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Just 10 LBS
I think most of you know it is not like me to endorse a product, and I do not feel like I am doing that here. I do believe the new book, Just 10 Lbs by 

Brad Lamm, is one of the most powerful spiritual books I have ever read. It sounds like a weight loss book, and it is, but if you look past the surface, there is an amazing collaboration between dropping some weight and applying the same process to evolving your soul.

Just 10 LBS

Brad Lamm

Book Review

"I have devoted my 
life to helping others
live lighter, 
better lives."

-Brad Lamm
I have used the analogy of weight loss to help readers understand the evolution process for some time now. Losing weight is a goal where you envision yourself getting from Point A to Point B, just like finding a soul mate, improving any relationship, or setting out on any path that creates the future you wish to experience.

Spiritual Enlightenment
Before you go on a diet, you would have to research which diet is best for you. There could be hundred's of options. Here, that first step is called Spiritual Enlightenment, which means learning. The goal is to absorb all the information you can and generate a list of possibilities. In the case of finding a soul mate, I advise you take some time and write down everything you want from the perfect relationship in great detail.

Spiritual Awareness
The second step of evolving your soul is Spiritual Awareness. In this step, you simple create a plan based on the knowledge you acquired during your learning efforts. If you were to lose weight, you pick the diet plan that works best for you. In the case of finding a soul mate, once you have  created your perfect partner, it is time to look in the mirror and determine if you are the perfect partner your soul mate would create if they were doing the same task you are.

Spiritual Growth
The last step of evolution is Spiritual Growth, which represents work and energy. You have researched your options, you have created your plan, so now you have to invest energy until your plan becomes a reality.  In the case of finding your soul mate, you have to invest self improvement energy to become the perfect person your soul mate is looking for.
Free PDF Worksheet Download

Brad Lam knows a thing or two about getting from Point A to Point B. He is a former drug addict, alcoholic, and had a severe weight problem. His life experiences include the extreme of getting from Point A to Point B, and he has dedicated his life to helping other souls achieve the same success he has. His methodology goes into great detail on how you can overcome and achieve anything you want to. It is from that viewpoint that makes his book one of the best spiritual tools I have ever come across.

The book itself is about $12, hardly anything for the insight and wisdom Brad has to share with you. Better yet, his website offers a Free PDF that outlines a worksheet to help you understand why you are where you are today, why you want to make positive changes, and how to help you achieve your goals. The PDF is written from the viewpoint of weight loss, but you can use this valuable spiritual tool for any self improvement process.

I highly recommend you go to his website, download and print the PDF worksheet, and give it a study. And better yet, invest some energy by filling it out. I sincerely believe this process will help you refocus your goals and identify what you want to achieve in this life.  The book will help you even more.

One of the things I say all the time is that wisdom is wisdom, no matter who says it. In this case, the wisdom comes from a loving, caring man who has been on the doorsteps of hell and climbed his way out to connect with the power of the light and one of the greatest displays of angelic energy I have had the pleasure to experience.

I hope you choose to harness this energy in your own efforts to create a better version of your life and your soul.

Love and light,

Jordan Canon.  
Small Goals Make Big Gains
The problem with too much ambition, of course, is the potential for failure. Obsessing over a big loss can overwhelm. And it may keep you from sticking to your plan. So let's forget the big numbers for now and focus on JUST 10. 
"What inhabits your life, inhibits your dreams."  -Brad Lamm, Just 10 LBS
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