fluffy earth toned tabby).

Snowwhite had just had kittens the day before, I was so happy. The next day while I'm tending to her I look outside to see three dogs using a black cat as a ragdoll and tearing its life away. I ran out there and the dogs scattered, only to leave Midnight there, almost lifeless.

I cried like anyone would as I brought him in. I showed Snowwhite what had happened, and she had no reaction when she sniffed him. He died in my arms, and I cried.

That moment, when I was crying, mom went to open the back door to I think dump something out and then...

MRRRRRROOOOOW - Midnight's at the door!

I gave the black cat that passed in my arms a burial and then rejoyced as I hugged my Midnight so tight.

I am very glad I found this site :) 
Krystal, USA, Leo

I found your cat story amusing and touching at the same time. How do you think this relates to your own near death experience?

From an artistic point of view, I as a reader want to hear more.  The story is clearly written, without excess words, and interesting enough to intrigue.  Thank you.

Alana Ronald, Canada, Cancer

Hi Jordan, I thoroughly enjoy your emails and look forward to receiving them.
You asked for first impressions about your "Cat Story" so here is mine.  The spirit crying out for help is a universal cry. That's why you thought the injured cat was yours.  Knowing that the odds were not in it's favor you chose to help in any way you could, hence finding the vet, driving the distance, spending whatever was necessary to give 'your' cat the aid required to give it a chance. 
I don't think it was a test.  I think it was the universe letting you experience on a conscious level what your subconscious needed to know for the next day.  Specifically that 1) you have a strong will to survive, 2) your road to recovery will be strewn with obstacle after obstacle but you will ultimately hurdle all 3) the accident will not only challenge your body to heal but change your direction in life  4) your acknowledgment that we are not alone, 5) your openness to receive and pass along any lessons learned from the universe 6) your recognition that you have a lot to give to the world  7) your willingness to give of yourself sharing your 'universal' gifts to help others.  
I hope this helps.  God Bless You and Be Well. 
Karen ;-)

Good Day Jordon :) 
Quite the cat story mate! Wow, and that you shared such an almost tragic, personal story as the one here, wow Holay.  Interesting for true :) Glad you made it through, and are with us today. I enjoy your emails. Have a great day eh.
Melody :)

I just wanted to say that your story was great and I look forward to reading the whole of your book. My personal belief is that everything happens for a reason and there are lessons to be learned from even the littlest of things. Yes, I am a Saggitarius :)

Your car and concern for the cat (even thought not yours in the end) is a testament to the energy you put out in the world and its a beautiful thing! The fact that you were in a horrible accident the very next day was an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself than ever before and the experience with the cat gave you another experience to draw strength from to get you through. God knows your heart and he knew the effort you put forth to save the cat and I just know he gave you the strength you needed to come out on top once again :)

Your experiences have given you a unique ability to shed light on life for those who seek guidance through your cosmic awareness :) I get a lot of email in my inbox that I don't read but I always enjoy reading what you have to share. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I appreciate what you are doing and everything you had to go through to get where you are today.


Hi Jordan, long time! 
It does not surprise me that you have an equally amazing pre-accident story regarding the cat! You asked for insights, here is what I think. Your website is based entirely on Charity. You showed the ultimate charity through your actions with the cat, knowing full well the impact to your paycheck and time, not knowing if the animal would even survive. I can't imagine what went through your head when you returned to your house to fine your cat.  For you to have saved a life the day before you needed yours saved is outstanding!  As always, you amaze me.


"Wow Jordan. Was this a test of faith? I think so. I cant help but wonder if you had let the cat go, would the same have happened to you. The saying 'Do unto others as you would have done to yourself ' springs to mind. Your story moved me."


"You put a lot of energy into saving 'your' cat's life, a lot of energy was put into saving your life."

-Janette, N Ireland, Pisces

"This is so so interesting, I got goosebumps reading it.There is a lot of content to read here and I couldn't decide what to read so I chose to read about the cat story because I too have always had a cat. Your experiences scare me a little, I know you will find the answers because you have the intelligence. emotional/spiritual intelligence and those who do are the leaders.

