I  like to use the example of going on a diet.  You can change your environment (your body weight) by going on a diet.  When you follow the rules of Spiritual Growth, you would have to invest the type of energy to lose weight as follows:

  • Which diet will you go on?
  • You will have to create a plan for your diet.
  • You will have to start, and stick to your diet to achieve your goals.
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"The bitterest, and most tragic element in life to be derived from an intellectual source
is the belief in a brute Fate or Destiny.    -Ralph Waldo Emerson
What is The Universe?

This website makes repeated references to "The Universe" as a source of creating paths of destiny.  In my spiritual correspondence with people all over the world, I have noticed many different meanings of the term, which is fine.  We are not here to tell you what to believe, we are here to hopefully give you something to think about, and improve the process by which you decide what to believe.  The joy of evolution is that only you can evolve your soul, and you accomplish this great purpose by what you believe.  

The definition of "The Universe" is a term I like to call complexly-simple.  The universe is simply everything that exists.  This includes all physical objects, and non-physical things relating to those objects such as thoughts, dreams, emotions, souls, etc.  


That was the simple.  How do we connect the dots from the exact point of time you first came to this website, to a point of time you wish to create?  Your universe, or all that exists for you, has to be modified for you to achieve the future you desired.  This is the complex part:
At one point in time all the humans on the planet knew the Earth was flat.  Thanks to Christoper Columbus (a Virgo) we learned the world is round.  Of course, we know today that the earth is an oblate spheroid, a rotationally symmetric ellipsoid having a polar axis shorter than the diameter of the equatorial circle whose plane bisects it. 

Translation:  The earth is not round like a penny, but more like an M&M.

Did you believe the earth was round?  In your universe (your version of what exists) it was, just like the earth was flat at one time.
For the rest of your life, you will remember the earth is not round.  You may not remember exactly what it is, but you will remember it is not round, and shaped more like an M&M.  Good for you!  You have experienced evolutionary growth of your soul by the spiritual process we teach at this website.
What is The Spiritual Universe?
The secret to creating new and exciting paths of destiny is understanding just how much power you have when you create your universe.  I am going to switch to a new term called environment. 

Let's say your environment is a mini version of your universe.  It is where you live, your relationships, but most importantly, it is the results of all the decisions you have ever made, multiplied by the amount of energy you invest in them.
Your soul cannot evolve without relationships.  The universe has provided you with an environment of relationships.  Your soul mate, your pets, your car, and your dwelling, all represent parts of your environment.  They also represent all your decisions, and all of your efforts.  You don't have relationship issues because of what is in your environment, you have issues (or successes) because of your choices and your dedication to the choices you make.  Grasp this concept, and you can change your world.

Think of the universe as a giant and sophisticated computer program that does only one thing:  It create relationships for your environment.  Like all computer programs, the universe doesn't care what you choose to create.  It doesn't judge you, and it doesn't have a memory.  It doesn't care if your life is great, or your life is in turmoil. It doesn't predetermine your destiny, and it doesn't choose anything for you.  Grasp this concept, and you can change your world.  

Your soul is here to evolve, and only you can evolve your soul.  I can't evolve your soul any more than you can evolve the souls in your environment.  The universe is nothing more than a tool to help you accomplish evolution of your soul.
Garbage In, Garbage Out
The universe is going to create your environment, whether you want it to or not.  It has to so it can maintain the human concept of time.  Everything you do, think of, will, as well as everything you don't do is energy the universe uses to create the your environment.  

You bring in the relationships by your own choice, the universe creates the outcome of your relationship by the quality and quantity of energy you invest into it.  Why does it seem bad things happen?  This is what you asked for.
The Universe is an Environment Creator

All that you see, feel, taste, and know is part of the environment you have created for yourself. Your environment is not the same as those you live with. Each soul creates their own environment in the same way you might play a video game. No two players will experience the same game because no two players can invest the same energy and make the same decisions in playing the game.

The universe only creates the environment you wish it to. Once you learn the power of manipulating the way the universe works, you will be able to create the future you wish to experience.

Of course that doesn't' mean "good" or "bad" but once you grasp the concept that the universe is like a complex, mathematical computer program, based on energy, you can learn how to manipulate it. This entire website is here to help you achieve this goal.

I hope you find this video interesting and full of spiritual wisdom. Wisdom is wisdom no matter who says it. The only hope I have for you reading this page is that you come away with a more opened mind, and realize you have more power to change your environment (and the quality of your relationships) then you think you do right now. 

If you believe there just might be something to all of this, I can help you in ways you can't imagine right now.

You Create Your Destiny
Do you believe your future path of destiny has already been determined for you?  If that were true, how would your soul evolve?  Your soul is energy, consisting of every thought and decision you make.  The universe uses your energy of choice to create your future.

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Your success in changing your environment (body weight) is totally based on your ability to learn and the amount of energy you invest in changing your environment.  The Spiritual Universe created a body that allows you to be able to accomplish, or create this path of destiny.  It doesn't care what you weigh, or what you will way.  It only provides a means for you to create better versions of yourself.

Of course, this also includes the energy of Temptation.  Why is it so hard to diet?  Why don't we all have perfect, healthy, beautiful bodies?  The ultimate deciding factor of your soul's evolution is entirely up to you, and the choices you make.

An Oblate Spheroid of Charitable Souls

Ironically, "oblate" has another meaning outside of mathematics and the M&M shape of our earth.  It also refers to a person offered to the service of, and living in a monastery, but not under monastic vows or full monastic rule.  A charitable soul.  Somewhere in outer space, I hope other civilizations refer to our planet as an oblate spheroid of charitable souls.  Maybe the universe, in its infinite wisdom, shaped our planet as a clue for our evolutionary goals.
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