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"Everyone is intuitive. Unless put into practical use, intuition becomes of little effect." 
-Edgar Cayce
There are many ways we seek out spiritual guidance and advice. Be it from our friends, family, spiritual advisors, or psychics, we tend look for sources outside our own souls. My near death experiences excellerated my connection to intuition, and how to use the power, but you certainly don't have to be the only survivor of a major car accident to become your own spiritual advisor.  You already have the power.  Even when a psychic tells you something, you still make your own life decisions.
The universe already has given you the ability to advise yourself.  Have you ever had an intuition come true?  Intuitions are nothing more than energy, and like everything else in the universe, the only thing that matters is how you use that power. It is a skill, and all skills need practice and effort to develop.  

Spiritual Advice Means Nothing Without An Investment of Energy from You

The first step of learning to communicate with your soul and the universe is to be prepared to do something with it.  Don't put any focus or energy into how, what, where, when, or why. Only focus on the message.  The universe communicates through all six senses, but you have to be ready to see and accept the communication.  Say you ask someone for directions to a store. Think of the directions as the message.  The message has no value unless you invest the energy in going there.

Your Soul Knows the Answers to the Questions you Seek

This website is a great resource of spiritual advice that covers many detailed topics. To get from points A to point B, there is an overlying spiritual process in which the universe gives you the tools to seek wisdom and advice as it pertains to your problem solving and choosing your path of destiny. 

The universe wants you to succeed and makes the process simple, however it is not a shortcut, and does require an effort and energy on your part;  Here is the process:

  • Spiritual Growth:  To create and implement plans of action resulting in accomplishment.

Spiritual Enlightenment refers to the gathering of education and learning. When you seek a spiritual advisor, you are seeking education. You are hoping this person has pure metaphysical or psychic abilities to help provide you with insight to a specific question. 

Spiritual Awareness is the act of taking this newfound knowledge or insight and evaluating it based on your present state. Is the information right?  Does it apply to me?  Does it open new doors of needed spiritual enlightenment?  You are judging the value of the knowledge.

Spiritual Growth refers what you do with the knowledge you feel is applicable. It is also the most important step of this universal process. Doing nothing, a deadly sin called sloth, prevents you from harnessing the power of the light. You must select the knowledge you feel best impacts your future path of destiny and implement a plan of action that leads to an accomplishment.

"Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; 
Wisdom lies in their simplification."  
-Martin Fischer

Take A Psychic Test
Do you want to be a psychic?  Maybe you would just like to test out your ability or measure your progress.  Anyone can if (like anything else) you are willing to invest time and energy developing the skill.

You get 25 attempts to guess which symbol the computer will select.  I got my first 6 in a row right, so I thought it was some kind of computer trick.  I got the next 6 right when I tried to pick the wrong card. On the 13th try, I made my first error.  That made me happy it wasn't a gimmick.  Then, I couldn't get one right for the remainder of the test.  Folks, that is very much what it is like to be psychic. There is a link to purchase books to learn how to be a psychic. 

Free Spiritual Advice

This entire website is about helping, healing, and providing free spiritual advice to those souls who happen to find their way to these pages.  If you feel you are still in need of free spiritual advice, guidance, or counseling, please Contact Me, and I will be happy to try and help you as best as I can.  Just provide me as much information as possible, so I can clearly understand your environment.

Love and Light,
-Jordan Canon

Jordan Canon International Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon
Learn to See Intuition As Spiritual Advice
Jordan Canon
I am a spiritual advisor that prefers teaching you how to communicate instead of relying on the connection of others.  Even the best psychic is not as strong an energy as your own soul, managing your own evolution.  And that is why you are here.   
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