Both Capricorn and Taurus are hard working and responsible individuals. They don't like being rushed into doing things. Even if they overdo it, that does not really matter, as long as they give it their best and get things done according to their acceptable standards.

Lastly, both signs love harmony. Neither one easily gets angry and they find it petty to even do so. Both would rather settle things and better use their energy to fix and get things done. Both Capricorn and Taurus find it more satisfying to face their challenges than leave everything hanging because they are upset, furious, or angry about something. 
Capricorn appreciates how Taurus gives importance to their relationship, love, and financial stability. They both seek individuality and are always looking for realistic ways to show cases their talents and strengths.

The only difference the two signs may have is how they interact with their emotional side. Taurus is more inclined towards intimacy whereas Capricorn prefers to busy themselves with their goals and ambitions.  They are so passionate and impulsive that sometimes they fail to notice everything else around them. Nonetheless, Capricorn cold and intense nature does not bear much weight that could jeopardize the relationship.  Once both signs see each other's values, it will be hard for them to accept that anyone else could give them same understanding and intensity of love.
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Capricorn and Taurus share so many common traits making for a very compatible union. Both come from earth signs, making them move together well when it comes to practicality and views on life.

Both are goal-oriented, and therefore, it is perfectly normal for them to work hard and pursue their goals no matter hard the circumstances are. Taurus admires how Capricorn sets high standards in everything they do and how seriously they take things.
Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility
Capricorn, on the other hand, must not pressure their Taurus to immediately accept the world they revolve in. They must understand that Taurus needs time to trust and adapt, especially if they are faced with unfamiliar grounds and situations. Capricorn should learn to be more intimate as well as being sensitive to Taurus' feelings, especially if they crave attention and approval. If both surpass these small aspects within their relationship, then nothing else can make these two inseparable as they are highly compatible to each other.

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In the beginning, there are a few adjustments that both Taurus and Capricorn need to undergo. After knowing each other for a while, this union can bring so much satisfaction and happiness. It may take time for Capricorn to accept intimacy within the relationship. Once they get used to the idea of it, however, they can be the most patient, thoughtful, and committed partners.

Just do not expect them to show public displays of affection. Even the most romantic Capricorn feels awkward and uncomfortable displaying their feelings, including their angst and frustrations.

Both signs appreciate practicality very much. Taurus and Capricorn prefer things that will be useful to them rather than spending their hard-earned money on expensive fixtures and furniture. And if ever they do want to empty their pockets, it would either be for the pleasure of making their loved ones happy, or for greater investments that they both can further earn with. 
The only thing that may cause a rift in the relationship is how Capricorn tends to be detached with their feelings. They rarely express their sentiments and are not showy or demonstrative. They are aloof and would seem ruthless and selfish, but this side about them only means that they are more attuned to pursuing their goals. However, this does not mean that they do not love as much as Taurus does. In fact, they can be as overly protective and possessive as Taurus is.

Capricorn has this extreme standard that can oftentimes pressure Taurus too much. They want things done so perfectly that sometimes the things Taurus does will not pass Capricorn's criterion. When these things happen, it could become a whirlwind of tension. And even if they did not say it verbally, Capricorn has a knack of showing how incompetent you may be, and this for Taurus says a lot. This could mean disrespect and unappreciative approach towards us.

On the flip side, Capricorn does not like people who let things pass, those who are pessimistic, and most especially people who are lazy. And though Taurus may not be all that, there are times they can worry a lot and become complacent. Yes, they do appreciate the value of money and the fruits of their labor, but Taurus also needs time for fun and leisure.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Capricorn and Taurus is one of the most compatible matches in zodiac astrology. They connect well intellectually and spiritually. Though, they may differ when it comes to their emotional inclinations, these are nothing but just small aspects that both can overcome to make their relationship much stronger.

What this relationship needs are spontaneity and acceptance towards whatever flaws and adversities each one has. Taurus must understand how Capricorn can be too intense and open minded. It is as if they have a solution or a way out for everything. To remain reserved, pessimistic, and uncooperative to someone who is as adventurous and enthusiastic as Capricorn says a lot to them. Taurus should learn how to take risks and to accept and adapt the things outside their comfort zones, so that Capricorn can feel that they are part of the relationship and they are important.

Disadvantages of Capricorn and Taurus Relationship

Advantages of Capricorn and Taurus Relationship

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Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility

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