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"When you change the way you look at things, 
the things you look at begin to change."  -Wayne Dyer
Chill Out with Spirituality for a Healthy Mind, Soul, and Body

Think of your body as a giant ice cube. From the moment you are born, you will start to melt. The speed in which you melt is based on a universal factor: The heat of your environment.  

If you live ten years of your life unhealthy, you will never get the melted ice back. We tend to only make healthy lifestyle changes when a doctor tells us too much of our ice has melted.  
Time is an undefined universal factor that directly effects our ability to evolve. This section will address how to improve your health.

Spiritual Health is an Understanding with the Universe

We live in a very fast world and it is getting faster by the day.  With less available free time it is common to have our priorities of good health fall to the bottom of our daily "to-do" lists.  Granted, the excuses exist but we are all still responsible for our own health.  The universe is not interested in excuses, just the results of your actions.

Accepting a spiritual lifestyle will help slow down the fast paced world we created and accepted. The universe doesn't care what type of environment we choose to create for ourselves.  If we choose to eat on the run, overeat, not exercise, take in toxins, and take our bodies for granted, we must be prepared to accept the consequences of our actions.  

This section will focus on making a gradual change to a healthier lifestyle.  You didn't become unhealthy overnight so let's not point energy into massive and immediate changes that won't work.  Instead, let's focus on gradually steering back towards the right course.  This spiritual healing section will include topics covering:

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques to reduce everyday stress.
  • Creating a positive attitude.
  • A simple and nutritional eating plan based on USDA guidelines.
  • Focused diet plans for weight loss, diabetes, and low sodium lifestyles.
  • A section dedicated to the importance of exercise.
  • Support and guidance for healing addiction issues.

The spiritual health section will partner with the strategies of our sections including Spiritual Problem Solving and changing your Path of Destiny. 

It is Easier to Live Healthy than it is to Become Healthy 

No matter your present state is, you have the opportunity to improve your health.  The universe puts great value on how well we maintain our relationships with our bodies.  A healthier body leads to a healthier mind in how we think and make decisions. A healthier mind and body can only create a path of destiny that allows us the gift of more time to evolve our souls.  Like any journey, the first steps of changing bad habits and turning neglect into direct are the toughest, but the rewards will last a lifetime.
How Healthy is Your Body Compared to your Age? 
Take the Real Age Test

Let's say you are 40 years old. How old is your body?  Now there is something called a Virtual Real Age Test that measures the habits of your lifestyle, past and present, and estimates your real age taking into consideration the wear and tear you have put on your body. Maybe you can become younger after all.  

This test will also estimate how many days you have left to live.  Make sure they count!
How Old Is Your Body?
Spiritual Healing Exercise

Every time you go to the bathroom your body reports to you the status of a vital organ.  Take the first step in healing your body by applying this simple exercise in Spiritual Growth.  A posting of a weekly newsletter by Jordan Canon.
Psychic Healing 
by Sylvia Browne

Using the Tools of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ails you
Sylvia Browne now gives us a marvelous book on self-healing. Largely made up of actual research trance transcripts from her guides, this book is a must for those who have chronic physical problems but who cannot find relief from conventional medicine. It’s not meant to replace this type of treatment, though, but to augment it. 

Sylvia is one of the few deep-trance mediums in the world today, and the information that comes from her guides not only covers healing methods that give us the tools to heal ourselves and become more spiritual, but also gives us insights into preventive methods that ensure health and well-being so that we can live happier and healthier lives. Please click Banner for more information.

Spiritual Health and Healing

Spiritual Health and Wellness Attitude
A mirror shows you what you are in the present.  When you create a new path of destiny for yourself, you have to become aware of where you are, create a vision of where you wish to be, and initiate a plan (energy) to get there. 
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