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Both of you provide "grounding" energy to your relationships.  Strength by stability is your calling card.  Capricorn will provide the energy to succeed at anything you do together, and Virgo makes a great working partner.  You may run your relationship more like a company, but it is a relationship that will see its stock go up over the long haul.

3.  Capricorn and Capricorn Success through Similarity

Most same sign relationships find themselves closer to the bottom of this list than the top, but this one works.  You are similar in drive, attitude, and process.  You may feel like you have been together much longer than you really have been.  Be sure to refer to your daily Capricorn Love Horoscope since your core values and emotional tendencies are the same, you can spend most of your energy achieving high goals wherever you want to take this relationship.

4.  Capricorn and Scorpio  All Good

You are both emotionally cautious souls, which is a huge plus.  In no time at all, you will learn not to analyze for conclusions and trust each other's emotional natures.  Capricorn is not as good at communicating emotions, but Scorpio will slow things down in appreation of capable partner. Scorpio will become totally attached, but in a good way.
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The Best Astrology Signs for Capricorn Relationships

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Learn the best relationship matches for your sign and find out which ones will be the most challenging for your soul as a tool to help you evolve and improve your relationship through advanced communication skills.

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5.  Capricorn and Pisces  Yin Yang for Two

Pisces can be a sensitive daydreamer, while Capricorn is more of a realistic workaholic.  These attitudes of life are what bring you together at first, but could present some road blocks in the future.  Pisces realizes there is more to life than the day to day grind Capricorn is so good at.  If you can learn to accept your difference, you have a good Yin Yang relationship with a lot of potential.

6.  Capricorn and Sagittarius Learn to Live Together

This can be a relationship full of low level challenges that grow as the relationship goes on.  Capricorn's work-ethic attitude towards life is opposite of Sagittarius work to play attitude.  Capricorn can think of Sagittarius as immature and irresponsible, while Sagittarius thinks Capricorn is boring and rather plain. Harness your daily Capricorn Love Horoscope to help you learn to live with each other.

7.  Capricorn and Aquarius Great Business Partners

There is a lot of good energy between these two signs.  Aquarius is the genius creator and inventor and Capricorn is the disciplined work horse to make visions realities. The problem with this relationship will be romance and love.  Together, you can create and achieve, but you work separately to accomplish this.  A good business relationship, but to make it work as more, you have to learn to do more things together.

8.  Capricorn and Gemini One must Yield

In many ways you are opposites.  Slow, steady, determined Capricorn, and Fly by the seat of their pants Gemini mix like oil and vinegar.  Gemini is likely to become bored in the Capricorn lifestyle, and it will become hard for Capricorn to take Gemini seriously.  You will come to learn to disagree on too many things.  One must yield for this relationship to work.
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1.  Capricorn and Taurus Comfy Cozy

There is a spiritual connection between your two signs.  You have similar views on the world as well as on the home front, but your attitudes on how to make things is different enough to make this an exciting relationship.  You could be subject to a relationship that becomes too routine, but if you both work together on adding some stimulation, this is a great relationship. Your daily Capricorn Love Horoscope will alert you when this can happen.

2.  Capricorn and Virgo Strength by Stability
9.  Capricorn and Leo Expect Conflicts

Capricorn enjoys a simple and down to earth existence.  Leo enjoys the expensive, lavish, and extravagant.  The main issue this relationship will have, even over the smallest decision like buying a can of generic peas over the most expensive and best quality can.  Leo expects to lead by right of rank, and Capricorn expects to plan everything down to the smallest logical detail.  Your daily Capricorn Love Horoscope will mention conflicts, however you both value fidelity and loyalty.  Those two energies will be challenged to get you through many situations.

10.  Capricorn and Libra Bend and Brake

To a Libra, Capricorn can seem like an old stuffed shirt.  Too old fashioned, too serious, too structured, and the list of "too's" will go on and on.  Libra is an observer and a judge that prefers balance.  If there are too many "too's," than the Libra world is unbalanced, an environment they can't live in too long.  These are difficult issues to change for Capricorn, as it is just as difficult for Libra to not be what they are.  One more point:  Libra's are known to massive anger snaps when things get "too" out of balance.   

11.  Capricorn and Aries The Grounded Child

Aries is always thinking about themselves.  They are the babies of the zodiac.  They attack the word with individualism and self gratitude, while Capricorn likes to follow a stable and conservative path to success. Aries will feel like a child grounded to their room under Capricorn rule.

12.  Capricorn and Cancer You will Tire Quickly

Cancer is your spiritual opposite.  No sign has more emotions than Cancer, and you basically have no chance of being able to understand and communicate emotion on the scale of a Cancer.  There is a lot of sexual energy between these two signs, but everything else will come with a challenge.  Forget about your planning, your order, and your priorities in exchange for emotional (and passionate) communication.  You will tire quickly unless you follow the wisdom and suggestions of your daily Capricorn Love Horoscope.

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