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"These days people seek knowledge, not wisdom. Knowledge is of the past, 
wisdom is of the future."  -Vernon Cooper
For those of you that don't know, my "spiritual awakening" came after becoming the only survivor of a major car accident.   Eleven people died, including myself.

I had three near death experiences, and spent two years in the hospital.  I was told I would never walk again, never reproduce, never use my right arm, and forever go to the bathroom in a bag surgically installed on my body.  With the help of the universe, I created a different future for myself.
Teaching and Learning Spiritual Process
Which soul do you connect with the most?  

  • A little soul running down a path of destiny with the passion and exuberance of life?
  • Or an older, more experienced soul, watching over the little one?  
If you can connect to both at the same time, you have defined an efficient means of creating your own path of destiny.

My daughter can learn to drive from my teaching process, but is she really learning to drive?  Understanding process is more like a preparation of learning.  She doesn't really learn to drive until she sits in the car, turns it on, and drives away.  It is when she applies the teaching process that she learns to drive.  She becomes part of the relationship of other drivers, and as we know, you can only evolve through your relationships.

The Spiritual Process

The concept of this newsletter is to summarize the majority of topics covered by one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions. The majority of communications had to do with feelings of insecurity and self doubt about the future.  Feelings of insecurity generally grow to becoming feelings of low self esteem.  Your investment of energy into your future slows down, and you become a bystander to your own life.  Here is how you get back on the right path:
Step One:  Spiritual Enlightenment
Forget where you are today, and where you were yesterday.  Throw it out.  Focus your energy on where you want to be.  Create a long list without judgment.  Have fun with it.

Step Two:  Spiritual Awareness
Look at your list, and pick off the items that you can set a realistic short term goal for.  Don't try to reinvent your in one day, just get moving.

Step Three:  Spiritual Growth
Spiritual growth has three steps you can read on the website, but basically it is about creating and implementing your plan to create the new future you want to have.  You are in control of evolving your soul.  Try this process and see it happen.
You Are Supposed to Outgrow Your Environment!

Evolving your soul is not something you ever attain.  It is an ongoing process.  The universe, in its infinite wisdom, will not let you get complacent. The idea is to invest energy into creating and improving all the relationships that make up your environment.
Your Keys to Your Future

This is a very basic lesson in the spiritual process, but it is time to give you the keys, and take the universe out for a quick drive around the block.  The more you practice, the better your skill will become.  You will be surprised just how easy it is to get from point A to point B, when harness the power of the light.  And if you find your universe doesn't have power windows, send me an e-mail.  I would be happy to help explain spiritual theory in more detail.

The Spiritual Process of Evolving Your Soul

So here I am, lesson one, of teaching my daughter to drive.  We bought her relatively new Volkswagon. She has been in the car hundreds of times, but I still had to go over (over-protective) every single button and knob one uses to drive.  Which I did, in great detail.  After my lesson, I asked her:  "Is there anything here, I didn't cover, or you don't understand?"

"Yes," she replied.  "One thing you didn't cover."

I was shocked.  How could I be so careless and incompetent as to not cover something that could possible cause an accident? 

"What is this?"  She asked.

"Well daughter, that is a crank to put the window down.  This car doesn't have electric windows."

Thankfully, missing that detail probably would not have caused an accident, but I imagined her not being able to give a police officer her paperwork, if she were ever pulled over.  And even more likely, how would she be able to pick up some Taco Bell for me at a drive-thru?
Not long ago, I was teaching my daughter to drive.  I take this responsibility very seriously.
24/7 Spiritual Direction
Feelings of insecurity generally grow to becoming feelings of low self esteem.  Your investment of energy into your future slows down, and you become a bystander to your own life.  Here one way you can quickly get back on the right path.
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