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The Magic Power that Comes with Your Soul

By now, I hope you know the only way you can evolve your soul is through your relationships.  Improving your communication skills is an investment of energy that has direct effect on the quality of your relationships.  When I say "communication" I don't mean improve your talking.  We are all good at talking.

Listening, is to Yin, as talking is to Yang.  You can only maximize the quality of your communication if you learn how to balance each talking and listening with equal intensity and effectiveness.

I will focus on improving communications with the help of Spiritual Astrology.  Your soul comes into this existence with a magic power for your astrology sign.  The point of this exercise is not to learn yours, but learn the magic powers of all the other signs.  This will greatly help you to understand and better communicate with the other souls in your environment.

You will have to invest the energy into memorizing the magic powers for each sign to get any value back.  I have tried to make it simple for you:  If you can memorize and match just 12 words to each astrology sign, you can create and improve new paths of destiny by improving your relationships.
Aquarius (I KNOW)
January 20th to Feb 18th
Have a problem?  A Question?  A Mystery?  A Quandary?  Turn to the Aquarian in your life.  If they don't already (even the most ridiculous fact) they can find out.  Aquarians have the power of knowledge, and are the ultimate problem solvers.

Aries (I AM)
Mar 21st to Apr 20th
Aries is known as the baby of the zodiac, and have a "me-first" attitude towards life.  They have the power of I AM, meaning they can take action at a moments notice, especially if it's fun, just like a child.  Aries are leaders and Doers.

Cancer (I FEEL)
Jun 22nd to Jul 22nd
Cancer's are the most emotional sign of the zodiac.  And not most by a close margin, but by a blowout.  They feel the highs and lows of passions no other sign will come close to.  Cancer's have the magic power of emotion as it pertains to love and family relationships.

Capricorn (I USE)
Dec 22nd to Jan 19th
Capricorn has the magic power of discipline and dedication.  It is the sign of career and reputation.  Have a big job to do?  Capricorn is like a workhorse, powered by dedication and commitment.  Capricorn uses whatever resources exist around them to move mountains.

Gemini (I THINK)
May 21st to Jun 21st
Gemini's have the magic power of thought processing on a personal level.  Gemini people are curious about everything.  Their minds can be processing data like a computer 24/7.  Need to bounce an idea off of someone, ask a Gemini what they think.
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I am a cusp between Aquarian (I KNOW) and Capricorn (I USE) also known as an AquaCorn. Cusp's are souls born on the three days between the signs and have the traits of each in their personality.  One might say The Universe gave me the ability of KNOWLEDGE and the ability to USE it within the resources in my environment.  With this new knowledge of astrology, do you feel you know me better as a soul? 

The next time you go to work, ask around what people's signs are, and test the wisdom of knowing what their magic power is.  In no time at all, you can become pretty good at guessing what signs people are.  I think you will see the souls in your environments in a whole new light, which is a step towards evolving your own soul.

Love and light,

Jordan Canon
"The most difficult thing for people to do is hear their own soul."  
-Conversations with God
Improving Relationship Communications
The universe provides every soul with a magic power.  If you learn what they are, you can learn to communicate with the souls in your environment on a higher level.  Can you memorize just 12 words?  If so, you are on your way.
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In theory, your soul will come back as the next astrology sign in the series.  Your soul is here to learn, but the universe gives you one special magic power to experience this world with.  These magic powers are the two words in parenthesis.  They all start with "I" so you only have to memorize the one word after it. 

Be it co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, or soul mates, you have relationships in your universe.  Do you know what everyone's magic power is?  Learn this, (also called spiritual enlightenment), and you will begin to see and understand things about your relationships you never know existed. 
Leo (I WILL)
Jul 23rd to Aug 23rd
Leo is the sign that governs pleasure and creativity.  They have a flair for drama and an instinct for attention.  Their magic power is the ability to lead (when elected) and succeed.  See President Obama's Spiritual Astrology Reading.

Sep 23rd to Oct 22nd
Libra's are the masters of Yin and Yang.  Their sign represents marriage, unions, and partnerships.  If you would ask a Gemini what they think, you would ask a Libra what is the right thing to do.  Their magic power is making decisions by balancing every logical factor imaginable.

Pisces (I BELIEVE)
Feb 19th to Mar 20th
Pisces is at the end of the spiritual evolutionary cycle.  In their travels, they pick up a little bit of every other sign.  They are highly intuitive, and the second most emotional sign.  A Pisces magic power is to make miracles come true.

Sagittarius (I SEE)
Nov 22nd to Dec 21st
Sagittarius has the magic power of philosophy and higher learning.  The Sagittarius souls explore the universe in search of knowledge on a broad scale.  They might be the friendliest sign of the zodiac, so they are very approachable, and they can see things other souls can't see.

Scorpio (I DESIRE)
Oct 23 to Nov 21
Scorpio has the magic power of purpose and destiny, with one caveat, they don't know they have this power, but they feel true happiness when they help others make their desires come true.  Desire is an emotional power for "wants," without regard for logic.

Taurus (I HAVE)
April 21st to May 20th
Taurus has the magic power of material assets and acquiring them.  Be it property, money, or any possession, they can find ways to get them, and they don't give them up so easily.  Although you can't take them with you, possessions are part of your environment.

August 23 to September 22
Virgo is the sign of work and self-improvement. Virgo's are constantly trying to solve "What if..." scenarios in their head.  Their magic power is calculated advice, but not so much as pertaining to emotions. Virgo's also have insights into maintaining healthy lifestyles.