I wish to share an experience, I don't know if it's supernatural or a coincidence. I had been away from my country after my marriage and after a few years one day while driving to town with my husband I started thinking...My mother looks after my ailing father, she is totally in charge, I wish she could get a break, I wish she didn't have to work so hard, it's her old age. Then i suddenly shouted in my mind..'What are you thinking, she might die, she'll get a break. Then I felt very strongly as if my mother will die. I had been very quiet and sad all the time in that car. My mother passed away suddenly after 3 months or so after this incident although I used to speak to her regularly and she was alright.. maybe the universe heard differently what I was praying for. 

Thank you Jordan for all that you have for us here. I'll be here often."

-Roohi, India, Sagittarius.

It has to be symbolic, you graciously saved the life of a cat that you assumed was your own. Nevertheless, you even went so far to preserve this cats life and in return the universe saved your life in the same gracious way. You acted compassionately for life and your Creator paid the same respects upon you! Awesome! 

-Nene, Scorpio

What I get from your story at first impression is that the two cats symbolize two you's; you have met one of your parallel selves (there are several Twilight Zone original's that illustrate this very real phenomenon of multidimensional existentialism), which is why you have all of the 'extra' powers and gifts since your accident...your favorite spiritual movie 'The Matrix' (mine too!) actually demonstrates how cats precede 'enlightenment' or 'cardinal change events' in the spiritual realm....
-USA, Aries

Do for others as you'd have done to yourself,springs to mind, probably not quoted right im not relligious,but does seem to eerily fit. loved the story can't wait to hear more in chapter 2.Keep up the great work i find myself coming back again and again to your web page,thanks.

-sarah canada aquarius

In my perception, you are a very dear, tender old soul. It would never have been in your thinking to ignore the needs, nor effort to save the cat's life, despite time and expense....because that's who you are.

Your NDE was necessary to reawaken the knowledge for which you came into this life....your soul contract and purpose. You perpetually demonstrate compassion, unconditional love and patience, no doubt taught and enhanced by your protracted hospital stay.

It has been an honor for me to have found you and the gift of membership with your newsletter.  May your daily life be filled with wondrous blessings.

-Violette, Costa Rica, Aquarius

Oh my Dear God, I was so completely taken by surprise at the conclusion of your story. It speaks to me immensely because i am quite annoyed by cat hair floating everywhere and his voice is scratchy and constant.  What does it say about me that I am wishing I could give him a new home where he can roam the fields and roam with the bunnies, the mice and other creatures that he used to be able to bring home and beam as he dropped them on the doorstep, or carted inside to play with. I am not enjoying being responsible for another creature who wants more of my time than I care to give.  He used to be able to go outside, but I'm in a condo development that sends nasty letters with the promise of fines if they find him outside once again. He has been known to leap off the deck, a full story to the ground - so he can go prowl.

-Joie, USA, Libra

Maybe because you acted purely on the animals life(spiritual) and not the cost(earthly). You showed you could move forward as a spiritual being and that you weren't completely Earth bound. Relating to the cat's "thank you" was your willingness to connect to the formless. The universe may have recognized that you could be used in that instant...and set up creating the situation(near death experience), that you and others could belief would transform you into the hypersensitive you are now....maybe

Hi Jordan, Thanks for all that you do. How about calling it Light White Book or White Light Book? Best of all worlds. Or maybe two books one Light one White. Just popped in my head as I read. The cat symbolized a major change in your life. The universe simply reacted to your choice and value towards life. I don't feel that life is so much of a test but more like us getting experiences based on our true inner beliefs. Feels like there is still some hidden insights for you and it will come when you are ready for it. Have you ever questioned what you would have done if you knew that it wasn't your cat???

-Lois, Pisces
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Back in the day, animal hospitals were not as common as they are today. I had to find one in the yellow pages (there wasn't an Internet back then) and drive two hours to get to the vet. I was so tired, I wasn't sure I could make the drive. I also doubted my cat would make the drive too, but as long as he was alive I would take the chance. 

The vet took him in right away and came out about ten minutes later. My choices were to put him to sleep or attempt an all day operation. He had lost a lot of blood and there were no guarantees he would make it through surgery. Being a sailor in the Navy, a lot of money is not something one accumulates. Half my paycheck was already committed to the visit so far. The operation would put me in debt for many paychecks to come.

Understanding my position, the vet made it perfectly justifiable to put my cat down. Even so, I decided to let him go ahead with the operation. 

For the rest of the day I slept periodically in the most uncomfortable molded plastic chair you could imagine. Apparently the operation backed up the scheduled appointments for the day, and the other pet owners were frustrated by the wait.  

But their pets would all get seen, and I would see the waiting room fill up and empty out over the course of the day. Just before closing, I got my first update from the vet. My cat had made it through, and was under heavy medication. It would be okay for me to take him home, but there were still no guarantees he would survive the next week.
Chapter One

I am about halfway through writing the book I mentioned some time back. It's amazing how one reconnects to the events, emotions, and experiences of the past when you try to document them. Writing a spiritual journal is a good practice just for that reason.

I believe most of you know I am a near death survivor, having been in a fatal car accident some time ago. That experience, and what the universe would ask me to do since then, is the source of all I write about here.

In typical universal communication, the book starts with an ending. It is very hard, if not impossible, to get a straight answer out of the universe. But that is because we do not possess the knowledge the universe does. Once you "get it," the universe is very clear in its communication.

My Cat Story

I had always had a cat in my life, even while I was in the Navy. After one weekend of long hours and little sleep, I pulled into my apartment complex, only to find my cat had just been hit by car. He was still alive, but just barely. His entire hind quarters were bleeding excessively. He was barley awake, and in obvious pain. 
The White Book
I am not sure if I am going to call the White Book or the Light Book, but this is how I see it looking. No picture, no name, and no author. The message is more important than the messenger. Members of this website are welcome to read mini summaries.
"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it."
--Jean de La Fontaine
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I packed him up in the bloodied box I brought him in with and began the long drive home. At one point, he looked up at me, his eyes all glassy, and seemed to think to me: "Thank you." Then we went back to sleep. 

I got back to my apartment and carefully lifted him out of the car. I held the box and all of his medications under one arm, and fumbled with me keys to open the front door. On the corner of my eye I saw a young woman in a hippie-styled white dress. She stared at me with angelic innocence, as if she was waiting for me forever. Of Latin or Italian descent, if I had to guess. Her facial expression seemed to be happy to see me and to want to say "do you remember me?" Before I could give her a second look, my apartment door suddenly opened stealing my attention away from her. As soon as it did, I heard a roar from within my apartment: 


Yes, my cat was in my apartment, and quite upset he had been in there for so long. The cat I took to the vet wasn't my cat, and in fact, they didn't even look that much alike. When I went back to look for the woman in white she was gone.

I say that the beginning of this story starts with the ending because the next day I would be in my own fatal car accident. Three near death experiences and two years in the hospital. I would never know what happened to either of my cats.   

Ironically, doctors would say the exact same thing about me, the vet said about my cat: "He had lost a lot of blood and there were no guarantees he would make it through surgery." 

Everyone has a point in their life when they make a decision, or create a path of destiny for themselves, that they can go right back to that exact moment in time, and just "feel" the significance of the event. This was such an event for me, and to this day I can't figure it out. Was it a test?  What does it mean? Who was the woman in white? I didn't know but I intuitive felt like I would meet her again one day way in the future, except I would remember her and she wouldn't remember me.

I guess I will never know, but I do know what happened next, and that would be found in chapter two. 

I would love to hear any "first impressions," or thoughts you might have that could shed some light (no pun intended) on the subject. 

 Love and light,
Jordan Canon

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